S.M. Wolf

S.M. Wolf is a psychedelic power-pop band based in Indianapolis, IN fronted by Adam Gross.

What started as a solo recording project to commemorate the 2013 vernal equinox, quickly became a band.
If in the debut 7″ Adam played all the instruments, in “Bad Ocean” all the songs are written by Adam Gross and S.M. Wolf (Adam Gross, Ben Leslie, Melanie Rau, Bryan Unruh, Rachel Enneking) featuring the contribution of James Furness (lead guitar, harmonies and some lyrics on “Travel Light”), Steve Trowbridge (lead guitar and percussion on Ghost Towns) and BC Nelson (trombone on “Travel Light”). A band in all respects then.

Indie psych-pop, fuzzed-out pop, the chords touched by S.M. Wolf in this album.

The lyrics of the songs are more vulnerable and personal than on previous records and for this series I tried to represent the feelings expressed in the songs painting fishes and sea creatures that are swimming in the abysses, in an ocean that is cold, in which they find themselves alone or in company of their ghosts.

“Bad Ocean” is one of the first collaborations between Almost Halloween Time Records and People In A Position To Know.

You can listen to ”Bad Ocean” here.
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