And In My Door Way

“My heart is a jigsaw of a ship on the Arctic
with dogs a mash snowcamps
Looking dumb
Missing pieces”

(“And In My Door Way” – Graves)

The series of covers that I painted (and I’m still painting) for “Easy Not Easy by Graves starts exactly from this image, an icebreaker ship on the Arctic and glacial landscapes.

Greg Olin is at the head of the indie pop/rock band Graves. Based in Portland, OR, they have garnered a loyal underground following including myself and Michael Dixon at People In A Position To Know who involved me in this project three years ago now.

Easy Not Easy is the fourth album by Graves, it was first officially released in 2006 by Hush Records. Almost Halloween Time, Piaptk and Ipreferpi reissued it in 2018 on vinyl for the first time.

Gentle jazz-tingled folk songs, chamaber pop, fractured song structures with Greg Olin’s winning laissez faire vocals and melodic sensibility. Graves feature members of Norfolk & Western. Nate Ashley on bass, Brian Write on drums, Cory Gray at piano and keyboards and on trumpet. What a great band, what a great singer/songwriter is Greg Olin.

I have 4 copies left, don’t let it slip away from you.

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