Musick To Play In The Dark

Breaking Up Is Never Easy, You Know, but also trying to reproduce such a cover isn’t easy at all.

Photography by Justin Faase

It’s been 21 years since ”Musick To Play In The Dark” by Coil was released.

I painted this personalised cover of Ed Nolbed’s LP ”Breaking Up Is Never Easy I Know” sometime in this crazy 2020, I did it on request.

The original idea about the covers of ”Breaking Up Is Never Easy I Know” is that you suggest an album cover of a break-up album to me, Luigi, and I will then paint your unique personalised record cover.

It can feature either the face of Ed Nolbed or a broken heart.

Listen to Ed Nolbed’s ”Breaking Up Is Never Easy I Know”.
Listen to Coil’s ”Musick To Play In The Dark”.
And order your personalized copy of Ed Nolbed’s classic here.