Portraits From The Quarantine

Do you wanna hear more about ”Portraits From The Quarantine”?

Here are four more artists who have donated a song to the compilation.

Kitchen Cynics: Almost Halloween Time Records was founded in 2001, if today it has become what it is, I owe it to Alan and his Kitchen Cynics. In 2011 after dark years for the label in which I lost great opportunities and in which I didn’t publish anything, I felt the need to go back to producing the music of my favorite artists. In that period I was rediscovering the Kitchen Cynics, looking for material on them and above all records, music. Alan gave me music and the next step was to ask him if he was interested in making an LP for AHT. The answer was affirmative and after a few months ”Wooden Bird” saw the light. The beginning of a new era. For fun, for recklessness or for madness, I thought I could draw and paint all the 110 album covers and today I find myself having painted more than a thousand different covers. Kitchen Cynics are back on AHT with a song written during the lockdown. Finally I can go back to drawing something for them too

Tiny Cities: The song is based on a true story. Alex and Brittany were supposed to be married on May 9, 2020, go to Europe for their honeymoon and start looking for their first home. None of what was planned happened because of the reasons we all know. Don’t worry, the wedding was only postponed.

Danny, Bear and Wilfred: After listening to ”The Unexamined Life ” by The Supreme Dicks, I had to put in place the jaw, which had remained open for the whole time of listening. Even today if I listen to ”Strange Song” or ”Garden Of Your Past” the scene repeats itself. The sense of estrangement that is felt is the same suggested by the album cover. I approached The Supreme Dicks after reading an article in my favorite music fanzine, Blow Up. I had and I have a fix for Lou Barlow, for everything he does, and in the review of the album his named appeared. Said, done, I purchased the album. The web is full of legends about The Supreme Dicks.
Apparently they never disbanded even though they haven’t released a new album for years. It is said that for a time due to the transfer of some members from one coast to the other of the USA there were two parallel formations, The East Coast Supreme Dicks and The West Coast Supreme Dicks. In addition to Lou Barlow, Beck, Cat Power and members of the Neutral Milk Hotel are also rumored to have been occasional members of The Supreme Dicks. Someone who had seen them live a few years ago swears that they played only unreleased songs and a few years ago I almost managed to convince them to release a new record, a split with a group that recorded for Almost Halloween Time and that now there is no more.
Daniel Oxenberg is a historical member of the Supreme Dicks, his last two solo albums with Bear Galvin are brilliant and the song featured on ”Portraits From The Quarantine” is by a new project: Danny, Bear and Wilfred. Very importantly his song will give me the opportunity to paint the plague mask that plays ping pong.

Dr. Spaceman: for his debut on AHT, Dr. Spaceman chose a song called ”Staying Home” which perfectly hits the theme of the compilation. Written in 2013, it anticipates the lockdown by a few years. Ambient minimalism, soft-synths, electronic sounds, for fans of Füxa I read on the Ear Candle Productions website, and it happens that I really am a fan of Füxa and I dig Dr. Spaceman music.

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