Songs For Shell Beach

What are your plans next summer?

Let’s go camping.

In the summer my parents took me camping. We had a caravan and spent the whole summer in Capitolo, a fraction of Monopoli, a small village near Bari. My father went to work in the morning and I waited for him to go to the beach in the afternoon. First stop at Antonio’s house, a friend of mine, then straight to the sea where long swims were always followed by two kicks at the ball. We only came back when the sun had set. The cover of the American version of ”Songs For Shell Beach” by Kiss Hello is a polaroid taken at the beach by his parents when Linus Linducci was five. Every time I look at that photo I let myself be carried away by a pleasant feeling of nostalgia and I suddenly find myself on that very same beach where I am taking my daughter today.

Kiss Hello is Linus Landucci, also known for his work with Gang Wizard.

His music intertwines electronic looping and sampling with organic instrumentaion, often driven by emotion rather than rigid structure. It skirts the line between soundtrack, ambient music and melody-driven pop. Think Eno’s textural, tonal landscapes combined with the lo-fi demeanor of an early Mount Eerie record or Pixies B-side, pasted together and raw.

Kiss Hello often collaborate with others and record their playing, but ultimately have the final say on how a part fits into a song. Linus writes all the music. For example, he might record a friend violin, but edited it heavily and chop it up, making it indistinguishable from the original. This synthesis and processing is what gives Kiss Hello its sound.

”Songs For Shell Beach” is out today on vinyl, limited to 50 copies.
Hand painted, unique covers, customizable on request. Please send me pictures from your summer days.