Portraits From The Quarantine

A 4xCS compilation needs more than one introductory post, so today I’m going to talk to you about four artists who contributed a song to ”Portraits from The Quarantine”

Here are four more artists who have donated a song to the compilation.

Peter Jeffries: Do I really need to introduce you to Peter Jeffries? We are talking about a legendary musician. I still don’t believe that I’m working with him. Peter is a fantastic person and his contribution to the realization of this compilation is exceptional. Peter introduced me to a flood of extraordinary musicians and artists by involving them in this project. He lives exactly on the other side of the world and every morning, during the lockdown, I found his message, with ideas, proposals, projects and encouragements. Peter Jeffries is featured in three songs contained in ”Portraits From The Quarantine”. With live versions of ”Unknown Beach” and ”Ghostwriter” with Hamish Allan and with an Axos piece, a new project in which he sits on drums. Do I really need to tell you that on a desert island I would bring at least one of Peter’s records?

Mus: for the first time on these frequencies. Mus is from Belgium, and it was Wio to introduce him to me. If staying at home is strongly recommended, if putting your head outside the door is not convenient and it is dangerous, at least you can go away with your mind and dream by letting yourself be taken to a place where ”the green is grass and dreams come true”. Mus’ version of ”Green=Grass” is radically different from the original version by Wio. It has the soft rhythm of heart beats, and goes slow, slower, to the strenuous.

Painted Faces: I don’t know how many albums Painted Faces has recorded during the lockdown, alone or with his roommate. ”Multiple albums” he swore to me on May, 23rd and he has probably continued to write more synth noise/drone stuff to this day. Painted Faces was ready to take a plane to Europe when the situation started to fall, and he had to cancel his European tour. California is one of his creepiest songs.

Amps For Christ: Henry Barnes has recorded this song during the lockdown especially for this project. I wonder if he used one of his legendary musical instruments. Amps For Christ’s discography is vast, they sound like noone else in this world, between experimental noise and traditional folk. During one of my trips to the United States, I was lucky enough to attend an Amps For Christ concert and see in person the modified musical instruments. My grandfather, who was a prisoner in South Africa and who in the years spent working in the diamond mines built a banjo with his own hands and learned to play it, who never wanted to tell me which party he voted for or his political faith although he greeted and knew everyone at the local headquarters of the Partito Comunista Italiano, would have loved Amps For Christ, Henry Barnes and this song.

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