My daughter Emilia turned four on July 12th, 2020

”Emilia”, a collection of improvised nocturnes and lullabies by C. Worth will turn four on September 17th, 2020.

Of course this record has immense value for me, it’s special and made C. Worth my brother. I can never thank him enough for this gift.
Years later, I finally uploaded the album to bandcamp. Let yourself be inspired and lulled by the notes.

Now you can finally listen to the music on bandcamp

C. Worth has recorded for Union Pole, Unread and his own The Robert Harden Recoding Co., most of his productions are available on his bandcamp. Do not miss them.

The record is still available on vinyl and the covers are customizable.
Send me a picture of your sleeping pet or tell me what’s your favorite animal and I will portrait him or her for you.

I, once, sent four copies of ”Emilia” to a lady in the United States. She handed the records over to her sons and sent me a photo of her family with the four sons who held the records on which I had portrayed their four-legged friends.”