Staring at the highway

At Almost Halloween Time records, we have planned or I have planned as, in fact, it is a one man label, the operations and activities for the coming months.

It sounds like I’m going to be busy forever. Do you want to hear some?

Happening now:

  • Douglas Kramer Nye LP is in the hands of the pressing plant and will be ready soon. A matter of days. The third new LP from the beginning of the year.
  • Charlie Mcalister LP and John Davis LP have just been delivered to the headquarters and I’m slowly dispatching the copies that have been preordered. Don’t forget that I’m still hand drawing every single artwork of every release in catalog. And that I’m also the one that answers the phone, replies to the emails, goes to the post office and has a full time job other than the label.
  • I’m also working day and night at a tribute compilation to my favorite record label, our favorite record label would be appropriate in this case, as the love I have received from the artists that are partecipating is universal and immense. Deadline for the submissions is today, then it will be time to put the songs on tape… if all goes well by the End of March I will have a new release to trouble my dreams.

Happening tomorrow:

  • LP by Sundog. Sundog and Jonathan Nankof have been introduced to me by someone that has a big influence on me and that really know my taste, it seems. You can preorder your copy here.
  • Something I’d have never imagined and that was totally unexpected. A new Ed Nolbed album and what an album. It has been playing continuosly in my car wherever I go, whatever I do. You can preorder your copy here… and you can even choose or determine what I will draw for you. The rules are simple. Just let me know to what album you were listening to during your ”famous breakup” and tell me something about it. I will tear your heart in pieces again.

Happening this summer:

  • holidays in Berlin
  • 2 LP by 2 new members of the Almost Halloween Time family.
  • a new collaboration with People In a Position To Know.

Happening in Autumn:

  • something big, something I have been wanting to release from the day I decided to start the label.

I’ll either declare bankruptcy or ask for your help again…