Outside A Small City

2018 has been a great year, I hate to make balances but it has certainly been the year I’ve been drawing the most.

Counting only the artworks I did for People In A Position To Know, a set of 25 for ”Bad Ocean” by S.M. wOLF, another set of 25 for ”Easy Not Easy” by Graves, a set of 48 for ”Heartache Essentials” by Floating Action, i reach quota 98 different artworks… but this is not all, there are the best sellers ”The Breakthrough Album” by Wio and ”Inner Truth” by Good Horsey… and all the other orders and a bunch of new cassette releases… and some trades finally completed (because I always like to listen to stuff on other labels)… and the two exhibitions in Amsterdam where I presented something like 50 pieces, certainly one of the highlights of the year. To show my artworks and feel the interest of strangers in what I’m doing was a beautiful experience, something I will never forget. Yes, 2018 was the year I drew the most and slept the less but 2019 promises already to be another great year for my label.

On January 2nd I was drawing a bunch of artworks for ”When Will We Take Mercy On Ourselves” by Bob Bucko Jr… The New Year has started exactly in the same way the previous ended: drawing artworks for my beloved releases.

There are also already a lot of things slowly cooking in the oven.

John Davis is coming to Italy. No, I’m not kidding. He is touring Europe and I have been able to find a couple of venues where he will be playing next March. It’s a real satisfaction since I’ve been following him forever. And a success as I’m not a tour manager or a professional organizer.
I have devoured my copies of both his solo and Folk Implosion recordings. You will read 50 / 50 on the cover of the ”Electric Idiot EP” meaning that the contribution of John and Lou is equal but the balance isn’t right in my opinion. I’m still convinced that the influence of John in certain Folk Implosion recordings is higher than the 50%.
The tour will touch 7 european cities and two in Italy:

Pop-In, Paris, 3/23
Larry’s Corner, Stockholm, 3/24
Leipzig, Germany 3/26
Godot Art Bistro, Avellino Italy, 3/27
Pecora Nera Country Pub, Cassano delle Murge, Italy, 3/28
Donau 115, Berlin, 3/29
Gaukurinn, Reykjavik, 3/30

Pecora Nera rules. It is one of my favorite places in the world. Top quality food, the best craft beers, good live music and the owners are awesome. Godot Art Bistro is a really cool venue. I have had a look at the shows and the artists they hosted in the past and if I were living in Avellino I’d be there every night.
I’m literally ticking down the days.

John will be accompained by two Cicadas (and Mike Ladd who is going to open the shows) and they will perform old and new songs from John’s repertoire.


if this is not already enough, Almost Halloween Time Records is releasing a new LP by John.

”Outside A Small City”, a collection of guitar instrumentals, a walk in the fields and the country roads of North Carolina populated by vultures, mobile homes, crushed cans of Bud Light, shadows, trees, lights and leaves.

The record will be available during the tour and on preorder here. A limited edition of 100 copies with hand drawn covers, all different.

The album has been already sent to the pressing plant and is expected soon.

I’d also like to spend a few words about all the other vinyl releases announced here as forthcoming:

Here’s an update about their status:
”I Am The World’s Richest Man” by Charlie Mcalister – test presses were approved last December and I’m waiting for the records. It’s a matter of days so if you have preordered a copy you will hear from me soon, if you still haven’t ordered yours, I recommend you do it now because this record is beautifully sad.
”The End Is Nye” by Douglas Kramer Nye – is ready to be sent to the pressing plant.
”Elizabethan” by Bingo Trappers is ready and it is brilliant!!!!

New projects:

  • A tribute compilation to my favorite record label ever. I guess you can imagine what I’m talking about…
  • LP by Jonathan Nankof