This is an attempt to create a complete Woods discography.
See also Jeremy Bradley Earl, Meneguar and Shepherds.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2005 How To Survive In/ In The Woods (2xK7 Fuck It Tapes) Holes/Kid's Got Heart/How To Survive In/8-5 5-10/Silence Is Golden/Keep It On/God Hates The Faithless/Angel's Trumpet/Broke/I Get By/In The Woods/Make Time For Kitty/Holier Than No One
2006 RACCOO-OO-OON/WOODS Mythos Folkways Vol. 2: Pre-American Lands (LP Not Not Fun Records) RACCOO-OO-OON Painted Desert/Weed Of The Ocean/Painted Cave/Shine On/Torrid Sun/Swimmers/WOODS Leaves/Leave Your World With A Smile
2007   WOODS At Rear House K7 Untitled/Untitled
2007 At Rear House (CD Shrimper/LP Woodsist) Don't Pass On Me/Hunover/Keep It On/Be Still/Woods Children, Pt. 2/Ring Me To Sleep/Night Creature/Walk The Dogs/Love Song For Pigeons/Bone Tapper/Picking Up The Pieces
2007 How To Survive In/In The Woods (CD Shrimper, reissue of a Fuck It Tapes K7) Holes/Kid's Got Heart/How To Survive In/8-5 5-10/Silence Is Golden/Keep It On/God Hates The Faithless/Angel's Trumpet/Broke/I Get By/In The Woods/Make Time For Kitty/Holier Than No One
2007 WOODS/RELIGIOUS KNIVES Tour Tape (K7 Fuck It Tapes/Heavy Tapes) WOODS From The Horn/To See/RELIGIOUS KNIVES Untitled
2008 WOODS FAMILY CREEPS Woods Family Creeps (CD/LP Time-Lag Records) End To End/Creeps Collage/Twisted Tongue/Family/Howling On Howling/Diamond Days/Spike/Sleep Sleep Sleep/The Creeps
2008 From The Horn (K7 Fuck It Tapes) From The Horn/To See
2008 Some Shame (K7 No Label, West Coast Tour cassette)To Clean/The Hold/Down This Road/Rain On/Gypsy Hand/Where And What Are You?/Born To Lose/World/Military Madness/Untitled
2009 Songs Of Shame (CD/LP Shrimper/Woodsist) To Clean/The Hold/The Number/September With Pete/Down This Road/Military Madness/Born To Lose/Echo Lake/Rain On/Gypsy Hand/Where And What Are You?
2009 ACOUSTIC FAMILY CREEPS Play Live In The Woods (LP No Label) Rain On/Twisted Tongue/To Clean/The Number
2010 At Echo Lake (CD/LP/K7 Woodsist)Blood Dries Darker/Pick Up/Suffering Season/Time Fading Lines/From The Horn/Death Rattles/Mornin' Time/I Was Gone/Get Back/Deep/Til The Sun Rips
2010 Smoker's Choice Live Vol #1 (K7 Medusa) ............. (5.21.09, The Casbah, Hamilton)/Down Road-To Hold (3.14.10, The Horseshoe, Toronto)/The Creeps (3.14.10, The Horseshoe, Toronto)/I Was Gone (3.14.10, The Horseshoe, Toronto)/............. (8.8.09, Sneaky Dee's, Toronto, ON)
2011 Live At Monster Island 2/4/11 (K7 Big Mountain Tapes) Pushing Onlys/I'm Not Gone/Bend Beyond/Be All Be Easy/Rain On/To Clean/Get Back/Pick Up/Wouldn't Waste/Say Goodbye/Born To Lose/Suffering Season/Blood Dries Darker
2011 Sun And Shade (LP/CD/K7 Woodsist)Pushing Onlys/Any Other Day/Be All Be Easy/Out Of The Eye/Hand It Out/To Have In The Home/Sol Y Sombre/Wouldn't Waste/Who Do I Think I Am/What Faces The Sheet/While Out/Say Goodbye
2012 AMPS FOR CHRIST/WOODS Amps For Christ/Woods (CD/LP Shrimper)AMPS FOR CHRIST When/Native Chantz/Lord Bateman (Child #53)/Roto Koto In C Major/WOODS Sleep/AMPS FOR CHRIST & WOODS From Oatmeal To Buttermilk/WOODS Wind Was The Wine/Brothers/September Saturn
2012 Bend Beyond (LP Woodsist) Bend Beyond/Cali In A Cup/Is It Honest?/It Ain't Easy/Cascade/Back To The Stone/Find Them Empty/Wind Was The Wine/Lily/Size Meets Sound/Impossible Sky/Something Surreal


2006 Ram (7" Gilgongo Records) Ram/Woods Children/Do They Smoke Cigarettes In Heaven
2009   To Clean (7" Half Machine Records) To Clean/Rain On (Live on WVKR)
2009 Sunlit (7" Captured Tracks) Sunlit/The Dark
2010 I Was Gone (7" Woodsist) Days Gone By/I Was Gone/Hang On
2011 Find Them Empty (7" Sacred Bones) Find Them Empty/Be There
2011 WOODS/KURT VILE Summer 2011 Tour Split (7" Woodsist) WOODS Skull/Cold Blue/KURT VILE Commercial Reject/In-Out Blues/Water Fingers
2012 Cali In A Cup (7" Woodsist) Cali In A Cup/Give Your Light Off


2008   VARIOUS ARTISTS Rough Trade Shop - Counter Culture 07 (2CD Counter Culture Records)Be Still
2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS Yeti Seven (CD Yeti Publishing) Get Back
2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rot Box - Unread: Number One Hundred (K7 Unread) February Creep
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Welcome Home/Diggin' The Universe (LP/K7 Woodsist) I'm Not Gone
2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS Counterfeit Blanks: A Shrimper Compilation (K7 Shrimper)Wouldn't Waste