Amps For Christ

This is an attempt to create a complete Amps For Christ discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1995 The Plains Of Alluvial (K7 Shrimper)Banwell Land/Healing Feeling/Enid's Jig/River Land/The Hills Of Marshall/Nicks Cafe Trevi/Bonnie Charlie/Moderna/Canyon Of Palmer/Enid's March/Samhrad Samhrad/Sitron/Amazing Grace/Oscillin/Logarhythem/Pulse Hammond/Prepared Hammond I/Comfort Zone/Harmonic Distortion In D Minor/Prepared Hammond II/Olive/Chromium Molybdinum
1997 AMPS FOR CHRIST AND TWO AMBIGUOUS FIGURES The Beggar's Garden (CD Shrimper)6sn7 Pipes/Not of the World/Tungsten Aire/Too Different/McFarlands' Lute/Still Dreaming/Three Part Intention/Packing House March/Sink or Swim/Esaus' Mandolin/Nicks' Cafe Treri/Healing Feeling/Enids Jig/Canyon of Palmer/Thatcher Hall Blues/Lamb of God/Laverne Dream/Egg Mountain/Spider on Statue of Budah/Grove House Revisited/Indigo Rain/Banwell Land Revisited/Electron Wind 1/Electron Wind 2/Electric Moderna/Three Guitars/Bakelite Thump/Enids March/Prepared Hammond 5/Montana Storm/Juicer in F Major/Reverse Arpegios in C/Tubes Driven to Cut Off/Glass Man
1997   Thorny Path (CD Vermiform) Cock Of The Worth/Very Mode-Ular Song/Whisteltron/Native Soil/Inja/Country Core/Patriots/National War/Folkcore/Millennium/Global Warming/Prepared TEAC/Perpared CONN In D Minor/Heathkit/Pain Of The Fire/Carrick Fergus/Lynn Anns' Flower/Raspberry Box/Elleven Twelfths/Hamtar/Old Paint/Wolffskill Falls/Time Is The Coupler
1998   Songs From Mt. Ion (CD Total Annihilation) Live At Twin Palms I ("Wyoming")/Live At Twin Palms II/Bouzuki Mountain/Interuptor With Pipes/Broad Center Live I/Broad Center II/Edward (Trad. Child #13)/Thug III/Live On KSPC/Japeths Fire Dream/Live At The Spanish Kitchen Studio/The Tumbler Room Song/Broad Center Live III/Broad Center Live IV ("Son Of Man")/Broad Center Live V ("Modulatory")/Ancient Tokarians
1999   Circuits (CD Vermiform) Sweet William And Lady Margaret/Citys Of Refuge/Janitor Of Lunacy/The Grey Funnel Line/Colors/The Blacksmith/Edward/Wishful Thinking/Memorial Immemorial/Eyes That Shine/Detrimental Anisthesia/The Wife Of Usher's Well/Over The Hills Of Marshall/Echolocation/Chinese Fascination With Westerns/Moondog/Esau's Blessing/The Cruel Sister/Snap Dragons
1999 Electrosphere (2xCD Shrimper)

Forward Pipes/Blackwaterside/Hammond H.C./Eucalliptus Prayer/Butterfly/Coppertar/Edward/Cold As Stone/Single E-133/Peaceful/King Of Nothing/Isle Of Man/Dirrish/Lakes Of Ponchartrain/Reversed Pipes/Lament For Omri (Ka)/Claen Pipes/Haydn In D/Fuge In D Minor I/Hiz A.F.C. Oscillator Thru A.M./1809/Morning Time/Love Is Teasin'/Omkanda/Fuge In D Minor II/Snap Dragons/Tryin To Escape/Warehouse Blues/Bouzuki For River/Y2k March/Shrimp Noise/Fig Tree/Prepared Conn II/Ebp Low Pipes/Interuptor Beat Song/Double E-133/10. 000 Miles/This Isn't A Rebel Song/Son Of Man

2001 The Oak In The Ashes (CD Shrimper)She's With Me/Give - Leave/Scotland The Brave - Ditches/Fractured/Cricket/Nese 1/Little Angel/My Blood Has A Name/Serbia/She Saw/Those Thing/Painter/Tongue Is A Verb/Mission Accomplished/Cherry Tree Carol/Mother's Night/Nese 2/Scotland The Brave - Cheeks/Bishop/Race/As I Walked Out/String Theory/Prepared Hammond For 5 Hands
2003   AMPS FOR CHRIST/BASTARD NOISE Amps for Christ/Bastard Noise (CD Helicopter) AMPS FOR CHRIST Devine Intervention/78911 891112/Imitation/The Bus Ride/Bonnie Greenwoodside (The)/BASTARD NOISE Epoch/NGC 598/Heavens
2004 The People At Large (CD 5 Rue Christine) Tsaress/Use Use Use/Old Palm Tree/Prince Charlie Stuart/Freddie the Mockingbird/Banjo Hymn/AFC Tower Song/Tarsit/Bug/Midianite Prelude/Old Lang Syne - Tube/Branches/Evening/Gold on Mars/Claremont Raga/Been to the Rock?/Enids Rant/Morlough Shore/Flower and Leaves/Memmorial Immemorial (Revisited)/Tethered Ball/Old Lang Syne - Transistor/Firecube
2006 Every Eleven Seconds (CD 5 Rue Christine) Augmented-Demented/Cock O' The North/Out On The Moon (Slight Return)/Thompson Hunter/Violated/El Corazon De San Vicente/I Hate This Dumpster/Shiploaf/Scotland The Brave/Proof Man/The Crossing/Chorus/Sweet Dove/W I B/Monkeys Gone Wild
2012 AMPS FOR CHRIST/WOODS Amps For Christ/Woods (CD/LP Shrimper)AMPS FOR CHRIST When/Native Chantz/Lord Bateman (Child #53)/Roto Koto In C Major/WOODS Sleep/AMPS FOR CHRIST & WOODS From Oatmeal To Buttermilk/WOODS Wind Was The Wine/Brothers/September Saturn
2012 AMPS FOR CHRIST AND FEAR KONSTRUKTOR Amps For Christ/Fear Konstructor (K7 Quagga Curious Sounds) Tractor Dimensions/Red Green/Divided Demented/Magnetic Wind Part 1/Magnetic Wind Part 2
2014   Canyons Cars And Crows (LP Shrimper)Sailor's Searching/Miss You Mother/Earth Is Spinning/Chieftains I/Hills Of Padua/Chieftains II/Barely Breathe/Everyone Drives/All Messed Up/Scottish Country Dance
  AMPS FOR CHRIST/PYRAMIDS ON MARS Split (10" ???) AMPS FOR CHRIST The Ballad Of Henry Martin/PYRAMIDS ON MARS Old Drate/Blackrain


1997 The Secret Of The Almost Straight Line (7" Westside Audio Laboratories) March To Winter/Pure Hammond/The Sweet Sunny West/1-2 Stomp/The Southern Mountains Of California/Raga For Midnight
1998 AMPS FOR CHRIST & JALOPAZ Collaboration (7'' The Garbage Society) Ruble Rubble/Dance Fervor
2001 AMPS FOR CHRIST/1-EYED CYCLOPS Split (7" Empty Chairs) 1-EYED CYCLOPS Viscerae/This Is Over Inertia Mind A Job Uriniferous/Terror Mainstream Necessity Landing New Era/Lug, Putrid Screen Fever, Greed, Space Vacation Plumb Iconolator/Kneeling, Erosion Nervine Lever/Out Of Control, Power/AMPS FOR CHRIST Oh Amerigo/Bouzoki - Noise In F#


2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt - A 20th Anniversary Shrimper Compilation (2CD/K7 Shrimper) Starcrossed Teen
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smashed 40: Slummer Jams (2xK7 Folktale) Woman