This is an attempt to create a complete Nonhorse discography.
Nonhorse is G. Lucas Crane.
See also Shepherds.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2002   Eats (CDR Self released) Topo The Morning/Nonhorse Eats And Is Evil/Drink Ponsef/No Icedcream/Filibuster/Newl Newl Newl Newl New4/Clockers (Lets Get Married)/Newl Newl Newl Newl New4 Untitled/Slipipliphy - Dis/Menlo Park
2003 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE AND G. LUCAS CRANE VERSUS THE NONHORSE Walking Dead (CD Radical Baboon)Way Out Of Your Sight/What Are You/Emma Louise X/Privacy/Nonhorsical Shit Without Pocket Trumpet/With A Spliff/So You Guys Are Perverts Now/I Keep Forgetting/Swartsjukdom/Nonhorsical Shit With Pocket Trumpet/Tom Died Alone/One Hundred Years Of Sexual Misery
2004 NONHORSE VS X Nonhorse Vs X (K7 Fuck It Tapes) NONHORSE Untitled/X Untitled
2006   Haraam, Circle Of Flame (CD Release The Bats) We See The Signal/Disco For Bad Kids/Sealed Mountain Under Spires/Great Defence And Repulsion/Coffee Among Sharp Rocks/Levellers Graal/Running With The Golden Bowl/Shot Of The City/In The Maze There Is A Room With A Sterio And A Small Fridge/The Great Sails Are Down On The Gates Of The Bay/Can We Cross The Border By Day?/Get To Sleep Ignore Plane And Animal/What Is She Doing Now That Shes Gone?
2006 NONHORSE VSX Rigor Lore (K7 Not Not Fun Records) I Have Your Beam/Installed In A High Room, NE/Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them/The Roads Are Small, From All Around/The Feast/Ask Dee/They Will Come To New Old Lands/2000 Years, Brutal Enough/For The Clearing Of The Unbelievers/Stop Me/You Want My Coat To Drink/The General Vespasian/Last Sun-Drunk Cather Rite/Peaks On The Hill Take None For Granted Grave In The Wood/May The Worms Chew Slowly/Prove The Bloodline/Saadyah Gaon/I Would Tell You It Was Magic But You Have Been Asleep/Egyptian Thrushes By The Capital/Et In Arcadia Ego/These Are Not Men, These Are Brothers/Speak Not Against The Host/We Will Then Gain Control Of The Tarmac And Tower/Run, Ben Israel/Bogotá/Buenaventura/The Valt At Pico Bolivar/Shlomo Ben Itzhaki/You Loose It If You Talk About It Hold None That They May See You/Cromwell's Revenge Is Slow (Call Me)/I Am Between The 3 And The 9 In 710398156/---/Falling Faintly, Faintly Falling, On The Living And The Dead/Lago De Maracibo/Jose Vicente Rangel Visits Paris 1976/Francisco Santos Attended Yale/Find Me In Rio Gallegos, February 12, 2012/It Is In Lop-Nor/Amu-Darya/Syraf At Night/Khanfu/Demons Are Told To Children/Fire Mouthed Arrow/Verdun/An Iron Net/Sogdiana, The Reed Is Split/Giants Of Men/Yak, Deer, Monkey, Boar/The Small Green Snake Is Very Hungry/Mouth Of The Volga/For The Wife Of The Burned Bowman/The Crystal Lake/Fire And Flame/I Am Already Dead/At Dice/The White Umbrella/Murder And Flowers/Under A Weight, Now/White Lotus, Blue/100 Children In A Hard Ball Of Flesh/Attack The Earth Are You A Coward?/Khazaria/Itil/Things Have Changed/Caves Of The Red Ore Glow/Castle Of The Dawn Of The World/The Diamond Noose/Abu Zaid At Fu-Lin/Sea Of Milk/Hold The Bright Dart/The Invasion/Coccoons Of Khotan/Damarkand, The Wurm/What Shape Shall I Take To Rescue The Earth/Butter On The Fire/Stone Tower To Jade Gate
2007   Cursedart (CDR Sharks & Pfennigs) Curse Dart: The Maskhara Dervish/But I Had Been Waiting So Long/Thee Not Guilty: The Crumbling/As It Was Back Then, So Is It Now/The Lost Epoch
2007 Drone Moral (K7 DNT Records) Untitled/Untitled
2007 Evileye Broadcast (K7 Tape Tektoniks) You've Got It Made/Cathrine/Great Axe/Unumore On The Corner Of 34th And 12th/Dirty Contacts/Altar/Iced Beat-Slow Pan
2007 NONHORSE/HORSE-HEAD Horse Split (K7 JK Tapes) NONHORSE Feggic Shoam/HORSE-HEAD Dinosaurs/Under The Noon Sky/Sinister Cough/Untitled/I Am A Stem Tea
2007   My First Moth/Gun Tears (CDR Tanzprocesz) There Is No Wait/Moth Returns Home/Moths Drink The Tears Of Sleeping Birds/Birds Up/Hollendek "DDD"/Go To It Hell/My First Shotgun
2007 Xolmic (K7 Abandon Ship Records) Torquqe Binder/Tony's Room
2008   Condo Castle (K7 Open Range Records) Untitled/Untitled
2008   Cross Colors (K7 Self Released) Untitled/Untitled
2008 Mushhead (K7 Fuck It Tapes) Untitled/Untitled
2008 Pink Light (K7 Baked Tapes) Untitled/Untitled
2008   Shadow World (CDR Upstairs) Untitled
2008 The Rare Tape Zero (K7 Dreamtime Taped Sounds) Shower Jam/Hey, Can You Help Me Hang?/Primer/That Nasty Kitten/Victory/Basilisk/Haarp Array/Tom Sawyer/Charles Berlitz Writes A Novel About Tesla
2010   Noxon (K7 Obsolete Units) Untitled/Untitled
2010   Subtle Revenge (K7 NNA Tapes) Uh Oh, Party Time/Walk The Earth/Pizza N Pudding/Friday Of The Surus/Tough The Nail/The Shadow Vision/Iran Banger/Leave The Light On/Chamber Of Eugene/Chamber Of Mars/Private Music/Zone Eater III/Zone Eater IV


2008   Slow Child (7" Young Tapes) Red Seve Macaw "The Jaguar Has Been Eating"/Razor House "Noble Sweatbath, In The Fifth Generation Of Lords"


2005   VARIOUS ARTISTS New Skin For The Old Ceremony: The Polyamory Nine Year Anniversary Compilation (CDR Polyamory) GABRIELL VS. NONHORSE Rabbitmousophone
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS Free Beasts (K7 Not Not Fun Records) Disco For Bad Kid
2008   VARIOUS ARTISTS Rippers And Creepers, Vol. 1 (K7 Pendu Sound Recordings) Ceasar Shift

Other Stuff

2002 BEN DOPE Coney Island Clam Bar International (CDR Olive Juice Music) (G. Lucas Crane and André Herman Düne co-wrote some of the songs featured here)Long Island/Aunt Alice's/I Fed You/Fourteen Porn Queen/Emma Louise X
2002 BEN DOPE Rigamarole Schmigamarole (CDR Olive Juice Music) (G. Lucas Crane and André Herman Düne co-wrote some of the songs featured here)Tom Died Alone I/Tight Like Vine/Tom Died Alone II
2002 HERMAN DÜNE Mas Cambios (CD Track & Field) (G. Lucas Crane does weird stuff on "Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day")Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day
2006 SHEPHERDS We Are Everywhere (K7 Not On Label) (Jeremy Earl, G. Lucas Crane, Christian Deroeck and Jarvis Taveniere) Untitled/Untitled
2006 SHEPHERDS Acid Bath (K7 Arbor) (Jeremy Bradley Earl and G. Lucas Crane) Untitled/Untitled
2006 SHEPHERDS Shepherds (K7 Fuck It Tapes) (Jeremy Bradley Earl and G. Lucas Crane) Untitled/Untitled
2006 SHEPHERDS/QUINTANA ROO Split (K7 Fuck It Tapes/Not Not Fun) (Jeremy Bradley Earl, Christian DeRoeck and G. Lucas Crane) SHEPHERDS Earl, Dereck, Crane Recorded May 2006 At Rear House/QUINTANA ROO Mythological Animals
2006   TOMUTONTTU Tomutonttu & Sekalaisia Vol. 1 (K7 Huutomerkki) TOMUTONTTU & NONHORSE Untitled
2007 WOODS At Rear House (CD Shrimper/LP Woodsist) (G. Lucas Crane plays tapes on Be Still and Walk The Dogs) Be Still/Walk The Dogs
2007 SHEPHERDS Loco Hills (CD Release The Bats/LP Not Not Fun) (Jeremy Bradley Earl, G. Lucas Crane, Christian DeRoeck and Steven J. Taveniere) Revenge/We're In It For The Corn Demon/Endless Horizons/Loco Hills
2007 SHEPHERDS Bush Babies (7" DNT Records) (Jeremy Bradley Earl and G. Lucas Crane) Untitled/Untitled
2007 SHEPHERDS WITH SHAWN REED Eyes Of The World (K7 Not Not Fun) (Jeremy Bradley Earl, G. Lucas Crane and Shawn Reed) Untitled/Untitled
2008   SHEPHERDS Loco Live (CDR Not Not Fun) (Jeremy Bradley Earl and G. Lucas Crane) Untitled
2008 SHEPHERDS/IGNATZ Split (7" Not Not Fun) (Jeremy Bradley Earl and G. Lucas Crane) SHEPHERDS David's Vibrations/IGNATZ Everyman
2008 WOODS FAMILY CREEPS Woods Family Creeps (CD/LP Time-Lag Records) (G. Lucas Crane, Jarvis Taveniere and Jeremy Earl) End To End/Creeps Collage/Twisted Tongue/Family/Howling On Howling/Diamond Days/Spike/Sleep Sleep Sleep/The Creeps
2008 KREUZBERG MUSEUM More Calypso (CD Radical Baboon)War (F, G. Lucas Crane)/War (DB, G. Lucas Crane)
2009 WOODS Songs Of Shame (CD/LP Shrimper/Woodsist) (G. Lucas Crane plays tapes on The Number, September With Pete and Born To Lose) The Number/September With Pete/Born To Lose