Herman Düne

This is an attempt to create a complete Herman Düne discography.
See also David-Ivar Herman Düne and André Herman Düne.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2000 Turn Off The Light (CD Prohibited Records)Our Smell Lingers/Drug Dealer In The Park/You're So Far From Me/I Do The Crabwalk/Shakespeare & North Hoyne/World Of Workers/Ulrika's Body/A Hundred Times Better/As Long As Fakers Rule/From That Night (@ The Lounge Ax)/Slight Miscalculation
2001 Switzerland Heritage (CD Prohibited)Two Crows/Hd Rider/The Speed Of A Star/Blinded/Black Cross/Little Architect/Martin Donovan In Trust/Going To Everglades/Not Knowing/Pukka/With A Tankful Of Gas/Coffee & Fries/After Y2k/Expect The Unexpected
2001 They Go To The Woods (CD Shrimper)The Right Path Lays Open Before Me/They Go To The Woods/By The Door Of The Temple/Heed The Wrath/From German Streets/I Look At You At Night/Strange Plot/I'll Come Back When I Come Back/Deer Wild Baby/For The Night/Black Dog
2002 HERMAN DÜNE/CERBERUS SHOAL The Whys And Hows Of Herman Düne And Cerberus Shoal (CD North East Indie)HERMAN DÜNE I Want A Woman/Garaje #1/A Sight For Soul Eyes/Garaje #2/If Someone Loves You/Garaje #3/That Woman Is A Murderess/CERBERUS SHOAL Ur #1/Sweetie/Ur #2/Bouzouki/Ur #3
2002 Mas Cambios (CD Track & Field)With A Fistful Of Faith/Red Blue Eyes/Show Me The Roof/My Friends Kill My Folks/In The Summer Camp/In August/You Stepped On Sticky Fingers/Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day/At Your Luau Night/Winners Lose/The Static Comes From My Broken Heart/So Not What I Wanted
2003 Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom (CD Shrimper)Intro T-C/New Jersey Cross Concrete/On the Knick/Monkey Song/Let Me Pry/All About You/Not That Big a Story/Futon Song/Metal Mash/Why Would That Hurt? (If You Never Loved Me)/Taking Taxis in Winter Clothes
2005 Not On Top (CD Track & Field)Little Wounds/Not On Top/Had I Not Known/Walk, Don't Run/Slow Century/This Will Never Happen/German Green/Recording Farfisa/You Could Be A Model, Goodbye/Seven Cities/Good For No One/Orange Hat/Whatever Burns The Best Baby/Eleven Stones/Warning Spectrum
2006 Giant (CD Source Etc)I Wish That I Could See You Soon/Nickel Chrome/1-2-3 Apple Tree/Bristol/Pure Hearts/No Master/Take Hime Back To New York City/Baby Bigger/This Summer/Your Name-My Game/By The Light Of The Moon/When The Water Gets Cold & Freezes On The Lake/Giant/I'd Rather Walk Than Run/Glory Of Old/Mrs Bigger
2008 Next Year In Zion (2CD Source Etc)My Home Is Nowhere Without You/Try To Think About Me (Don't Worry A Bit)/When The Sun Rose Up This Morning/When We Were Still Friends/On A Saturday/My Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks/Lovers Are Waterproof/Next Year In Zion/Someone Knows Better Than Me/My Best Kiss/Baby Baby You're My Baby/(Nothing Left But) Poison In The Rain/Blackfoot's Jack Vision Theme/Don't Lie About Me/An Afternoon Dance Party/Blackfoot Jack (Main Title)


1997   Money Makers On My Back (7" No Label)  
1998   Glow In The Dark Ep (7" Ruminance)  
2000 The Fire Ep (CDS Prohibited) The Backyard Berries/Just Like That/Fire/It's Better Asunder
2001 Between The Little Houses (7'' Prohibited) Shakespeare & North Hoyne/I Do The Crabwalk
2004   A Wiser Man (7" Hype City Records)  
2005 Jackson Heights (CDS Track & Field) Jackson Heights/Suburbs With You/Pet Rabbit/Evil Umpire/Big Thing/The Enemy's Gone But You Can't Go Home For Shelter
2008 1 2 3 Apple Tree (CDS Everloving/Source Etc) 1-2-3 Apple Tree/Your Name-My Game/Song For Golda/Pure Hearts/Song For Samuel
2008 I Wish That I Could See You Soon (CDS Everloving/Source Etc) I Wish That I Could See You Soon/When The Water Gets Cold (And Freezes On The Lake)/Take Him Back To New York City/I'd Rather Walk Than Run/I Wish I Had Someone That I Loved Well
2009 On A Saturday Ep (CDS Source Etc) On A Saturday/Try To Think About Me (Acoustic)/My Home Is Nowhere Without You (Acoustic)/Ghost Of A Smile (Acoustic)/On A Saturday (Acoustic)
2013 Monument Park EP (10" Fortuna Pop!) Monument Park/Shadow Of A Doubt/Wait For The Dead To Live Again/Drunk But Not With Wine/Blessing And A Curse


2002 VARIOUS ARTISTS Get Thee Behind Me Santa (CD Puppy Dog Records)Her Name Was Xmas