André Herman Düne

This is an attempt to create a complete André Herman Düne discography.
See also Herman Düne.
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    ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE First Tries (CD Radical Baboon) 
1998   ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE AND BOYCOTT 92 Das Ende Der Republik (CD Radical Baboon) 
1998 FAST GANZ Back From The Living (CD Radical Baboon)Death Of A Lazy Man/Not The Hospital... Please/From Espionnage To Sabotage/Morning Teasing Spring/Song By The Coffin/I'm Here To Hear You/Kill The Children/Heaven In A Little Box/deeper Than Love/Sincerely, AHD/She's The Star
1999 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Unnecessary Noise Prohibited (CD Radical Baboon)Open Your Eyes/We Are All Free/Unnecessary Noise Prohibited/Near The River Where The Lovers Go/Not A Chance/For The Night/Bumble Man/Most Of Us/Open Your Eyes
1999 FAST GANZ Blackheads (CD Radical Baboon)As Strong As A Man Can Be/This Is No Denial/Are You Rolling That Joint/Did We Sleep Together/With You Downstairs/Compelled, Mortal, Without God/Frankenstein/Sheila, Laura, Etc.../A Sort Of This/We're Going Backstage/Yes I/Going Around Trusting People/Judas The Savior/Ribersborg/Meet Me Tomorrow
  ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Puts You On (CD Radical Baboon)Take Me To The Upper Deck/She Stands For The Sun/Air Eater/Song For Lua/Going On A Diet/Four Hours/You Know Me/There's Nothing Wrong With Pearl/Thought About Quitting Thinking/One Man, One Dope/Travemünde 1999
  THE FOUNTAIN BOATS Ducks Go Rak Rak (CD Radical Baboon)You Go All The Way With Love/Amager Strand/Blue And Green/It's A Lad's Talk/And I've Cried All The Tears/Better Jump From A Bed/Summer Is The Time/Going To Chinatown/Ain't We Superb/Nothing Makes Any Sense/As Long As We Sing/Let's Go To Amager/Be My Squirrel/Total Eclipse Of The Heart/You Go All The Way With Love
  THE FOUNTAIN BOATS No Hard Shoulder (CD Radical Baboon)No Hard Shoulder/Tears Covered My Face/Two Rooms/Gay Paree/Too Much Faith/All I Have Is Your Body/Wash The Pain Away/I'll See You/Trees Beyond The Lake/Waking Up In Deep Shit/We Have Manhattan/Front Page/With Rings Round Your Eyes/No Hard Shoulder
  LISA B Wants To Play Guitar With AHD (CDR Olive Juice Music)Special Shield/Wait/Mystical Disorder/Opossum Ballade/So As To Not Die/Me In A Box/Right Here/Twelve And A Half Waffles/Zyderm Zyplast
2000 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Back To Me (Father Demo #24)  (CD Radical Baboon)Going To Berlin/Next Stop: Europe/Our Fellow Mortals/No Telling/Back To Me/Just For Display/Not That Much Of A Joiner/Matt On Matt/Chan Power/Heavy Heart
2000 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Son Demo #1 (1992-1997) (CD Radical Baboon)When You're In Your Boudoir/White Bear/One Couple Of Eyes For Lonesome Cowboy Bull/I Could Use A Shower/Eating Animals/When You Wake Up You Get Drunk/Chelsea Morning/Lee-Marie/With A Tear In My Eye/Il Fantasma/We're On The Boat/Joy Killer/When The Fun Begins/Man Standing In The Middle Of A Room
2000 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Son Demo #2 (1997-2000) (CD Radical Baboon)Light All Over/E/Plastered Pastor Moonshine/Lady Moon/When The Party's Over/Post Fire Woes/Slight Miscalculation/Hey Steven, I'm Here/Grant Me Your Soul/Loose Lazy Loop/Born A Playboy/Nothing Happens
  BEN O'AYISH Down In The Valley (CD Radical Baboon)Down In The Valley/Mango/Coffee In My Cup/When I'm Not Around/Maybe I'm A Nicer Guy/You Needed Someone/You're 17 I'm 21/Flat Foot/Floor Walker/Making My Day/She Likes Public Places/Cool And Living
2001 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE & ROM What Have We Done To The Loneliness? (CD Radical Baboon)Little Sister Song/Today/Not Ever Take A Chance/Growing A Husky Core/Ardent/Leave Your Door Open/Wood Floors/Forever/My Heart Is Cold/Laugh Track/Little Robot Song
2001 BEN HASCHISH Anti Anti Folk Manifesto (CD Radical Baboon)New Motherfucking York/I Got It/Raisin Juice/So Good So Far/Anti Anti Folk Manifesto/Salads Of Love/If You Care To Care/Air3/Song #9/Catcher In The Rye
2002 FUTSUKAYOI Futsukayoi (CD Radical Baboon)Mikayoi/Watashitachi Wa Futsukayoi Desu/Honey In My Honey/When I'm Gone/Queen Of The Party/Set My Mind At Rest/Warm In My Hand/Rumble And Scramble/Futsukayoi/Quoting Frusciante/Quoting Paul Dedalus
2002 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE & ROM And Lee (CD Radical Baboon)Opening Line/Sad Song/Millenium Prog/Musical Chairs/What Will They Know/Means/Pembridge Crescent/Good Stuff/Some Of This/Song For Sleepless Nights/Before The Evening Was Out
2002 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE AND TURNER CODY Chill (CD Radical Baboon)Montreal Casino/Armageddon Hills/All Unwinding Archetypes Are Gone/Chamber Music/Oh Lord The Sinner Was Born In Me/Shit, Fuck/Hardly Lost One Morning/Don't Refuse Me My Darling/We're Making Mythical The Mundane Today/Just Another Season/Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory
2002 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Brother Morphine (CD Radical Baboon)Smalltown Boy/Coolsville/Brighter/Give Up Your Love/The Man With The Gun/Oh My Lover/Cat's Cradle/Hinterland/Cars And Parties/In This Heart/Wealthy Man/Unravel/O Superman
2002 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Dies Of Old Age In San Francisco (CD Radical Baboon)Bird Pix/Most Of You/Sight To See/But You/Pleasant Features/Belts Untied/It Wasn't A Lie/Formaldehyde/My Ball And Chain/Show Me Who To Love/Before I Die Of Old Age
2002 BEN DOPE Coney Island Clam Bar International (CDR Olive Juice Music)Long Island/Dark Ocean Rides/Aunt Alice's/Smear/Please Be Gentle/Bag Full Of Magical Smokable Hay/Of Clams And Bongs/Laura-In-The-Hamptons/Rainbow On The Paper/I Fed You/I Don't Call This Wait/Fourteen Porn Queen/Emma Louise X/Dirt Transmitted Disease/Dungeons And Dragons/You Stand So Close/Blue Bison/Chillin' With The Inmates
2002 BEN DOPE Rigamarole Schmigamarole (CDR Olive Juice Music)In The City/I Keep Forgetting/Whole Lot Of Hanging Out Going On/Lucas Crane Is Insane/Tom Died Alone I/You Represent Yourself/Tight Like Vine/Objects In The Mirror/Gummo The Cat/Watching My Back/Return To My Eyes/Junkyard/Savings/Redeath/Tom Died Alone II/Sugar In My Mind/What I'm All About
2002 BEN HASCHISH All Over The City (CD Radical Baboon)Four Of Me/What You have To Say/Somebody Something/Don't Leave Me Behind/Ellen Woods/Thames And Morgan
2002   LESSER LEWIS WITH BEN DOPE, GOTTESMAN AND GUITAR SOLUTIONS L'vov's Lament (K7 Olive Juice Music)Stand Up Man/How Ned/Awful In Bed/Mystic CT/Angel/Die On Tour/Blow Up The GS/Desert/With Malice Towards None/Loyalty/Sun/Hiding Rainbows/Background Music/Blow Up GS/Viva Zapata/The French Are Stealing Our Women/Sean And Jeronimo's Song/Golden Arm (Live)
2002 JOHN TRAWLING Drives (CD Radical Baboon)Svartsjukdom/Way Out Of Your Sight/With A Spliff/Taste Of Candy/Shut Up And Swallow/You Can't Trust A Man/What Are You/So Ein Ding Muss Ich Auch Haben/Everywhere/The Erie/Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On/It's Better Asunder
2002 KLAUS BONG Left (CD Radical Baboon)Instead Of Farewell/Leave The Mirror Alone/Dare Shoot/Nothing Here/Follow The Red Cross/First Time Alone/Israel/In The Poolroom/They Don't Need Me On The Streeets/In The Middle Of The Hall/You Don't Know Me/Miles Of Marching/Mild Weather
2003 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE AND DAVID TATTERSALL Streets Of Philadelphia (CD Radical Baboon)Wave Pictures/Sea On The Full Moon/Jim Flynn's Next Book/Sleep At Dawn/Our Perfect Lovers/Streets Of Cleveland/Let's Not Be Friends When It's Over/Be Bold/That Boy Was Me/Giving A Name To You/Another Side Of/Streets Of Philadelphia
2003 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE AND G. LUCAS CRANE VERSUS THE NONHORSE Walking Dead (CD Radical Baboon)Way Out Of Your Sight/What Are You/Emma Louise X/Privacy/Nonhorsical Shit Without Pocket Trumpet/With A Spliff/So You Guys Are Perverts Now/I Keep Forgetting/Swartsjukdom/Nonhorsical Shit With Pocket Trumpet/Tom Died Alone/One Hundred Years Of Sexual Misery
2003 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE AND RACHEL LIPSON Metal And Vinyl (CD Radical Baboon)A Long Car Ride/You've Been Mean To Me/Domino/In The City/Junkyard/Sugar In My Mind/What You Really Had For Breakfast/Hard Time/They Take Their Time/One Fish/The Saddest Sight/On A Park Bench/Straight To Your Heart
2003 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Stands United (CD Radical Baboon)Second Moon/Tiny Little Star/Only The Shadow Of Myself/Sleeping Bag/It Tastes Like Poison/Bridge May Be Icy/Do Not Feel Bad For Me/Bonnie Blue Eyes/Safe At The Party/For The Time Being
2003 BEN DOPE La Came (CD Radical Baboon)To Live Like The Boys/It's You I Know/Let's Make Love In The Grass/Too Late/Love And Money Are The Very Same Thing/No Beer Before Three/One Hundred Years Of Sexual Misery/Kind Of Trip/Ditch The Phones/Pontiac/Leave The Blinds Open Tonight/I'm A Chinese Man/Take Me Out To The Ball Game/Search, Charlie/Wasted In Chinon/Can't Eat The Whole Apple/Like A Dog To His Master/Sixty-Two Miles/Ganja Night/So You Guys Are Perverts Now/Maybe The Last/From The Lawn
2003 BEN HASCHISH Department Of Transportation (CD Radical Baboon)Love Like You/This Shade/Side Winds/It Is My Hnad/Kentucky's Best/My Discipline/They Take Their Time/Illinois/Zero/One And One
2003 JOHN ANDREAS Wintry Poem (CD Radical Baboon)Wintry Poem/Fluff On The Fence/The Water Guy/England Is Nice/You Are Found/Your Own Air/My Dear Lord
2003 JOHN TRAWLING & M. J. GANDJAH Call Me Juanita (CD Radical Baboon)I Am Brave/Call Me Juanita/Three Times Is Good/YMCA/Because I Got High
2003 JOHN TRAWLING Comes With (CD Radical Baboon)Whale Come/Odd Job/Stick Around/Bleeding Chamber/Many Come/God Made It Rain/Two City Birds/Condom Come/Night And Fog/Midnight Special/Bellevue/They Won't Speak To Us/Four Cigarettes
2003 KLAUS BONG Zgon (CD Radical Baboon)I Left/Seven Mornings/One Week/Sixteen Thousand Years Of Common Life/Your Flaming Lips/Some Story/Keeping Up With Miss Jones/We Could Join Each Other In Dreams/You've No Idea/A Nice Song/Nice Try
2004 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Back In The Dales (CD Radical Baboon)Land Of Long Shadows/Philly - San Fran/Soul And Paper/That Feeling You Know/Blood And Bile/Welcome To The Brudenell/Salford Brother/If It Ain't Broken/Little Character/Mister Black/Old World Time/My Heart Is Like Norway
2004 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Sings Dido (CD Radical Baboon)Here With Me/Mary's In India/Don't Think Of Me/Isobel/Life For Rent/Thank You/Sand In My Shoes/Hunter/All You Want/White Flag/See The Sun
2004 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE On Jersey Air (CD Radical Baboon)They Take Their Time/A Wiser Man/One Man, One Dope/Crazy While/Instead Of Farewell/I'll Come Back When I Come Back/Jim Flynn's Next Book/Jimmy Reed/Brother David/Here With Me/Going To Queens
2004 BACK UP Back Up (CD Radical Baboon)Body In Water/Down With Music/Peanuts/You Are Found/The Sea Drinks Me/I'm Fun/My Wonderful Friends Vs The Nonhorse/Coventry/Man Standing In The Middle Of A Room/The Day No-One Came Out
2005 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Is The Keeper Of This Park (CD Radical Baboon)Go Out See Things/So Many Tears/Lip Sync/Once And For All/Big Bird/Time Dilatation/York Stone/Home In The Water/You Wouldn't Do That/Until It's Found
2006 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Täglich Brot, New York - Berlin (CD Shrimper, reissue of an old Radical Baboon release)Everyday Bliss/Diamonds In My Hand/How I Feel About You/Best Seller/Harlem Hospital/Crazy While/New York Song/Give Me Some Of Your Love/Berlin Song/Don't Let The Big Men Hurt you/Just Improving Myself/Birthday Song
2006 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Sings The Wave Pictures (CD Radical Baboon)Without Feathers/Just Watch Your Friends Don't Get You/Now You Are Pregnant/In The City Centre/Time To Leave Town/Holding Hands/My Kiss/David's Evening On Wheels/I Shall Be A Ditchdigger/We Dress Up Like Snowmen
2006 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE The Album With The Bear (CD Radical Baboon)There Is A Revolution/No More No Less/Winter In New York/Long Distance Dancer/From Another Planet/Creatures/Ten Years Ago/Sharks/Temperance/Importance
2006 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE The Album With The Bird (CD Radical Baboon)Who I Am/Still Breathing/Blue Against Blue/Good Like You/Smile Like Yours/My Darling Says/House Of Fire/You Already Know/My Buddy Dave/Sock It To Me
2006 STANLEY BRINKS Bops A Zap (CD Radical Baboon)Evil Element/Time Change/When All Is Said And Done/Love Doesn't Die Of Old Age/Ghosts Like Me/Pumpkin/One Revolution Of The Moon/City Of Do/You Have To Have Someone/My Stool
2006 KREUZBERG CAFÉ Kreuzberg Café (CD Radical Baboon)First We Take Manhattan/As I Sat Sadly By Her Side/Stablemate/The Stranger Song/The Weeping Song/I See A Darkness//Breathless/Will You Miss Me When I Burn/Tonight Will Be Fine
2006 KREUZBERG MERKEZI Ten American Classics (CD Radical Baboon)Are You Lonesome Tonight/Copper Kettle/Armageddon Hills/I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep/You've Always Had Me By Your Side/Like Strangers/Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot/Seagull/Devil Come Madness/Down In The Valley
2007 KREUZBERG MUSEUM Calypso (CD Radical Baboon)Seven Skeletons Found In The Yard/Shango/I Don't Know How The Young Men Living/War/The Parrot/Theresa/New York Subway/Exploiting/War/Monkey/Shop Closing Ordinance/Women Are Good And Women Are Bad/Edward The VIII
2007 STANLEY BRINKS Cooks (CD Radical Baboon)Silly Old Days/Rich Country Education/Don't Leave Me/Six On The Clock/Halfway Home/Traveling People/Beer In The Fridge/Tomato Juice/Stupidest Summer/French Leave
2007 STANLEY BRINKS Dank U (CD Radical Baboon/LP Ciao Ketchup Recordings)Stanley Brinks/Idle Eyes/Lord Stanley's War Song/New Hampshire/I Owe You/Song Of Hassan/Pease Pottage/Woman Of The Day/I'll Be With You
2007 STANLEY BRINKS Loiters (CD Radical Baboon)In The Garden/First Desire Then Deserve/Your Sacrifice/All You Can Take/I Stood In The Doorway/Things Moving/Taking The Life Out Of This Town/Birds In The Wind/Just My Luck/It's Not Like I'm Sleeping Tonight
2007 HOWARD HUGHES & FRESCHARD AND STANLEY BRINKS Wrong Picture (CD Radical Baboon)Ha Ha Ha/Fishes/Wrong Picture/Dark Tides/Stick Like Glue/Opening For Iggy/War/Alice In Bed/The Crocked Neighbor
2008 KREUZBERG MUSEUM More Calypso (CD Radical Baboon)War (SB, F)/Love Love Love/War (F, G. Lucas Crane)/Saint Peter's Day At Teteron Bay/I Am Free, Single And Disengaged/War (DB, G. Lucas Crane)/Only Foreigners/The Gold In Africa/War (SB, F, Dave Tattersall)/Captain Put Me Ashore/Man Man Biscoe/War (SB, F, The Wowz)
2008 STANLEY BRINKS Bit (CD Radical Baboon)Real Life/Poppy Seed/Clean Slate/Oh Dorothy/Speak To Me/Do It For Me/That's Not Me/Dreamboat/Titanic/Out Of The Jar
2008 STAINLEY BRINKS Sings The Blues (CD Radical Baboon)Without You/You Are Not Where You Are/That Lonesome Feeling/Frog Feathers/You Must Have Someone On Your Mind/Will You Love Me More/If I Die I Die/Closer To Me/Blues About Getting Out Of Here/Priceless Find
2008 STANLEY BRINKS AND THE WAVE PICTURES Stanley Brinks And The Wave Pictures (CD Radical Baboon)Hi, Jane/Things Ain't What They Used To Be/End Of The World/Keep Your Head High/Blues About The Size Of Someone Else's Heart/Kiss Me Too/39 Winks/It's The Road/Why The Martians Are Gone/All The Love That Was Left
2009 STANLEY BRINKS Horns In (CD Radical Baboon)It Must Be Me/Butt To Butt/You're Only Kidding Yourself/Tell Me To Stay/Forget About The World Outside/Another Land/People On The Train/All The Fruits/My Enemy Is You/Midnight Espresso
2009 FRESCHARD/ISH MARQUEZ/STANLEY BRINKS Rock 'N Roll Shit (CD Radical Baboon)War/You're Only Kidding Yourself/I Hear You/Compassion Becomes Obsolete/Do It For Me/I Can't Sit Still/Emaya/Where We Both Go/People On The Train/You Can't Fool Around Forever/I Am Free, Single And Disengaged
2009 STANLEY BRINKS Hoots (CD Radical Baboon)Good Old Me/Give Me A Reason/I Didn't Know You/Run Your Run/What A Fool/Then Came The Man/Kate/Where Have You Been/Three Years/One Goodbye


2001 BEN HASCHISH An Abstract Of The Anti Anti Folk Manifesto (7" Intercontinental) Raisin Juice/I Got It/New Motherfucking York/So Good So Far/Anti Anti Folk Manifesto/Air Three
2008 STANLEY BRINKS Fox Trot (7" Ciao Ketchup Recordings) Fox Trot/French Leave/Bolero


1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Compilation Blokhiton (CD Ubik) We're Writin' Our Own Bible
2005   VARIOUS ARTISTS New Skin For The Old Ceremony: The Polyamory Nine Year Anniversary Compilation (CDR Polyamory) ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Little Character
2007   VARIOUS ARTISTS Sidewalk Songs & City Stories - New Urban Folk (CD Trikont)Berlin Song

Other Stuff

2003 FRESCHARD Neon Orange (CD Radical Baboon)All I Had Is Gone/It Was Me In The Video/Where Did I Go To/I Won't Make You Cry/Wait For Me/Neon Orange Glimmer Song
2003 FRESCHARD Shower Gel (CD Radical Baboon)The Sea Drinks Me/You Hadn't A Clue/Apple Shower Gel/Loveproof/Life Of My Party
2005 FRESCHARD Alien Duck (CD Radical Baboon)Out There/Snoopy Song/Bad Year/Swell Like A Ninja/One Million Dollars/Oh My God/Bye/I'm Here/Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Un Peu/Don't Fall In Love With Me/In Dreams I Fall
2006 FRESCHARD Click Click (CD Radical Baboon)Off The Stage/Why They Don't/I Must Be Looney/Me+depth=2/Who The World Belongs To/They Want To/We'll Catch You When You Fall/Berlin Tune/You Can't Fool Around Forever/Brooklyn Moon
2008 FRESCHARD Moonstone (CD Radical Baboon)I Hear You/I Can't Get Enough Of You/Up Shit Creek/There's Nothing He Can Do Better Than Her/Straight Ahead/Everybody Has A Beautiful Voice/Einstein/Moonstone/Emaya/I Believe You