The Wave Pictures

This is an attempt to create a complete The Wave Pictures discography.
The Wave Pictures are David Tattersall, Franic Rozycki and Jonny Helm.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2003 Just Watch Your Friends Don't Get You (CD Radical Baboon)Taking It All Away/Pink Trees/Don't Lose Your Head (Part I)/Dust Off Your Heart/You Are Not The One For Me/The Killer Britney Stampede/Just Watch Your Friends Don't Get You/Sinister Purpose/Slice By Slice
2003 More Street, Less T.V. (CD Radical Baboon)Jimmy Reed/Vicky/Don't Blame Your Parents/Dignified And Old/Thrash Metal Paul/Don't Lose Your Head (Part II)/More Street, Less T.V./Shiver In Your Shoes, Earthlings/Chinatown
2004   The Airplanes At Brescia (CD ???)The Airplanes At Brescia/We Dress Up Like Snowmen/Strange Fruit For David/Without Feathers/Nude With Black Shoes/Time To Leave Town/I Shall Be A Ditchdigger/Jennifer/Oh No! I Think I'm Falling In Love Again/David's Evening On Wheels/Live in Europe
2005   The Hawaiian Open Mic Night Magic (CD ???) Chinese Takeaway/Your Heart Is On Your Sleeve/A Long Way Away From Me/My Kiss/Leave The Scene Behind/Happy Pancake Day/Mummify/Sleepy Eye/Hymn For Amy/Your Bed Hung Off The Wall/In The City Centre
2006   Sophie (CD Smoking Gun Records)I Want You To Walk All Over Me/Long Island/We Cried/I'll Come Running Back To You/When I Leave You For Somebody Else/Sophie/Pen Pals/Tanzi On The Phone Line/We Never Motored West/We Sugared Our Apples
2006 Catching Light The Songs Of André Herman Düne (CD Radical Baboon)Only The Shadow Of Myself/Leave The Mirror Alone/I'll Come Back When I Come Back/For The Night/What Are You/Sea On The Full Moon/Until It's Found/It Tastes Like Poison
2008 Instant Coffee Baby (LP Little Teddy Records/CD Moshi Moshi Records) Leave The Scene Behind/I Love You Like A Madman/We Come Alive/Kiss Me/Instant Coffee Baby/Avocado Baby/Friday Night In Loughborough/Holding Hands/Red Wine Teeth/Strange Fruit For David/Just Like A Drummer/I Remembered/January And December/Cassius Clay
2008 STANLEY BRINKS AND THE WAVE PICTURES Stanley Brinks And The Wave Pictures (CD Radical Baboon)Hi, Jane/Things Ain't What They Used To Be/End Of The World/Keep Your Head High/Blues About The Size Of Someone Else's Heart/Kiss Me Too/39 Winks/It's The Road/Why The Martians Are Gone/All The Love That Was Left
2009   If You Leave It Alone (CD/LP Moshi Moshi Records) If You Leave It Alone/Canary Wharf/My Kiss/I Thought Of You Again/Tiny Craters In The Sand/Bumble Bee/Come On Daniel/Too Many Questions/Bye Bye Bubble Belly/Softly You, Softly Me/Strawberry Cables/Nothing Can Change This Love
2009   DARREN HAYMAN AND THE WAVE PICTURES Madrid (CD Belka) Junk/The Weight Of The Stars/Alan Bean/Genesis Rock/Caravan Song/Everything's Wrong All The Time/How Can I Be Certain/Out Of Season/Table For One/Don't Go/The Wu Tang Clan/The Sad Witch
2010 Susan Rode The Cyclone (LP Interbang//Little Teddy Records/Acuarela) Kittens/I Shall Be A Ditchdigger/Sweetheart/Cinnamon Baby/Throwing Words/I Just Want To Be Your Friend/Blind Drunk/Marie Again/Susan Rode The Cyclone/American Boom
2010   Play Some Pool (CD Where It's At Is Where You Are) (Free cdr album with If I Should Fall Behind 7inch) Bobby Jean/Two Faces/I'm On Fire/You're Missing/If I Should Fall Behind/My Hometown/Ponyboy/Secret Garden/Hearts Of Stone/Tougher Than The Rest


2007   We Dress Up Like Snowmen (7" Moshi Moshi Records) We Dress Up Like Snowmen/Now You Are Pregnant
2008   I Love You Like A Madman (7" Moshi Moshi Records) I Love You Like A Madman/Holding Hands
2008   Just Like A Drummer EP (CDS Moshi Moshi Records) Just Like A Drummer/Our Perfect Lovers/Time To Leave Town/Hotels And Motels/God Bless The Reverend Gary Davis/Dust Off Your Heart
2008   Strange Fruit For David (7" Moshi Moshi Records) Strange Fruit For David/Puncture My Pride
2009   Charlie's Angels (7" Acuarela Records) Charlie's Angels/Swimming
2009   If You Leave It Alone (7" Moshi Moshi Records) If You Leave It Alone/Polar Bear
2009   Strawberry Cables (7" Acuarela Records) Strawberry Cables/Three Songs Called Louise (She Loved The City)
2009   DARREN HAYMAN/THE WAVE PICTURES Split (7" DARREN HAYMAN Girls In Their Summer Clothes/THE WAVE PICTURES If I Should Fall Behind
2010   Sweetheart EP (CDS Moshi Moshi Records) Sweetheart/Kittens/I Shall Be A Ditchdigger/Blind Drunk/Cinnamon Baby/American Boom
2010   Jonny Helm Sings (7" Moshi Moshi Records) Now You Are Pregnant/Sleepy Eye
2010   If I Should Fall Behind (7" Where It's At Is Where You Are) If I Should Fall Behind/Girls In Their Summer Clothes
2010 COMING SOON/THE WAVE PICTURES Coming Soon B/w The Wave Pictures (7" Kidderminster/Moshi Moshi) THE WAVE PICTURES Sweetheart/Wu/COMING SOON Sweetheart/Wu



Other Stuff

2003 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE AND DAVID TATTERSALL Streets Of Philadelphia (CD Radical Baboon)Wave Pictures/Sea On The Full Moon/Jim Flynn's Next Book/Sleep At Dawn/Our Perfect Lovers/Streets Of Cleveland/Let's Not Be Friends When It's Over/Be Bold/That Boy Was Me/Giving A Name To You/Another Side Of/Streets Of Philadelphia
2006 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Sings The Wave Pictures (CD Radical Baboon)Without Feathers/Just Watch Your Friends Don't Get You/Now You Are Pregnant/In The City Centre/Time To Leave Town/Holding Hands/My Kiss/David's Evening On Wheels/I Shall Be A Ditchdigger/We Dress Up Like Snowmen
2008   DAN OF GREEN GABLES Dan Of Green Gables (CD Wymeswold Records) (David Tattersall, Franic Rozycki and Dan Mayfield)Notes For A Book On Buster Keaton/It Rained Last Night/Everything Smelled Of Tea Leaves/Nothing Could Keep You From Sleeping Tonight/Walk The Back Stairs Quiet/I Saw Your Hair Between The Trees/Goodbye John Andreas/Spare Afternoons/You Will Konow Exactly What To Do
2008   JONNY HUDDERSFLIED HELM Jonny Huddersfield Helm (CD Wymeswold Records) Make Me A Pallet In Your Floor/She Belongs To Me/Blues About The Size Of Someone Else's Heart/The Sky Is Crying/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Neon Orange Glimmer Song/Vampire Blues/Corrina Corrina/Colorado Girl/San Francisco Bay Blues/It Hurts Me Too/I Wish I Knew How It Felt To Be Free
    DAVID TATTERSALL Happy For A While (CD/LP ???)