What’s new on AHT?

Almost Halloween Time Records is a one man label, if Luigi is painting, nobody can write newsletters. So I’m taking a break from painting to let you know that:

The Doublejumps LP is almost ready, the plant wrote me and a box full of records is on the way to Bari.

If you ordered a copy I will contact you with shipping details soon.

We have a new compilation out. It’s titled: “The Same Cured Hair As You”. It features a lot of my favorite artists covering songs by my heroes.

There’s a new cassette by Lac Observation waiting for you.

There are three more albums in the making.

A new Bingo Trappers’ album called “Karaoke Parkman Blues”, the reissue of Capozzi Park’s “The Record Of Capozzi Park”, the debut album of Brown Tower on AHT.

I need your help, if you order records now, you help AHT releasing the above and you force Luigi to paint and continue painting.

Listen to ”Asleep At Lunchtime” by The Doublejumps here.

Listen to ”The Record Of Capozzi Park” by Capozzi Park here.

Listen to ”Birkenstock Retreat” by Brown Tower here.

Listen to ”Liquid Splinters Say Goodbye” by Lac Observation here.

Listen to ”The Same Cured Hair As You” here.