The Leadmill

The Leadmill is Sheffield’s longest running live music venue and nightclub. It first opened its doors in 1980 and has been a creative hub in Sheffield for nearly 40 years.

I’ve never been there in person but I’ve certainly heard some concert recordings.

The place of the heart for me who was born in Bari, the one where I have perhaps seen the most concerts is the Taverna Vecchia del Maltese.

Today it is sadly closed.

I have seen among others: Trumans Water, Soul-Junk, U.S. Maple, Gesundheit, Apse, Chrome Cranks.

The ceiling was low, there was a fan attached to the ceiling, when you moshed you risked getting really hurt, you could smoke, at the end of the concert your ears could no longer hear, the staircase that led to the concert hall, a basement, was very steep and there was no way out. They served shit beer.

I felt at home.

Listen to Tom Violence “Definite Limits” here.

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