I’m not a great lover of biographies, books that reconstruct the life of an artist and even less of films. I even consider them harmful but at the station I couldn’t avoid buying a book about The Cure. I wanted one that had all the lyrics, but the 90s were so rough and there was nothing like it in the bookstores. So I took that book. I had flirted with the cover for a long time, I couldn’t resist. Among the various anecdotes, quotes and excerpts from interviews, that sentence about cats has stuck in my head. How much truth in the words of Robert Smith.

“I’d love to be a cat. Cats appeal to me because they do very little, except make little funny noises and fuck and eat and sleep” (Robert Smith)

For “Sinking” by Whitman, I draw cats. The one portrayed in the photo is Tiger, Denver’s cat.

Listen to “Sinking” by Whitman here.

P.S.: There’s a Cure tribute that we are working on. Stay tuned.

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