If Bingo Trappers are your favorite band, you’ve already heard some of the songs included on “Roger” and you own a copy of “Nine Songs from the Handsome Pouch”. If the titles “Gotta Be Good” or “Great Lakes Of Life” mean nothing to you, then you weren’t paying attention and you’re missing out on an extraordinary record, one that I love, revere and consider one of the most treasured in the my entire record collection.

“Roger” can be considered a reissue of “Nine Songs from the Handsome Pouch”, although it features unreleased songs.

The covers are drawn by hand, one by one, and will all be different.
They will all be characterized by a house, the same one you find on the version with printed covers, the same one designed by Wim Elzinga, moved elsewhere, placed on ever new landscapes.

Listen to “Roger” by Bingo Trappers here.

There is a delay of about one month due to all orders being handmade. Thank you for your understanding. Dismiss