‘A Museca

Number 55

The number 55 in the Smorfia Napoletana is represented by music.

You will not like Neo-melodic Neapolitan music, believe me. However, it has its own following and there are even dedicated television channels and radio programs.

In the 80s, in Bari, on the stalls you could buy original cassettes (a few), fake cassettes (almost all), home dubbed cassettes (mostly TDK) with handwritten titles.

My grandfather bought these and gave me some as a gift. Neapolitan neomelodic music precisely. I still have some of them but I’ve never listened to them. 

Dreaming of music is a fairly rare but not impossible event to occur, it is directly linked to the most delicate and intimate emotions that characterize the soul, the very essence of the dreamer who comes out carefree.

When you dream of music this represents the way in which you open yourself to the world.

On the cover of issue 55 of Floating Action‘s “Jinx Protecting”, there is Seth Kauffman playing guitar while Seth Kauffman plays drums. Seth is a multi-instrumentalist …

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