Bright Blackout

At some point my mother gets up and goes to the singer. At the table there was talk of me, of how I am able to sing. 

In my family they are sure that I keep it hidden, I do not sing in public, they say, because I am shy and I lack the courage. 

The truth is, I’m a out of tune broken bell. I don’t like my recorded voice and I didn’t like it as a child when I was playing DJ or trying to sing.

My mother jumped up and I seriously thought she was going to ask the singer to leave the microphone to me.

I was ready to disappear, I would play dead, I was ready to hide in the bathroom.

The singer was not Chan Marshall, nor did her voice recall that of Siouxsie, I heard her kill Cindy Lauper’s “True Colors”.

Between one track and the next she would occasionally play a few records. 

And it is on a song by Eros Ramazzotti that I wished I was deaf, I wanted in my ears a hearing aid with a switch to turn off the sound, it was then that Lax Observation wrote to me.

My mom is still trying to convince me to take the microphone.

And Lac Observation chose the newborn Almost Halloween Time Records TV for the premiere of their new video.

“Bright Blackout” by Lac Observation.

I didn’t sing.

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