Untitled #9

I like video clips and I like collaborations.

“Untitled # 9” is the fifth video extracted from “Untitled 1-10 Plus 1” by Linda Smith.

Last summer, I invited my friend Tinca Veerman to shoot a video for Linda Smith. We were in the garden of a trullo and she was working on another project, a videoclip for a song by Outer, as part of a festival that would have taken place in Terlizzi.

I saw her working and it was amazing. I saw the video she made for the Silent Festival, last September and I was blown away.

I didn’t see “Untitled #9” being made, but the magic repeated itself when I received it today.

Tinca (Water) and Linda both contributed a song to Imaginary Donkey, the Shrimper tribute compilation released on Almost Halloween Time Records a few years ago. Listen to their songs here.

They both went back to recording music specifically for this project.

Linda then recorded “Untitled 1-10 Plus 1”.

And my hope is that Tinca will also give us an album sooner or later.

You can watch Tinca’s video for Outer below.

And you can read a wonderful interview by Rafael Alvarez to Linda Smiths here.

Needless to say that a musical collaboration between Tinca and Linda is my secret hope.

There are still six songs without video, get under videomakers.

There is a delay of about one month due to all orders being handmade. Thank you for your understanding. Dismiss