The Neapolitan Smorfia assigns a patriotic meaning to the prime number par excellence, in fact 1 is Italy.

1 can also be linked to the simplest and most daily activities, it is the number of burnt coffee, of a blind woman, of a Minister, of something greasy, of a ruby ​​or of a drawn sword.

If you dream of finding your head washed, wet by someone else, if you dream of a flock of sheep in turmoil or a strong pain in the heart, oxen plowing or a bagpipe ringing, the number to play is always 1.

For “Jinx Protecting” by Floating Action I will be making a special version of the Smorfia where Seth plays all the male roles and Yoko Ono all the female roles.

If I were to draw the flag today, the position would be different, it would be at half mast and the colors would be those of the rainbow.

Very sad for my country.

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