I do not regret the hours of sleep, what I miss most is the search, the search for new music that is not a demo received for Almost Halloween Time Records.

The first time I saw Jana Hunter in Bari, there were four or five people in the crowd. Jana, Castanets and Velma made a stop in my town, not a happy choice of the organizers because that evening, if I remember correctly, there was a concert by a successful independent Italian band.

But Velma had already hit me the year before, I had read about the Castanets interesting things and Jana Hunter had a split with Devendra Banhart and above all a cassette for Fuck It Tapes.

The choice was obvious.

Jana won me over with her music that night.

But in the last eleven years aside for the music I have released with AHT and the music produced by labels I love, I’ve listened to and bought a few records only.

And so today, nine years after its release, I find myself listening to this album by Jana Hunter’s Lower Dens for the first time.

A masterpiece.