The End Is Nye

Saint John.

Earl Campbell

For the American version of “The End is Nye” by Douglas Kramer Nye I reworked the Last Supper by Courbet.

Doug plays the role of Jesus and the apostles are some of his favorite artists. For the European version I will illustrate the lyrics of the songs and make portraits of the twelve apostles.

Leonard Cohen as Saint John is the first in the series.

It is the first time that I paint sacred art. My knowledge of the apostles, their life and the Bible is limited to a few names.

The starting point for this portrait of Leonard Cohen is a portrait of Saint John by Guido Reni from 1621.

I am not an expert in Christian iconography, you will hardly find me in a church or in the rooms of the museum where classical works are exhibited. But I really like the idea of ​​painting some of the sacred monsters of music and cinema.

Nick Cave as Bartholomew will be the next.

Listen to “The End Is Nye” here.