Wingtip Sloat

This is an attempt to create a complete Wingtip Sloat discography.
Wingtip Sloat is
David Bishop, Andy Dubuc and Pat Foster.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1991 User-Friendly-Bowl-Wrapper (K7 Sweet Portable Junket) Ashcan School/Sloaty Sloat Sloat/Blessed Grammy, Warming/Loss Of A Halo/Suzuki (Happy Go Lucky)/Trail O' Scrapple I V/Anything Could Happen (Clean)/Influgencia
1995 Santa On The Crappa (K7 Sweet Portable Junket)The SignOff/Egg/Pubic Trinity/Trip's Log/Sun King/Interview Ex./Street Lamp/Practicing To Be A Doctor/Huckleberry Connory/Napalm Green Toes/History Of Lower Artesia/Athenian Stream/Tugboat/Inbred Saturday Night/Overzealous Campaigner/Pt. 1 Of 2/Hypnotized/Pt. 2 Of 2/M32/Fear Is A Man's Best Friend/Uncarved Block
1995   Chewyfoot (CD/LP VHF Records/Tupelo)Slouching Towards Dulles/Slide Me A Dime/Games-Ruins-Gravity Cork/Arc Of A Worm's Trail/Eye Has Not Seen/Web Of Ramps/10 Years Vs. The Spread/A Tree Fell/Unique Scenic Drive
1998   If Only For The Hatchery (CD/LP VHF Records)Z Is For Zovirax/Flem Snopes/Sundowner's 90 Mile Pilot/Part Of Three/Snack Of Toes/Take The Safeway Back/Manmannouth/Meet Cute/Holiday Blowjob/Banging The Hydrant/Lemon Melt/Whynilla


1991   M31 (7" Sweet Portable Junket) M31/Turbine Mother/Aspermicle/Blessed Nimbus, Churning
1994   Return Of The Night Of The Ardent Straggler (7" VHF Records)The Bed Pot/Left Leaning Forward/Infectious Sharps/Beauty
1994   Half Past I've Got (2x7" VHF Records/Sweet Portable Junket)Teapot Dome/Mass Fucking In The Haystacks/They Came With Margarine And In-Laws/It Reminds Me/Nada Dry Lemo/I Wish I'd Been There To Make It A Cliche/Kill The Klansmen/Full Vamka/Um Ba Winga (Umba Go)/You're Happier Than You Realize/Purple Martini/Pit Caple Castle/Black Motorist
1996   TRANS AM/WINGTIP SLOAT Split (7" Tuba Frenzy)TRANS AM Starjammer/Strong Sensations/WINGTIP SLOAT Ballad Of A Band That Is NOT Wingtip Sloat/Ornithology: The Final Chapter/Legend Of Flying Robot/Bob Howe
1996 WINGTIP SLOAT/MOTE Split (7" Toothpick)WINGTIP SLOAT Snack Of Knees/Snack Of Toes/MOTE Radio Spangle/5 V Envelope


1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stars On Ice (K7 Traumatone)Crambo Crambo
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Corkscrewed (K7 Theme Park) Lost
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hallucinogenic Hypnovision (K7 Inner Psyche Productions) A Tone Of Please
1997 VARIOUS ATISTS Breaking The Plastic Hymen, Vinyl Virgins & Lo-Fi Whores (4x7" Fisheye)Rake-Sickle