This is an attempt to create a complete Mote discography.
Mote are Ben Depoorter, Olivier Lammens and Tom Lezaire.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

    Small Horses (K7 Zoo-Logic) 
1996 Small Horses (K7 Toothpick)Toe In The Water/Arrow Line/Sad Poet And.../Comet By The Bed/Forest And Stone/Not Too Soon/Small Horses/On The Bus/Back To 569 II/Pete's Head
    Frozen Horses (K7 Cactus Gum)*Head Seam/Feelies/Strummin' The Bird/La La Loved You/Touched A Hole/Tear The World Apart 1/Dust Song/44 Stolen/Teeth In A Bowl/Tear The World Apart 2/Little Pocket Watch/Spooky Hits
1997 Prince Of The Season (K7 Shrimper)Piangle/Besangere/Radio Box/Colour Blind/Radio Multiplicity/Can U Use It?/Soft Ball/We Hear You
1998 Speed Of Glasses (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Battery/Talk To Me/Single Mind/The Sun




1996 Stars On The Wall (7" Rotten Windmill) Stars On The Wall/Hard To Find/Tongue In Cheek/Stevie
1996 WINGTIP SLOAT/MOTE Split (7" Toothpick)WINGTIP SLOAT Snack Of Knees/Snack Of Toes/MOTE Radio Spangle/5 V Envelope
1997 WIO/MOTE Two Split Singles (2x7" Ubik) WIO Make Me Stay/Qu'est-Ce Qu'il Se Passe?/Colors/Simplicity = Me/Blind/Blackholes/Lookin' In Yr Eyes/Bananas/Karma/This Is My First Rap Song Please Don't Laugh/MOTE Church Rap/It's My Heart: Trenchmouth/Pete's Head/Trans-lineair/Reggie's Glowin'/Eugene
    Hologram EP (Footprint)  


1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Counting Several Fury Animals With A Toothpick Doesn’t Mean You Are Not Punkrock Vol 1 (K7 Toothpick) Solfinder/Sad Poet And.../In Love > Insane/Sitting On The Stairs
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Wafflerockers And Musselheads Bring You: The Belgian Comp Volume 2 (K7 Studio Muscle)Breath-Stroke-History
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Chutes And Ladders - A Cactus Gum Compilation (K7 Cactus Gum) Vio-lent
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Whiskey, You're The Devil (CD Cactus Gum)Gladys Nightengale
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS L'Automobile - The Car (K7 Purderous Magina Records) Small Horses
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS In Release City (K7 Slowball) Arrow Line
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rotten Windmill Festival 1997 (7" Rotten Windmill) Sick & Tired
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Exhibit B (K7 H Records)* Broadcast
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Switzerland Is My Beat (K7 Granted Passage) Bodies And People
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Waffles And Windmills - A Compilation (K7 Lower Records) Holograms And Diagrams
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS To All The URL's I've Loved Before - An Escargot Compilation From Sick & Tired (CD Sick & Tired)Radio Spangle
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS We'll Sail Out Far... Maybe A Little Too Far (2CD Apartment Records/Wabana)And I Wash My Hands
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Studio Muscle's Belgian Komp (CDR Studio Muscle) Breath - Stroke
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Summer Sampler 1999 (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Pedestrian