This is an attempt to create a complete Refrigerator discography.
Refrigerator are Allen Callaci, Dennis Callaci and Daniel Brodo.
See also The Bux, Paste, Guffey, Virgo Rising and Dennis Callaci.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1991 Lonesome Surprize (K7 Shrimper)Lonesome Surprize/North Caroliner/Bicycle Chain/Bubblegum And Beer/Fun/Freeway/Alligator Skinmace/Cardboard Trucks/Run Along/Scabby Hat/F Word/Class Of Next Year/Problems In The Oven (Job Hunting)/Albert Caboose/Does She?/Anni Xtian (Prince)
1992 Rael (K7 Shrimper)Shine/Laughing/Hairport/Dick C/Lines/Love Bean/Real Mean Time/Sandfish/Fuh Buh/Seth/Ruins/Short Chords/Drivin' N Dyin'/Scrathing Silver/For Stu/Coca Cola/Red, Black + Green (At Random)
1993 Long 33 1/3 Play (LP 18 Wheeler)Saturday/KD/There She Goes/Hammers And Sand/... $1000.00 Stage/Always A Way/Mountain Ave./Headstands/Tourists/Boyfriend/Fleas/Future Airline/Stay Here/This Will Be Its End/Wrists/Collectors Item/... Class of Next Year
1995 How You Continue Dreaming (K7 Shrimper)Colton/Speedway/Orange Blossom/Bicycle/Wish And Need/Insect/Glitter Jazz/Son House/Half Empty Shoes/How You Continue Dreaming/Party Hat/Ghetto Bed/Green And White Meet Blue/Suckdown/Sorry State Line/727/Hydrogen Suitcase/Washout/98 Pounds/Old City Cool
1996 Anchors Of Bleed (CD The Communion Label)One Of Everything/Green Rush/Blue Prints/Thrill/Amber Major/Huntington/Newport/Pretend To Go/Convenience Store/Retreat/Ellie Ward/Circus Freaks/With Razorblades/Gold
1997 Live Like Linda McCartney (K7 Hutboy) Violets A Blue/Golden Moments/Then Goodbye/Feels Like Summer/She Came Back/Never, Then Now/Slow Down/Future Leaders/Around It Goes/Hard Like A Starfish/Side Two By Dr. Fairness
1997 Refrigerator (CD Shrimper)Young Confusion/California/In Another Room/As If You Were No One/Instead of Flowers/Somehow/Western Lights/Undue Tragedy/Come Spring/Jokes and Seeds/Motel Arrest/Sea Level/Unrealized/Splitting Atoms/Jive Jive/Sky Swam into View
1999 Glitter Jazz (CD Shrimper)Tourists/Uncertain Someone/Western Disconnection/Los Angeles/Heart Of Bone/Drowning Out/Sunnyside Over/Wedding Waltz/Left And Gone/Static On Static/Sweet A.M.
2001 Comedy Minus One (CD Shrimper)Uses For Good/Scratch 11/Never Nowhere/Freeway Close/Memoirs Of An Opening Act/Twilight Show/Anna Vincent/Open Fan Mail/Little Red Riding Hood/Fingerprints/Retire The Ghost
2004 Upstairs In Your Room (CD Shrimper)Johnny Blaze/Radio Barstow/Upstairs In Your Room/Countryside Falling/A Crown Of Smoke/Here Comes The One/Ok, Not Today/Anyone Elses Arms/Your Sister And Me/Paris/Rudy Valentino
2007 Bottles Of Make Up (CD Shrimper)Light Reds And Blues/Sara Carter/Comedians/Cigarettes And Perfume/From The End Of The World To Your Town/Bottles Of Make Up/I'm Nothing Without You/Prior To A Trapdoor/Romantic Boredom No. 909/Blank Cassettes/Walking Through Walls/Yer Boombox Blues
2011 Dangerous (CD Shrimper)Be Positive/The Worthless Rearview/Amaze Me/For Some Dark Song Less Day/Cold Comfort/Knee Play/Lonely & Desperate & Gutless & Blind/The Man With Isaac's Shadow/Quarter Dumpster Spin/Undue Tragedy II/Backlit Leaves/The Dangers That You Are/Dangerous
2013 Live At The Pomona American Legion Hall Sunday March 10, 2013 (K7 Shrimper)Somehow/Bottles Of Make-Up/Been There Done/Tourists/One Of Everything/Class Of Next Year/Sweet A.M./Sandfish
2015 Temple City (LP Shrimper)Your Hometown/As Advertised Please Don't Touch/The Real Thing/ This Woman Here/Pocket Thousandaire/Cul De Sac/Friendloverwhatever/Secret Knock/Ozu/Thinking Man's Fool/Rest of The Lonesome/Run Down Rings/Percy Sledge/As I Was Before/No Fun/Sophia Loren/Smile Kid
2016 SIMON JOYNER AND REFRIGERATOR Was It Something We Sang? (K7 Shrimper)What Makes You Think You're The One?/Bad News/To Live Is To Fly/Anymore/British People In Hot Weather/Looking For A Friend/Let's Go To Bed/My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys/The Cross/Bring It On Home
2021 So Long To Farewell (LP+CD Shrimper)Broken Glass Shore/Drink Ourselves To Death/David Jove The Acid King/Tulsa/Time Well Wasted/Another Ghost Town/Corvette Winter/All The People I Lied To Are Dead Now/Greyhound Sundown/Part Time Lover Part II/From Eternity To 4am/Masks In The Morning/I Could Be Anything/Jealousy Is Gone/Fire On Twelfth Street/Shirley And Jimmy Scott/Eat The River/A Light So Dark/Another Ghost Town (Original Luigi Mix)/Corvette Winter (Run Through)


1991 Rocking Horse Loser (7" Jupa Records) Let's Get Out Of Here/Junk/Nickel/Water Cooler Stories/Mistake/Rolling In The Sink
1992 Songs With A Story/Music For Hi-Fi Bugs (7" Shrimper)Sara 99/Anti-Nomination/Sandfish
1992 Car Alarm (7" Shrimper)Been There Done/Here Comes Franklin/Caboose/Resolvingism/Some Times/Title Track/Spare Chain
1993 Down With (7" Ajax) Crows/Ceiling/(Jr. High)/Black And White Phonograph/Down By The Law/Down.../Untitled
1995 REFRIGERATOR Louder Than Goodbye (7" Squealer) Meantime/Thinner Than Skin/Louder Than Goodbye/Housing Fires
1995 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE/REFRIGERATOR Split (7'' Misha Records/Nipple Hardness Factor) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Anti-Nomination/REFRIGERATOR Signal/Abody And Jim/Spooky
1995 Bicycle (CDS Brinkman)Bicycle/Daybreak/Sorry State Line (Acoustic)/Body/Negative Girl/To The Coast/Ageing Paint/Speedway (Acoustic)/83 Ford/The King Of Bigscreen/Party Hat (Acoustic)/This Isn't Yet/Bicycle (Acoustic)
1996 Suck And Run (7" Paperplane)The Rain On Our Street Tonight/Seventeen/Suck And Run/A Rain Too Strong To Fall
1997 Somehow (CDEP Shrimper)Somehow/Everything Old/Home Run Kings/Adelanto, CA/Anti-Nomination


1991 VARIOUS ARTISTS Capgun - A Shrimper Compilation (K7 Shrimper)State Trooper
1991 VARIOUS ARTISTS Back To The Egg, Asshole (An Anti-Tribute Tape) (K7 Shrimper) Revolution
1991 VARIOUS ARTISTS Ghost Of A Rollercoaster (A Shrimper Compilation (7" Shrimper) Map To The Stars
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Tarantistic Seed Plot Of A World To Come (7" Road Cone) Fan Club Information
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Pawnshop Reverb (K7 Shrimper)Judy Blank
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Munchies Kinda Christmas (K7 Sonic Enemy)* Frosty The Snowman-Does She
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Extrasexual (K7 Traumatone) Sara 99 (Munchies)
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS West Leg - Some More Songs (K7 Traumatone)Lonesome Surprise (KUCI)
1992   VARIOUS ARTISTS Neither A Borrower Nor A Lender Bee (K7 Bees Make Honey) Cappuccino/Seth (Acoustic)
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS Mutual Lacunas For Born Again Lovers (K7 Chocolate Monk) Love Song For The Wicked
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cantankerous Jack Lord Feeder Operation (K7 Road Cone) Running Along
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS Ho! Criminal Face (K7 Traumatone)Sandfish (Acoustic)
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Does Your Dog Mould? (7" Happy Dog)On Dismembering Hardcore
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stars On Ice (K7 Traumatone)Love In The Afternoon
1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS A Tribute To Prince (K7 Eldest Son) The Cross
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Neon Signs In A Dralon Sky (K7 Fisheye) Plastic Lasts Forever
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Skee Ball - A Catsup Plate/Fornacalia Cassette Compilation (K7 Catsup Plate/Fornacalia)You Can Always Win
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Present This (7" Union Pole)Waitress
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Day In The Park - A Compilation Of Now Sounds (LP The Now Sound) The Last One
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS You And What Army? (K7 Sing, Eunuchs!)There She Goes
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Abridged Perversion - A Shrimper Compilation Of Shrimper Compilations (CD Shrimper)Map To The Stars
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Basement Tapes: A KSPC Compilation Of Live Recordings (LP KSPC) Generic Hardcore Fusion
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cosmic Slop (K7 Paperplane) Tourists
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Goar #11 (7" Goar) Cars Drip Out
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Childhood Friends: Jaboni Youth #4 Companion Compilation Cassette (K7 Brassland) Colton (Live)
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Strenght Thru Ooij - A Brinkman Waaghals 10th Anniversary Special (CD Brinkman)Daybreak
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sidereal Rest (CD Scratch)Save
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Midheaven Autumn 1996 (CD Revolver USA) I Hear Ya (Live At Random Show KSPC 7/14/96)
1997 VARIOUS ATISTS Breaking The Plastic Hymen, Vinyl Virgins & Lo-Fi Whores (4x7" Fisheye) New Complaints
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Why We Came Together (CD Yakuza) Misguided Airplanes
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS New Adventures In Lo-Fi Bonus CD (CD Slag Records) Scratch 11
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt - A 20th Anniversary Shrimper Compilation (2CD/K7 Shrimper) Boom Boom (Thumb Rights)
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Comfort & Joy - A Holiday Compilation For Charity (LP Analog Ghost Recordings)Christmas In The Sun
2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS Counterfeit Blanks: A Shrimper Compilation (K7 Shrimper)2 Yrs From Your Brother
2018 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Halloween Time (2xK7 Almost Halloween Time/Chthonic) Another Ghost Town