This is an attempt to create a complete Guffey discography.
Puffy are Dennis Callaci and Catherine Guffey.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

  PUFFY December 28th (K7 Shrimper)Merry Christmas Mr. Fahey/Punch Bowl/Seven Numbers Trail One Another/Motive Candles/Strong Arm The Competition/Buster Bailey/Barry Manilow/Herbie Mannheim Dreamteam Roller


1994 PUFFY Come Home To A House Built Of Flame (7" Ratfish Records) Please Come Home/Fahey/Punch Bowl/Seven Numbers/Buster Bailey/Dream/Vending Machines


1991 VARIOUS ARTISTS Ghost Of A Rollercoaster (A Shrimper Compilation (7" Shrimper) Creepy
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Abridged Perversion - A Shrimper Compilation Of Shrimper Compilations (CD Shrimper)Creepy
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Adventures Of Pablo The Circus Boy (K7 Nut Music) PUFFY Pablo's Paycheck