Peter Peter Hughes

This is an attempt to create a complete Peter Peter Hughes discography.
See also Diskothi-q, Party Of One, Furniture One, Nothing Painted Blue.
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2004 The One Hundred Thousand Songs Of Peter Peter Hughes (FLAC Self Released) (Available for download on The One Hundred Thousand Songs Of Peter Peter Hughes/No Secrets/Bad Times, Terrible Oldies/Bad Times/I Don't Smoke/Never 2 Smart/The First Day Of Spring/The War On Sadness/This Ain't Going Away/We'll Always Have Rochester
2010 Fangio (LP Fayettenam) My God Is An Angry God (Juan Manuel Fangio Castiga Los Pecados Del Mundo)/La Consciencia Intranquila De Juan Manuel Fangio/Edwardian Gray/Bebe's Song/El Hombre Mas Macho/Compared To Their Predecessors, Today's Politically Motivated Kidnappers Are Total Dicks/Los Viejos/Beat Your Halfshafts Into Swords (The Radicalization And Redemption Of Juan Manuel Fangio)


2010 Fangio (7" Fayettenam) Operational Detachment Juan Manuel Fangio/El Narcoavión


2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt - A 20th Anniversary Shrimper Compilation (2CD/K7 Shrimper) PETER PETER HUGHES Tracking Devices

Other Stuff

    FURNITURE ONE Furniture One (K7 Hutboy) (Peter Hughes and Joel Huschle) 
1987 PARTY OF ONE A Good Time (K7 Sonic Enemy) Intro & Prologue/African Safari Song/Fashion Blues/The Good Side Of California/Dirge In D-Minor/People I Met/Why I Don't Like Telephones/Man Ray/Fascism For Fun & Profit/Farewell Chino/Jon Jon Where Have You Gone?/Korea Ain't Got No S(e)oul/Epilogue
1988 PARTY OF ONE White Noise (K7 Sonic Enemy) Highway 71/Ladder To The Sky/Video One Elegy/Big City Nights/Beautiful Burnout/Crystal Ball/American Gothic/Here We Go/Hold Me Now/Happy Days Are Here Again/Under The Influence Of Philip Glass/The Love Song Of J. Mario Prufrock/Fingerprint/Dance With Me/Three Times A Lady/Pomp & Circumstance/You Can Smoke All You Want/White Noise
1988 VARIOUS ARTISTS Growing Up With You - A Chino Anthology 1986 -1988 (K7 Sonic Enemy)* (Peter Hughes) PARTY OF ONE Circus Song/Mike's A Dick/Milk/They Took Away My Radio/Pain Anguish Death And Destruction
1992 PARTY OF ONE/DELLY DAKTEL Pick Yr Monologue (K7 Sonic Enemy) PARTY OF ONE Age Of Reason/Wish You Were Dead/Hit The North 2 (I Take It All Back)/Excuses Are Like Assholes/& Speaking Of Assholes.../In Defense Of My Tattoo/Tuesday-Thursday Girl/Going To Pomona/DELLY DAKTEL Thumbs/Always Bring Yr Map/The Wind Bloweth/Hats Off/Gena Bear No.2/People Drown All Around/Gena Bear No.1/Friendly Advice/No Need/Pick Yr Monologue
    PARTY OF ONE Trans Magetti (K7 Car In Car Disco Product) (Peter Hughes) 
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Living With The Wolf (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) DISKOTHI-Q Mer An Sa Kan Ingen Bli
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Hot August Night (K7 Sonic Enemy) DISKOTHI-Q Phone Number Theme/I'm Straight/Enrico Constantino/Somebody Somewhere's Got Something Against Me
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Over The Wall (7" Over The Wall) DISKOTHI-Q The Day That Love Rock Came To Our House
1992 DISKOTHI-Q Delicious Homemade (K7 Sonic Enemy) I'm Straight/Svatý Vincent/You Can Smoke All You Want/Pork Chop/Diarrhea/Priscilla Loved Him Too/Feet Are Free, Motherfucker!/Rot/Bad Apples/Superamerica/Supersqualo/Gelato Song/Hit The North/Perfect Power/Graceless/Cookie Monster/DiskothiQ Theme/Tougher Than Heather/Hit The North 2 (I Take It All Back)/Bad Apples
1992   DISKOTHI-Q Dummy (K7 Sonic Enemy) 
1992 DISKOTHI-Q/MASSENGIL Split (7" Sonic Enemy) (Peter Hughes, Kevin Hughes and Kevin Trapp) DISKOTHI-Q Somebody's Somwhere's Got Something Against Me/MASSENGIL Long-Haired Jim/The Swarthy Song
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS High Fly Graveyard (K7 Shrimper) DISKOTHI-Q Pork Chop/Bad Apples
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Munchies Kinda Christmas (K7 Sonic Enemy)* DISKOTHI-Q Perfect Badger
1993 DISKOTHI-Q Harmless But Ultimately Unloveable/Loveless But Ultimately Unharmable (K7 Shrimper)Going To Pomona/Discovery/Superchunk/SR 72/Hit The North 2 (I Take It All Back)/Bitter Muse/Enrico Constantino/She's Bummin Me Out, Man/Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor/Ocean So Lonesome
1993 DISKOTHI-Q/FURTHER The Race For The Brass Thurd (K7 Sonic Enemy)DISKOTHI-Q Theme From The Adventurers/No Joy In Irvine/Dwell On This/You Can Smoke All You Want/Hit The North 3/Bitter Muse/Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor/Going To Pomona/In Sickness And In College/FURTHER Over And Out/Generic 7/Filling Station/Smudge/Gimmie Indie Fox/Totally Baked/The Daily Planet/Greasy
1993 DISKOTHI-Q Hit The North 3 (7" Volvolo) (Peter Hughes, Kevin Hughes and Kevin Trapp)Hit The North 3/Dwell On This/Theme From The Adventurers
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stars On Ice (K7 Traumatone) DISKOTHI-Q Lucky
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hard Core Acoustic Compilation (K7 Shrimper)* (Peter Hughes) PARTY OF ONE Thow Away
1994 PARTY OF ONE Super Leggera (K7 Car In Car Disco Product) (Peter Hughes)Horseshoes/My New House/Claremont Cometh/Dark Matter/Winsconsin Optimist/Chinese Motherlode/Novice/Planned Obsolescence/Venus/(I Ain't Got No) Health Insurance/Stewing In Yr Juices/Self-Help/Heavy Water/I'm Never Leaving Home Again/One Too Many
1994 DISKOTHI-Q Rob (7" Wabana) Rob/How I Spent My Summer Vacation
1994 DISKOTHI-Q Massapoag (7" Shrimper) (Peter Hughes, Kevin Hughes and Kevin Trapp)Massapoag/Tougher Than Heather
1994 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Biographer's Ruse (K7 Car In Car Disco Product) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) Register (Live 2/11/93 Anthill Pub, U.C. Irvine)/On A Wall (Live 5/31/92 Munchies' Shrimperfest)/After The Housewarming (Acoustic) (Live 7/31/92 WHRB, Cambridge, MA)/Ribdate (Live 5/31/92 Munchies' Shrimperfest)/Yes, I've Been In Love (Live at WFMU, easrly August 92)/Smothered-Register-Political Man (Live 5/31/92 Munchies' Shrimperfest)
1994 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Placeholders (CD Matador) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) Couldn't Be Simpler/Weak/Drinking Game/Career Day/Spread Your Poison/In May/Masonic Eye/Ballwalker/Travel Well/Rightful Heir/Houseguest/Kissing Booth/Can't F (X)
1994 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE After The Housewarming (7" Anyway Records) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes)After The Housewarming/Love To the Third Power
1994 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE/REFRIGERATOR Split (7'' Misha Records, came with Nipple Hardness Factor 'zine) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes)NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Anti-Nomination/REFRIGERATOR Signal/Abody And Jim/Spooky
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Day In The Park - A Compilation Of Now Sounds (LP The Now Sound) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Missed The Point/DISKOTHI-Q (There Ain't No Joy In) Irvine
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS You And What Army? (K7 Sing, Eunuchs!) (Peter Hughes) PARTY OF ONE Most Eligible Bachelor
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantasy Band (A Shrimper Compilation) (7" Shrimper) (Peter Hughes) PARTY OF ONE Keeper
1995 DISKOTHI-Q The Wandering Jew (CD Shrimper) (Peter Hughes, Kevin Hughes and Kevin Trapp) Most Eligible Bachelor/Tulsa Imperative/Leap Cat Leap/Going To Nick's/Kidney/Other Lover's Waltz/Chandra Mukhi/Loozers/Satch Carlson/Supersqualor/AHS.
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Quick Brown Fox (K7 Food Of The Gods) DISKOTHI-Q Junk
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Yugo Seven Inch (7" Clunker) Finisher Jam
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS KXLU Eighty-Eight Point Nine FM - Los Angeles Live Vol. 1 (CD KXLU) DISKOTHI-Q Dwell On This
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Green Light Go (CD World Destruction) (Nothing Painted Blue: Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) DISKOTHI-Q World Destruction/NOTHING PAINTED BLUE My Heart And The Real World
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Electronica (K7 Catsup Plate) DISKOTHI-Q Lucky You, Lucky Me
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Our Salvation Is In Hand - Various Artists Acoustic Based Compilation (CD Theme Park) (Peter Hughes) PARTY OF ONE Hit The North 3
1995 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE The Future Of Communication (12" Scat) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) Sorely Tempted/A Sharky Start/Vengeful As Hell/Lapped/(I'm A) Haunted House/The Future Of Communications (Scott Banks)
1995 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Contraption/President Am I? (7" Pottery) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) Contraption/President Am I?
1995 REFRIGERATOR How You Continue Dreaming (K7 Shrimper) (Peter Hughes plays guitar on Washout)Washout
1995 REFRIGERATOR Bicycle (CDS Brinkman) (Peter Hughes plays accordian and acoustic guitar)Bicycle/Daybreak/Sorry State Line (Acoustic)/Body/Negative Girl/To The Coast/Ageing Paint/Speedway (Acoustic)/83 Ford/The King Of Bigscreen/Party Hat (Acoustic)/This Isn't Yet/Bicycle (Acoustic)
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Abridged Perversion - A Shrimper Compilation Of Shrimper Compilations (CD Shrimper) (Nothing Painted Blue are Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes; Party Of One is Peter Hughes solo.) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Big Pink Heart/PARTY OF ONE Throw Away/DISKOTHI-Q Pork Chop
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Scat Records 1995 Sampler (K7 Scat) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Complications
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Basement Tapes: A KSPC Compilation Of Live Recordings (LP KSPC) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Rag Content
1995 WCKR SPGT Finger Food (K7 Car In Car Disco Product) (Peter Hughes plays drums on E.E.) E.E..
1995   WCKR SPGT Live '91-'95 (2CDR Wckr Spgt Multimediums) (Peter Hughes backs up Wckr Spgt on some of these songs)Howard's Introduction/International Church Of Pancakes/Francis Mitterrand/Making Love In The Pew/Plants/Ragdoll/Suicide Chump/As Time Passes By/Fortune Came Today/Cream (With Troubles)/Where Did I Stop?/Supple Wrist/Dragonfly/Dad Baby - Patience - Wiggly/Vicarious Nephew/You're Old/Evening Gown/Only Child/Slouch Hat/Bastards/Please Don't Look (At My Nipples)/Hitchhike/Francis Mitterrand/The Caring Song/Habeus Corporal/A Glimmer Of Truth/Old Boxing Footage/Marriage At 30,000 Feet/Knot In Jail/E.E./Freud Was Right/Singles At Church/The Pest Won't Leave/Intermission (The Puppet Show And Auntie Phil)/Finger Me/How Did You Meet Them?/Head Through Iowa Now/Like You, I'm Nice/Adriana Footstomp/Clinic Bum/Forest Fire/Doctor In The War/I Have What Prisoners Want/Every Other Motherfuckin' Night
1996 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Control Freak (7" Scat) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) Control Freak/Niacin (Early Version)
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Family Album (CD Shy Boy) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Passing Up A Kiss
1996 DISKOTHI-Q Heartland Feeling (7" X-Mas Records) Heartland Feeling/Lane Discipline/Javelin/(Reprise)
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hide & Go Seek (K7 Cactus Gum) DISKOTHI-Q Balls To The Waa
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Whiskey, You're The Devil (CD Cactus Gum) DISKOTHI-Q Just What I Needed
1997 DISKOTHI-Q Waterworld (CD Shrimper) (Peter Hughes, Kevin Hughes and Kevin Trapp) Great Expectations/Imperial Anthem/Pomp & Circumstance/To Face The Truth/Albatros/Witness Protection Program/Leigh Can't Leave/Vacancy/I Hope You Don't/Argentine Drinking Song/Ovelay Ockray
1997 DISKOTHI-Q Sad Truths (Unreleased CD/FLAC Self Released) (Available for download on Youth Isn’t Wasted On The Young/Dizzy/An Exceedingly Fragile Thing/Airport 97/Highway 71 Revisited/Freedom 97/Linköping Syndrome/Coolio über Alles/Sad Truths
1997 FURNITURE ONE The Adventures Of Pussyman And Cuntboy (K7 Shrimper) (Peter Hughes and Joel Huschle)Meat Bee Cave/Just About Time/Sean Penn/Social Contract/Indians Vs. Mexicans/Cadaver Cake/Celestial Visitor/Foreign Invader/Siamese Twins/Place By The Ocean/Knowing Your Chicken
1997 WCKR SPGT Everybody's Dead (Oh, No) (CD Shrimper) (Wckr Spgt are Mark Givens, Joel R. Huschle, Franklin Bruno, Peter Hughes, and Kyle Brodie)An Appointment With Death/The Caring Song/Flinch Mob/Yesterday Her Lugs Exploded/Old Boxing Footage/Freud Was Right/E.E./Poochy Woman/Daphne Stepping Sideways/Brown Bag Of Dreams/Capricorn One/Singles At Church/Marriage At 30,000 Feet/Head Through Iowa Now/How Did You Meet Them?/Everybody's Dead (Oh, No)/Making Love In The Pew
1997 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Emotional Discipline (CD Scat) (Franklin Bruno, Peter Hughes, Kyle Brodie, Joey Burns and Michael Neelon) Go To Waste/Up With Upland/K For Karnival/Let's Kiss/Foundation Slips/Few/Or Do They?/Swivelchair/Blooming, Buzzing/El Nino/Big Pink Heart/Missed The Point/Undeserving/Sorely Tempted/Lab Rat Blues/Going To Fontana/Another Child Bride/After The Housewarming/Love To The Third Power/Anti-Nomination/(Untitled)
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS In Release City (K7 Slowball) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Wiser Heads
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Second Semi-Annual Report (CD Scat) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Nightshirt
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS I've Got It Now... A Popfest Compilation (K7 Shelflife) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE (COCO PELLI) Wipe Your Hands
1998 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE The Monte Carlo Method (CD Scat) (Franklin Bruno, Peter Hughes, Kyle Brodie and Michael Neelon) Willingness/Shameproof Flirt/Collage Elements/Modern Again/Explorer Scout/Cathexis/Niacin/2nd Class Citizen/Spent/Developer's Dream/I Should Be With You/Growth Spurt/Off The Face
1998   NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Growth Spurt (Neelon Mix) (7" Scat, Included with vinyl pressing of The Monte Carlo Method) (Franklin Bruno, Peter Hughes, Kyle Brodie and Michael Neelon) Growth Spurt (Neelon Mix)/Centerfold
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS We Can Still Be Friends (Magic Marker) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Who's Landing In My Hangar?
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Object Lessons: Songs About Products (CD Inconspicuous Records) (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie and Peter Hughes) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Miracle Thaw
1999 DISKOTHI-Q The Football Albums National Conference (CD Sonic Enemy) (Peter Hughes, Kevin Hughes and Kevin Trapp) Saints/Rams/Falcons/Panthers/49ers/Bears/Buccaneers/Lions/Packers/Vikings /Eagles/Cowboys/Redskins/Cardinals/Giants/Los Angeles
1999 DISKOTHI-Q The Football Albums American Conference (CD Sonic Enemy) (Peter Hughes, Kevin Hughes and Kevin Trapp)Bills/Jets/Dolphins/Colts/Patriots/Jaguars/Ravens/Titans (Oilers)/Bengals/Steelers/Browns/Raiders/Chargers/Seahawks/Chiefs/Broncos.
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs For The Brokenhearted (CD Gluey Factory Records) DISKOTHI-Q Bitter Muse
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Gold Kiss Gala: I'll Wed You (CD Dark Beloved Cloud) NOTHING PAINTED BLUE The Steak Place
2005 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Taste The Flavor (CD Shrimper) (Franklin Bruno, Peter Hughes and Kyle Brodie) One Who Fell/(Jessica's Got A) Ropeburn/Cornstarch/Longer Leash/Back in Town/Self-Contained/Take Your Own Advice/Striver/Emphasis/Human Shield/Dry Spell/Swansong
2012 THE HUMAN HEARTS Art Books (7" Fayettenam) (Franklin Bruno, Matt Houser, Peter Hughes and Felipe Flores)Art Books/The Last Words Of Her Lover
2012 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Transcendental Youth (LP Merge) (John Darnielle, Jon Wurster, Peter Hughes)Amy Aka Spent Gladiator 1/Lakeside View Apartments Suite/Cry For Judas/Harlem Roulette/White Cedar/Until I Am Whole/Night Light/The Diaz Brothers/Counterfeit Florida Plates/In Memory Of Satan/Spent Gladiator 2/Transcendental Youth
2015 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Beat The Champ (2LP + 12" Merge Records) (John Darnielle, Jon Wurster, Peter Hughes)Southwestern Territory/The Legend Of Chavo Guerrero/Foreign Object/Animal Mask/Choked Out/Heel Turn 2/Fire Editorial/Stabbed To Death Outside San Juan/Werewolf Gimmick/Luna/Unmasked!/The Ballad Of Bull Ramos/Hair Match/Blood Capsules/Dub Capsules