Circle Brothers

This is an attempt to create a complete Circle Brothers discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

    Never Thought Of Her Afterwards (K7 Ennui)  
1999 Seesaw (K7 Morc Tapes) Multipoint/Railroad/Bird Issue/Love Is A Battlefield/Wishing Snowboots/Ex-Poet/Seesaw/Dead Squirrel/The Wedding/Barm/Birth In The Pool/He Knew Better Times/Sub-Human/Right Track
2000 Bitter Dream (K7 Morc Tapes)Pink Blush/Temporary Size/Bitter Souvenir/Can't Come/I Love You Annelies/Notalab Ekal/Dijon/Dreams At First/Dys-Solution/Evermodus/Sabbath Of The Concorde/Hold Back Your Tears/1-4/Orange Blush

ZENT ONE/CIRCLE BROTHERS Split (12" Morc Tapes/Almost Halloween Time)

ZENT ONE Iris/Anaesthetize/Dressed In Lies/Falling Lights/Long Island/How It Disappeared/CIRCLE BROTHERS No Afternoon Paper/Dolly My Dear/When You Sleep/In Case You Have Breakfast/This Time/It Took Me A Year

CIRCLE BROTHERS/KARINA ESP Karina ESP/Circle Brothers (10" Morc Tapes)

2005   Songs From An Old Harbor (CDR Evelyn Records)Queen Of The Ducks/Split Us/Battle Of 1875/A Small Question/I Haven't Seen My Freund For A Long Time/Yellow Makes People Happy/Bmx Effort
2006 The Dream Ends When The Phone Rings (K7 Morc Tapes)I Could Cry On Demand/Old Flame/For Lunch/Sammy Moreels Never Was Much Of A Climber/Hoei
2008 KARINA ESP/CIRCLE BROS/DREKKA Hibernation (10" Morc Tapes)1346/278
2010 Haven (LP Morc Tapes)No Turning Back/Sure/Your Sound/Sure 2/Unlikely/Waiting Is Not Killing Time
2016 Rust (LP Three:Four Records)Insurance Policies/Detroit/Bath/Cobblestones/Breadcrumbs/Devastated/Ever Onward/Balance
2018 Molen (LP Three:Four Records)Shareholder/Art Deco/First Steps/Rotate/Blew/Down The Staircase/Self Inflicted
2019 MATT CHRISTENSEN/CIRCLE BROS Split (LP Morc Tapes)MATT CHRISTENSEN Driving At Night (Part 4)/CIRCLE BROS Work, Sleep, Repeat/Repeat, Repeat, Repeat


2010 You'll Be Missed (3" CDR Orphanology) Lossless/Restless/Homeless/Soundless/Thoughtless
2013 ANNELIES MONSERÉ/CIRCLE BROS Annelies Monseré/Circle Bros (7" Morc Tapes) ANNELIES MONSERÉ Remedy/CIRCLE BROS Big Fish/Blue Carpet
2019 CIRCLE BROS/KARINA ESP Fragment Series 2 (7" Lathe Cut Trome) CIRCLE BROS Frozen Lakes/Peaks/KARINA ESP Time Is Suspended


    Weemoed Met Verbrand (K7 Imvated)Birdy On The Rooftop
    Bad Machines (CDR Sally And Kev Records) 
    100 % Redneck (K7 Kaw Tapes) 
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Morc Compilation (K7 Morc Tapes)A Photographer's Index/Sub-Human
  VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation Vol. 3 K7 Seesaw
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Card Carrying Supporters Of Romance (CD Morc Tapes/Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)1 AM Something, I'm Sorry