Karina Esp

This is an attempt to create a complete Karina Esp discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

2004 Extra Sensory Projections (K7 Morc Tapes)Fields/Birdsong/Sunlight III/Setting (Wider Version)/Astral Emissions/Lines, Circles And Arcs/Dusk1/Aeres/Fieldsong

CIRCLE BROTHERS/KARINA ESP Karina ESP/Circle Brothers (10" Morc Tapes)

2008 KARINA ESP/CIRCLE BROS/DREKKA Hibernation (10" Morc Tapes)1346/278
2012 Detachment (CD Morc Tapes)Distant Light (1)/Disconnection/All The Years Have Fallen Away/Dislocation/Slow Return
2016 A Still From The Film (LP Morc Tapes)Low Red Room (1)/Close Your Eyes/Low Red Room (2)/Distant Light (2)





VARIOUS ARTISTS Rose Pearl (K7 Bliss)

    VARIOUS ARTISTS Bliss Volume Eighty-Eight (K7 Bliss)