Annelies Monseré

This is an attempt to create a complete Annelies Monseré discography.
See also Zent One.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2001 Annelies Monseré (K7 Almost Halloween Time Records)Gliss/Over/Gleam/Missing/Sleep/Down/Words/Voyage/Building Song
2005 Helder (CD Bluesanct)We'll Dance/You Were On My side (Melodica)/Sarah/Midnight/These Streets/Here/This Quiet Room/Cold Night/Early Rising/You Were On My Side ('cello)/Voices/Wet
2005 7 (8" Morc Tapes/CD Orphanlogy) 7/Another Morning/In Love/Shine/Rue De La Croix/Small Year/One Summer Night
2009 Marit (CD Auetic)We Left Home/Common Ground/September/I Will Lock You/Coda/Have You Heard?/7/I Might Never See/Will You Be Found?/Can't/Like Yesterday/This Is Home
2016 Debris (LP Morc Tapes)Wake III/Are You Going To Leave Me?/Blind-Light/Traces/Sun/Wake IV/Strangers
2018 Happiness Is Within Sight (LP Stroom)You're On Your Own/Hold Music I/Happiness Is Within Sight/Your Bones, Your Skin/The Light Draws Near/Abandonment/Hold Music II/Your Future Was Planned/Untied


2007   Verjaardag (3" CDR Bluesanct) Live Yesterday (Drekka Mix)/Into The Sun (Drekka Mix)/I Will Lock You (4K Mix)/Live Yesterday (Cello Return)
2008 JESSICA BAILIFF & ANNELIES MONSERÉ Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monseré Ep (CDS Morc Tapes) Common Ground/Let Time Breathe/Like Yesterday/Shadow
2008 Somewhere Someone (7" Morc Tapes)Somewhere Someone/Tree/A Solitude/Golden/A Darkness/II
2011 ANNELIES MONSERÉ & RICHARD YOUNGS Three:Four Split Series Volume 3 (10" Three:Four Records) ANNELIESÉ MONSER Sand (melodica)/Sand (guitar)/Sand (piano)/Sand (cello)/Sand (organ)/RICHARD YOUNGS Be Brave, This World
2012 Nest (10" Morc Tapes)All Things Are Quite Silent I/New Home/The Light/Overrated/All Things Are Quite Silent II
2013 ANNELIES MONSERÉ/CIRCLE BROS Annelies Monseré/Circle Bros (7" Morc Tapes) ANNELIES MONSERÉ Remedy/CIRCLE BROS Big Fish/Blue Carpet


2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Bluesanct Mixtape (CD Bluesanct)These Streets
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Bluesanct Presents: Twelve-Foot Wizé - A Day2 Alliance Compilation (CD Bluesanct) Shining Road