Restaurnaut – When The Hue Was More – CS


AHT 034 – Limited Edition of 31 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.


Track Listing

1. Loose Screw
2. The Little Man
3. Registered Vampire
4. Ghost Stories
5. Spittoon
6. Pin Missle


File Me Under: Vampire – We named ourselves Almost Halloween Time Records but we haven’t released yet any album dedicated to this special day we all love. October is far, we don’t care… Restaurnaut’s debut tape on AHT comes out today. So wear your scary masks and go and ask your neighbours for candies. 6 songs about halloween, vampires and evil monsters. All the sleeves are handdrawn and they will scary you to the bones. We draw sleeves on request, so please order your tape now. This is limited to fifty copies.

released July 27, 2013

Recorded Halloween time, 2012, using ukulele, a drum machine, 2 keyboards, a rain noise machine, a voice, a tiny microphone, a regular sized microphone, an amp, cassettes, an auxillary cable, a dell laptop featured in some episodes of the X-files, and Audacity. All sounds written and produced by Restaurnaut, with the exception of the background track in track 4, “Ghost Stories”. These sounds are from a home tape I found at the Goodwill.

Additional information

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