Charlie McAlister/Furniture Huschle – Umpo Scuzzi/Convicinio – CS


AHT 027 – Limited Edition of 50 copies with individually designed and hand drawn sleeves.

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Track Listing

1. Charlie Mcalister – Umpo Scuzzi
2. Charlie Mcalister – Jeromeo Coaxum
3. Charlie Mcalister – Let’s Dig Up Carter
4. Charlie Mcalister – Health & Vitality 5. Charlie Mcalister – Failed Trip To Naples
6. Charlie Mcalister – I Tried & You Failed
7. Charlie Mcalister – It’s Shiraz!
8. Furniture Huschle – Animal Law
9. Furniture Huschle – Sodium Benzoate
10. Furniture Huschle – Uloric
11. Furniture Huschle – Convicinio
12. Furniture Huschle – Black Mold
13. Furniture Huschle – Lunar Caustic
14. Furniture Huschle – Uniformed Thugs


I can’t resist, this is another preview of an album that is coming out on Almost Halloween Time Records in the next few weeks. Long announced, long awaited “Convicinio/Umpo Scuzzi” by Furniture Huschle and Charlie McAlister. It is a great pleasure to release something by two of my favourite artists that have released so many great tapes on Shrimper, Flannel Banjo, Hut Boy, Car in Car Disco Products. “Convicinio/Umpo Scuzzi” or the italian album as this was conceived in my country. Convicinio is a mysterious and fascinating place we have in Matera, Charlie sings about a failed trip to Italy on one of his songs and Umpo Scuzzi is supposed to mean something in my language. This is a split LP, one side by Furniture Huschle, the other by Charlie McAlister. Sleeves are going to be views of the city of matera, pompei, naples… about one hundred and ten copies only. You can preorder your copy now or wait until this one is out… three weeks?

released April 11, 2013

Side A by Charlie Mcalister

Celie – horns,bass & vocals on I Tried & You Failed
Rebecca – vocals,drums,violin,casio
Charlie – vocals,guitars,banjo,drums,tapes

recorded on reel to reel 8 track summer of 2012 in Mclellanville,SC

Side B by Furniture Huschle

All tracks written, composed, and recorded by Joel Huschle and Skott Rusch 2012

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