This is an attempt to create a complete Vegasp/Shelter discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

02 WONDERBOY Wonderboy K7 They Only Seem Capable Overseas/Next Vegas Episode/Who Tie Is Attention/Making The Copy 10/No More-Shoes/Summer Vegas/Mansized Action/Drunk Rock Legends/Mudpie Two
03   VARIOUS ARTISTS Homegrown  
04   BARRACUDA - “my motor shes for racing”  
05 CORVALIS My Shoes On Wrong K7 Will You Show Up For The Court Dates/Broken Ankles/Last Night I Was A King/My Progress Is Still/Baby Take Off Your Shoes/Breathing Again/Corvalis/Well Enough Alone
07   LUCKY PENNY Live String Guitar  
08   BASIL AND MOON - “save some for tiger”  
09   WONDERBOY - “untitled”  
10   VOTE ROBOT Vote Robot K7* You Look Beautiful/Here Comes Sunset/Back For You/Please Come Home/Scepana/The Fact They Spent/Take Your Bells Off/Highlandloosing/Dance
11   FILLER - “s/t” (parts 1 and 2)  
12   FILLER - “s/t” (parts 1 and 2)  
VP001   VOTE ROBOT R.U.R. LP (corelease with Catsup Plate)Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
VP003   FRENCH PADDLEBOAT Conversions In Metric LP The Market's Price/Signal That Opens Gates/Southern Dakota/My Robots Love To Dance/Parcels To Sea/Tandau Coupe/Goods Sett & Type/What It Means To Stay Awake/Meet An American In Paris
VP004   VOTE ROBOT Versions LPUntitled (Vote Robot Remix)/Untitled (Yacka Tundra Remix)/Untitled (Climax Golden Twins Remix)/Untitled (Vote Robot Remix)/Untitled (Nova Scotias Remix)/Untitled (Vote Robot Remix)/Untitled (Will Simmons Remix)/Untitled (Corvalis Remix)/Untitled (Ralph Haxton Remix)/Untitled (French Paddleboat Remix)/Untitled (Dasbild Remix)/Untitled (Vote Robot Remix)/Untitled (Joe Bloggs Remix)