Seagull Tapes

This is an attempt to create a complete Seagull Tapes discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

03   VOOST VISZT Falling Down Will Get You There K7  
04 MANCINI'S ANGELS Fuck Andrew Lloyd Webber K7 All She Needs/Why Are You Content/Better Pop Than Poop/With Your Mental/That Book Would Break The Heart/When It Rains.../I Am Marcello/Battered And Bruised/Limitations?/T.V. Action Theme/On Your Hail/Souped Up, Twisting, Sook-hop/Mancini Angel's Theme/Fuck ALW/Wildly Romatic Buzz Of Self-Esteem/Desert Rat/Limited Image II/Dreams Lay In Mud/Drunken Poet/Nice Guys Need Loving Too/Better Poop Than Pop/Nice Guys Just Die All The Time/Reality Is The Hell You create/I've Made Mistakes Before/Tell Me How I Feel
05 L. E. METHE Days Of Wine And Proust K7 The Days Of Wine And Proust I/A Strange Visitor/The Ghost Of Bacchus/Combray Revisited/I Descend Into Nightmare/Place-Names/Pedestals And Pillars/Understanding Hurricane You/Beneath The Wheel/The Days Of Wine And Proust II/Quickened Breath
06 MANCINI'S ANGELS Lite Sounds K7 Princess Angela's Theme/As The Calander Disappears/We Used To Read In Bed/Saying Goodbye To Young Love/Some Words Still Linger/The Wildest Strawberries/The Frog and Me/A Contrast In Seasons/Lilac And Beloved/What I Did Today/As I grow Older/Sebastian
07   NATURALISTE Exhale/Vomit K7  
08   SISTRUM Tinnery K7  
09   DAS TORPEDOES The Russian Submarine K7  
11 SIMON JOYNER Verbal Objects K7 When Will The Sun Rise Again?/Grapefruit/Parachute/747/Obituary/Target/Catherine/You Don't Have To Love Me/Joy Division/Obituary
12   ARNOUX The Citizen K7  
13   KID ICARUS Junk K7  
14 ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE Ernesto Diaz Infante K7 [10.31.01]/[11.01.01]
16   EDWARD RUCHALSKI Radio Journal K7  
17   VERTICAL POOL Vertical Pool K7  
18 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sounds For Collector Scum K7 EDWARD RUCHALSKI Nohl Mix: Study #1/CARLOS GIFFONI Cheap Electro/CHEYNTARA Blurbing/ARNOUX Apparition/NEW FAGGOT CUNTS Meat Kerchief/ANDERS OSTBERG Spar (Excerpt)/THE MOUSTACHEPROJEKT Keine Seemowestache/LEV ZHURBIN Just...In General/ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE The Long Road To Royalty/INDUSTRIA MASOQUISTA Cut Bodies/SISTRUM Sawyer's Lawyer/NOUMENA Acetism And Modernization/LOKI Media Vita/ED ROONEY Sometimes I Can't Cough It Up/BRIAN POLONCIC April Thunderstorms In Nebraska/FANTAZIUS MALLARE Everything I Know I Learned From Watching My Brain Dissolve/THE SB Blue Notes/NATURALISTE Spellbound/HONEYMUZZLE SS/GEFÄHRLICHES MÄDCHEN Reflecting On Small Scale Depression/SISTRUM The Dhrive/THE NETHER-CAROLS Orbicularis Oculi/FSLUX Pie/SMNA Nhowye/MAGWHEELS Kll/PHILL NIBLOCK Dyrdh/MCMS Music For Cutting Out Cdr Inserts/BUTTERCREAM Barbra Weathers/TWILL Tel Aviv Beachfront Disco/TONI DIMITROV Sound 01/ROSE FOR BOHDAN Bombs/MAMMAL Alan Trammal/ASHRAE FAX Med-Moy/ABSCESS OPULENT Untitled/ARNOUX La Bete Humaine/DAS TORPEDOES Wine Glass Tone
23   FRANK PECK Songs For A Bar K7  
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Sounds For Collector Scum 2xK7  
  BUZZSAW & THE SHAVINGS The Bravo Finder K7 (Corelease with Unread) Untitled/Untitled
    BUZZSAW Reginald Croquet K7