Road Cone

This is an attempt to create a complete Juggernaut discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Tarantistic Seed Plot Of A World To Come 7" DANIEL MENCHE Kum/LOREN MAZZACANE Night Through/JUNKET Flounder/BUGSKULL Lewis/HAZEL Shag Rug/REFRIGERATOR Fan Club Information
002 BÜGSKÜLL Fences 7" Fences/Stiff As A Board
003 JUNKET Everclear 7" Everclear/Snub/Bad Wheels
004 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cantankerous Jack Lord Feeder Operation K7 HORSEY Provider/REFRIGERATOR Running Along/SPEED BUMPS Impending/NEW BAD THINGS Forecast/LOREN MAZZACANE Out Alone/BLAH BLAH BLAH American Tourist 1 & 2/SHOEFACE The Longest Day/PLASTIC HORN DEVIL Aging Slab/JUPITERIA Talk Like Kids/BUGSKULL It's Gonna Be Pretty Angular/PASTE Shell Oil/JUNKET Four Minutes Too Long
005   LOREN MAZZACANE Mother & Son 7"  
006 SHOEFACE Long Time For You 7" (corelease with Fartblossom Enterprizes and Juggernaut) Long Time For You/Faraway Place
007 BÜGSKÜLL Phantasies And Senseitions CD/LP (last four tracks only on the CD version)Intro/Shorty/Opening Theme/Inhuman/Elfin Majic/Recoder/Old Towne/Concave Life/Long Corridor #6/Almost Blue/Seguara/Big Ronnie/Sit On This/Concrete Boots/Olympic/Death Valley '94/Choosegase/Space
008   LOREN MAZZACANE Moonyean CD Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
009 JOHN DAVIS/SANDRA BELL Instress Vol. 1 7" JOHN DAVIS River Boat/Into The Sunset/Over Nothing/6 Shooters & Canyons/SANDRA BELL Red Leaves
010   THURSTON MOORE/LOREN MAZZACANE CONNORS Instress Volume 2 7" THURSTON MOORE Just Tell Her That I Really Like Her/LOREN MAZZACANE CONNORS Deirdre Of The Sorrows
011 CAPITAL EYE/CALIFORNIA Instress Volume 3 7" CAPITAL EYE Subplot/CALIFORNIA Ravishol Pulsar/C.F.F.
012   ALAN LICHT & LOREN MAZZACANE CONNORS Two Nights CD Live At The Alterknit/Live At Other Music
013 JUNKET SF. Claremont Hi CD Flounder/Pile/6AM/That's What You Always Say/Satan Creme Love/Nascent B.C./(Untitled)/Everclear/Four Minutes Too Long/Snub/Tiresome/Happy Happy Fun/Hellraiser XVII/Bad Wheels/The Biggest Liar/Junket
014   SUZANNE LANGILLE/DAVID THOLFSEN Instress Volume 4 7" SUZANNE LANGILLE Strong And Foolish Heart/DAVID THOLFSEN Hold The Sea/Cheerful
015 THE AZUSA PLANE/LAB RAT Instress Vol. 5 7" THE AZUSA PLANE Hal/LAB RAT Que Por Bien No Venga
017 IRVING KLAW TRIO Utek Pahto Mogol CD Jizzo The Clown/Cubano Saucer/Utek Pahtoo Mogoi/Earn It/Starfailure/Dr. S. Balachander/Honduran Death Boat/Theme De Yo-Yo/Choice Rejoice
022   HOCKENHEIT I Love You CD Ritual Nacirema/Help Me/Help You/Pios Bori? (Who Can Tell?)/Smokin' The Astronaut/Frightening Diaspora, Drifting Cranes/Fuzzy Rumble Face/I Love You/Domestic Peace/A Roomful Of Sun
028   HOCKENHEIT Omu4h 4aholab/400 Boys CD Seen/Two Fish Kissing/To Be Born Drunk And Die Dreaming/Give Them To The Ants/400 Boys/Please Turn Out The Sun