Plastic Duck

This is an attempt to create a complete Plastic Duck discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

001   THE HABITRAILS s/t K7  
PDR1 NOGGIN Some Live K7 Dedicated To Jackass Thompson/And Then Suddenly We Notice How Observant We Are!/I Would Never Want To Eat Anything That Didn't Give Up It's Life For Me/If You Don't Listen You Could At Least Watch/Untitled/Fucked Folk
PDR3 VARIOUS ARTISTS Compilation Shmompilation K7 YAK BRIGADE Stir The Bean Thread/SPORK STIGMATA Preoccupied/FEZDAK WATER AND ARRINGTON Route 80/V.MAP Collapsing Like A Wet Umbrella In Your Hand/KID JUPITER Circumstance/CHARLIE MCALISTER Esp From Space/MIRAH I'm My Own Best Friend/NOGGIN You Don't Blow Into This One/JASON MORPHEW Bring Your Sorrow Over Here/BRAMBLERAM Mangle/WOOD PANELING Drunken Japanese Fishing Vessle/SUPER DUO Bicycle/JASON O'D TRAEGER If I Listened To Reason/DEMON ATTACK Deep Room/HARPIN' W/COREY Kool Breeze/CHARLIE MCALISTER Pink Ice Cream/EARLY MORNING INITIALS Campground Opiate/ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO Smithfield Jews Harp Improv. No. 1/CUPPA' JOE Back To The Evergreens/MARTIN WAY Remembering Frank Corder/MIRAH Aftermath

SUPER DUO When You Don't Know What To Say, Just Say I Love You K7




CHARLIE MCALISTER Sardine In Bastard Suit K7

Sardine/Hollowed-Out Man/Another Scam/The Stucco/Last Ride-Wine & Rice/Night Of Rain & Green Suede/I Whistled A Tune/I'll Still Exist/Sam Houston Land/Stock Market Scam Goes Wrong/Sardine Collage/No Nude/Donkey Hair #1/Donkey Hair #2/It's Time To Go To Sleep/1-2 Sousa Frolick/The Duke/De-Mockracy/Ill-Fated Day/Automatismiccatclid/We Will Sail Again/Time Flying/After The Parade/Oriental Pts.1.2.3/I Am What I Ate/Wine & Snakes/Casting The Movie/Nancy Beth/Last Of The Mtn. Birds/Something In His Horn/Walk Away/Player De Mad De Mer/Subcountry #1/Romney St. Twist