This is an attempt to create a complete Meggapecka discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

001 C. MCALISTER & SINGING SANDBAR Imminent Departure K7Junior Catholic Man/Gone On And Did It/Amy Torres/The Sink Hole/Ha Ha He He He He/Let Em Have It/Imminent Departure/Grease/Jenny/Field Guide/Infields Christmas/Sand/The Hand/Look How Cute I Am/The Forbidden Fruit Stand/Saudi Arabian Island/Davy Attenborro/Your Job Is Crap/Proposed Return/Spanish Air
002 FURNITURE HUSCHLE I Am A Bird Of Change K7Bird Of Change/Win Your Pussy/Evening Of Elective Surgery/Something Of Myself/Beauty Drain/HBY/Severity Of Illness Comparison Chart P 32/Find My Feet/Don't Chew Gum/Born Bad/We Don't Remember What We Know/Friends With Men/The Ring Bus System/Commitment Ceremony IV/The Mirror Test/Lollipop Stick/Guilty As Charged/Oozah Ooza
003 CALEB FRAID Bizarre Stomach Disease K7Don't Put Oil On My Creak/The Shape Of Things To Come (Free Mega Jug With Feast)/Storm Forming/Night Drive/Georgia Turtle/L & R/The Facts Of The Case (Lack Of Evidence Version)/Shifting Sidewalks/Triumphant Human (Give Up Mix)/Never Giving Up/Broken Compass/Dirth Birth/Fresh Clean Clothes/Beaumont/Hawaiian Storms (For Scarpet, May They Be Able To Weather What Comes Their Way)