Kerchow Records

This is an attempt to create a complete Kerchow discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

001 FLOOR PLAN Giantess EP K7 Giantess/Rapscallion/Hallower
002 PASTOR DAD I'm The Pastor, You're The Dad K7Small Fingerz/Barely Out The Gate/Cut The Ties/Sunday
003 NIILO SMEDS Helicopter Circles K7 (Corelease with Coat Track) Summer Air/Animal/I Don't Need You/D.S.O.T.B./Dreaming/What/Windows/Hand Of The Reaper/Shining/High Winds/Turning
004 VARIOUS ARTISTS Friendcore Compilation I: Friendcore Til' The Encore K7 DOVVES Bones/SCI-FI CAPER Broken Sleep/TYRANNOSAURUS ZEBRA Pinhead/WALLFLOWER Burn/NEEDY EEVY Ubierek/MURDER PARK Speaking In Cursive/SANTA MIRA RAWR/MANTIS WATCH Once Upon A Werewolf/I DO NOT EXIST Toiled/THE BABBLING CROOKS Problem (live)/FATTY CAKES Pizza Girlfriend/I KILL CAMERON Tortoise Shell Hell/WEREBEAR Night of the Wearbear/CABIN FIRE Indiana/LOVER BOY To Be This Way/RESTAURNAUT Randy Raccoon/STRAWBERRY JAM Constellations/THE P.I.T.S. Changing Hearts/TWO CURRENTS Why I Roam/STILL STOKED Still Stoked
005   PASSION BUCKET Passion Bucket K7 Old Bike & A 40/The Kitty's Potty Dance/Basque Song/Jimmy Carter's Jams/Babies/Push It
006 RESTAURNAUT When The Hue Was More K7 (Corelease with Stagnant Fjord) Loose Screw/The Little Man/Registered Vampire/Ghost Stories/Spittoon/Pin Missle
007   M A T H Odes K7 I Am Tetsuo/No Weed/Mitchell Henderson's Predicament/Orange Juice/Wcch/=Sweat=/waiting For 12/Kelly/The L Train
008 DANNY LANGO Lango K7 Stone In The River/12 Eyed Wonder/Purple Fire/Girl Of The Unknown/Brass Tacks/Taking My Time With You
009 RESTAURNAUT FAHF2 (K7 Kerchow) Neighbor Pt. II/Don't Feel Lonely Like The Rest/Into The Star World (Once More)/Fangs/Arrow
011   MIDWEST MOMS Midwest Moms K7 Home/Waning/The Void
012 MONOGAMY Nubile Bile K7 Prom Scene/Refusing My Flesh/I'll Spill His Blood/Touch Of Gray/Chlamydia/Dried In The Rain/Wallpaper/In Dreams You're Nude
013 VARIOUS ARTISTS One Dollar Holler K7 TABOR MOUNTAIN, PATRICK TABOR, CREEPY MARBLES Ground/NAPA NUI WARSHIP BAND Emoji Manuscript/BLAKE JONES Dollar Song/SHIVERING WINDOW Sex In A Butcher Shop/USE THE BOOST! Lost Dutchman's Goldmine/TROUBLED BY INSECTS grins/BEDCRUMBS Smokerman/DJ FUZZY VIKING Tax Angst/HAVING HAD DONE Superintendent/MONOGAMY White Lighter/FAUVES Bed Bugs/STARS ARE INSANE Too Close/MANIACAL DRYHEAVE Three Dots/SUPERBOOK Swim Club/311!0+ I'll Keep Fighting/MURDER PARK 3rd Stone Standalone (1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2...)/PET ROCK Ancient Tomorrow's/DIANA REGAN La Media Vuelta/FILE ISLAND Ciao/GUITAR WIZARDS OF THE FUTURE 7-11/NICOLE KIDMAN Why Don't You/BRIMATE Undome (Twilight)/SATAN'S UKELEG HAIRS Penguins/DANNY LANGO Cigarette Blues/FIELD MEDIC Eccentric Celebrity/NATIVE SON Never To Be The Same/M A T H Dirty Room/ADAM BALBO A Dollar's Worth/DAMARIS PAZ Broke As A Joke/SUZY'S DEAD Treat Me Well/AUSTIN SMITH Stuck Sleeping/PINK CHRYSALIS Doris Day/ED ROONEY Acid Burns
014 PROTO NOVA Modern Rennisance Man K7 Lingerie/I'll Dance Tonight/Beautiful Person/I Want To Believe/Watch Me Move
015 RESTAURNAUT Cram K7 Cram/Award
017 DANNY LANGO When You Are Not Resting K7 Ten Killer/Side By Side/Escape (So We Won't Be Alone)/......./My House Is My Body/Rise Soon/Frio/So Many/Where I'd Like To Be/Hungry Was I
018 JOHN THILL Gospel Of The Carwash K7 Gospel Of The Carwash/Not A Human Being/Happy City/Broken Keys/Aguacate Trees/Long Drive/The Gospel Of The Carwash/Latticework Of Branches/Naming Day
019 NICOLE KIDMAN Project Sadness K7 Demian/Bone Glitch Altar (Morgue Toad remix)/THE LOWERED He Criez/OLD HACK Plus I'll Be Dead/FILE ISLAND Obsess/MATH Nods To Nothing/CASEY CHISHOLM Life Is What You Make It/Europa Report/MYCROFT HOLMES KMS/HERMIT CONVENTION Thirst For God/SUZY'S DEAD Obsess/SUZY'S DEAD 20 Million Things/RESTAURNAUT Life Really Sucks/Demian II
020 ED ROONEY Serious Blood Pain... And The Wet Brain Blues K7 Wet Brain Blues/***/Piece of Pie #2 / Car Wrecks & Tennis/New Old Blood/We Must Multiply/You Don't Know
021 FILE ISLAND Paleobotany K7 Friends Of Mineral Town/Don'tBDown (Skins Song)/Green Eyes/Eggy Toast/Consistently Dropping the Ball #BostonU/Tiny Socks/The Day You Killed Yourself/Prettiest Girl in Brooklyn/Never Knows Best/Shut Up, Let's Spoonboy/Sodapop #Mtn Dew/Failure/RPGeez/Ciao
022 ARKLIGHT Calling Them Out K7 Calling Them Out/Fevered Dream
023 M A T H Glossolalia K7 Garo Robe/Retentive/Perfect/Sins/Strong/Wastin'/Selfish/Dizzy/Demitri/ Impermanent/Nightmares
025 SHIVERING WINDOW Dreaming Of Su Tissue K7 Dreaming of Su Tissue/Outside Bodies/Let's Make the Old School Into Our Castle
026 HAVING HAD DONE Having Had Done K7 Snake's Nest/Marvin Gardens/Secular Song/Male Embarassment/My Husband/Sort Of Outside
027 SAM GAS CAN The Nola Tape K7 Natchez (Intro)/Devil's Breath/Paisdodo/Mr. Okra/Fleur-de-lis/King Cake/Rougarou Dub/Hand Grenade/St. Greg/Farewell Farewell
028 DIRTY LIMBS Blood Operator K7 Think About You/Blood Operator/I Wouldn't Do That/Molitov Cocktail/The Woods/I Got You
029 BOYS AGE Thank You!! Yo La Tengo K7 Maybe, Phantom Laughed Twice/At The Weird World/Thank You!! Yo La Tengo/I Feel Painful And Then Stood Under The Summer Twilight
030 HUMAN BEHAVIOR Leif In Stitches K7 Leif in Stitches
032 SLEEVE Comfort Zones K7 Hag/Comfort Zones/Bogey/Anomie/Townhouse
033 ELECTRICIAN What I Don't Want K7 Glowing Pool Of Light/I'm Dead Weight/From The Dark/You Have Hair In Your Mouth/Every Cop Is A Pile Of Shit/I Felt The Breeze/Heavy Rain And Snow
034 VARIOUS ARTISTS I E-Mailed You An .mp3 - Kerchingle #5 K7 PRIDE OF THE THICKET Kerchow Presents/TROUT FARM 10secondsinHell/KURT ARMSTRONG FAMILY BAND Drive Everywhere/STEPHEN PLUMMER Just A Mess Of Fuckin Noise/DJ FUZZY VIKING California Can-Can/ONE DIRTY APE Cap'n Clown/IRIS Floaters/CASH NEXUS Monkey Angel/SALK. Divine Def/RESTAURNAUT Crows Over Cornfield/BATHROOM EYES Dad's Friend/LIL PDF Lucy Is On Drugs/IZZY DOMINGUEZ SHoRTY No. 2/SATELLITES A Song For The Fellas/NIGHT AUDITOR Momfkr/JOLTHROWER Endurance Shot/MORGUE TOAD Xochipilli/INSTAGON Offering/M(69)N SDSS X/BRIEFS 10secBriefs/LA FLORE INTESTINALE Penislip/NEVERENDING BOYFRIEND Taxes, Taxes, Taxes/GO PILLS I Don't Want To/FURNITURE HUSCHLE Please Be Careful/NIILO SMEDS Curlicue/SEAN PATRICK SULLIVAN Ok.Flac/CHRIS WORTH Not Even Peter Green Era/CENTRE Oncogene/SKYLER GAMBERT Angelhair2/THE DUKE OF NORFOLK Shiver/FRAUSTING Billy Idol Fraud Hotline/ADAM BALBO Jesus Was A Girl In A Track Suit/MC-17 SRY/HARK MOPPUS Ate A Bug/YOUNGER SHOULDER Who-Will-Love-Him/SHIVERING WINDOW Wet Dream On Elm Street/PAUX OEDO City Streets 2047-2/MANETT Found A Seashell/DAD SHORTS C.O.C./ED GRAY Chipper Tailor/WIZARDS OV GARAGE JAZZ Alchemy/SHOJO WINTER Aura/IT COULD ALWAYS BE COLDER Santanico Pandemonium/LESBIAN POETRY Video-1448880283/LOB LOBLOOP 10sec/SNAKE BIT & TONGUE TIED Common Courtesy/VISHINNA Dirty Dog/STRAWBERRY JAM 10 Sec Song Strawberry Jam/MATT E. WALDMAN Strung Out/DINERS Phone, TV, World/CASEY CHISHOLM Flutter/OGIE Supple/RED PONY CLOCK Leave Me Out/ITALO Loop/THE STEREO SOUL MOVEMENT Life Is Tough/PUKU'S PEAK Hermit/FIELD MEDIC B4 We Had A Fair Chance/CALEB FRAID Hi & By/CHERRY BLOSSOM PUPPET Century/ED ROONEY Lay Me
  MANETT Stigma-Style K7 A New View/The Birds (For Paulo)/Treehouse
036 ARKLIGHT/SHEEP BELLA TINE Arklight/Sheep Bella Tine K7 ARKLIGHT Big Ideas/Club Records/Loyal Order Of Noose/Young Lovers/SHEEP BELLA TINE Prominence/Of Hybrid Figures/The Tragic Farces/Of Katchina Dolls/The Self Portrait/Of Nadie
037 FATTY CAKES AND THE PUFF PASTRIES Feminist Gold 2k K7 Grrrl Gang/Feminist Gold 2k/Minimum Rage/Luvrs
038 RESTAURNAUT/WICA INTINA That Too Long Hour Never Dim Enough To Sleep K7 RESTAURNAUT Luckiest Loser/Oblivion/A Perfect Day/Green Mist/You'll Never Be Alone/The Jackalope/Concession Stand Gospel/QR Code/When I'm Gone/WICA INTINA Bismillah/Central Memorial For Rose/Cruel And Thin/Open Wrists With Wit/Legendary Rain/Ballad Of The Victim Of "Amour"/Spirit Vapor Bath (Ftrg. Mee-kah)
039 NIGHT AUDITOR & THE FAM Midnight Cultures K7 Cloudy/Bebe/Wonder By Rowas/The Flames II/Romance (I'm Not Familiar Remix)/The Moon Song/Untitled/Loveslaves/Romance/10-Second Freestyle/I Get Lifted/Knead That Dough/Heart Of Grime
040 TABOR MOUNTAIN Hard Magic K7 Ground/Fallback/Cooperative Male/Head-Heart/I'll Show Them All/On Any Day Of The Fucking Week
041 WIRMS Wirms 2017: Make America Squirm Again K7 Oddball/Don't Wanna Be Right/Big Ol' Hair/Hit That Thing With A Chain/Centronella/Take Me To A Movie/XLR/Luna/Never Late, Never There/Cold Coffee

THE BRUCES Thieves In The Wick (Songs Of Simon Joyner) LP (Corelease with Unread, Grapefruit and Solid Jackson Booksellers)

You Don't Know Me/Sean Foley's Blues/You Got Under My Skin/One For The Catholic Girls/Three Well Aimed Arrows/Flying Dreams/Here Come The Balloons/Disapear From Here

051 THE DEBTS Customer Service (LP Almost Halloween Time/Kerchow/Eastern C) Bohemian Grove/You Are Nothing/Lip Service/John/If Only You Had The Will/Prepping The Whetstone/A Song To Lift The Veil
??? ????????? ???? Mystery Series #??1 K7 Buddy Oh/What's All The Halibalut?/Baby Ghosts Pt. I/Baby Ghosts Pt. II/Jinto Bean/Shit/Me˜x˜ico/Justice Is Swerved
  ED ROONEY Dark Haired Bitch/Give Up Artist 7" Lathe Cut (Corelease with Unread) ------/Amputated Arms/Living Haze: Plastic Bag/Chum Chum Chewing/Lamp, Here, Church/Here Again?/Old Tomb/Taxiedermy/Jamie, Rachel, And All Yas/Get Off Dead (Song For My Dead Wife)