This is an attempt to create a complete Ecto Tapes discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

  BIG CITY ORCHESTRE Our Life In The Bush Of Hate K7 Ecto Tapes Wuthering Heights/All We Ever Look For/Oh, England, My Concrete Block/The Dreaming/Passing through Air/Night Of The Swallow/Feel It/Army Dreamers/Making The Witch/Experiment In/Breathing
ECTO 51 CHARLIE MCALISTER If You See K Tell Him To Fuck Off/Pseudofed And Rum I'm Going To The Beach K7 C. MCALISTER, GEORGE WILLARD, BILLY JOE WINGHEAD Suburbian Beachtown/Exploit Hawaii/Tulsa Landscape #1/Tulsa Landscape #2/Mississippi Luau/My Heart Went Along/I Got More Than Wheels/CHARLIE MCALISTER AND VARIOUS FRIENDS Leroy's Anthem/Roller Coaster/I Came Out To Kansas To Clean Out Your Basement/Hot Voodoo/I'm So Alone/Hot Voodoo/Yes Sir
  TUGBOAT 3001 Beyond The Solar System Beyond The Stars K7 Ecto Tapes Inert Pieces Pt. 5/Surveyor/Splattered/The Systems Trying To Hold Me Down/The Earth Hangeth Upon Nothing/Spaced #1/Mosaic Of Venus/My Alien Freind/Drowned Out/Inert Pieces Pt. 2