Best Kept Secret

This is an attempt to create a complete Best Kept Secret discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

LIE001 SURETOSS Harmless Intentions '94-'97 K7 Harmless Intentions/Low Show/Notice/Leave Him!/Day Things Fell Apart/Low Show (take two)/I'm Not Always So Stupid/Opportunities/Catch As Catch Can/Simple/Awake/One Way/Mostly Harmless/What Are You Hinting At Now?/It Doesn't Matter
LIE002   CRAYOLA SUMMER A Pile Of Stuff K7 The Way That You Laugh/Hey Soo/My Cigarettes/Union Dairy Struggle/Absent Hopeful/Sugarmay/Quite Strange/Kiran's Dollar/Sasqwatch/We're Moping/Un-needed/Massive Headache/The World You Came From/O.K. No Way/Kite/Plum/Ordinary Guy/Sickly/Toying With The Trio
LIE003   WARSER GATE Mirage K7 
LIE004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Broken Bits Of You And Me K7LORD LITTER Broken Heart Time/HINTON Crescent Moon/THE WAITING LIST Startrippers/BOUQUET Dindi/MOONPUMP Obsession With You/GIRLBOY GIRL Hang It Up/CRAYOLA SUMMER Elemental Girl - Song For Kristin/TERRI-B We Are One/THE FLAT BACK 4 That's O.K./M-WAYS Frankie (demo)/TIMO Did We Do It Wrong/TYDERIUM Day To Day/THE CONSPIRACY Tenderhooks (new version)/VINYL BILL Reflection/KITCHEN CYNICS The Rituals/WARSER GATE Daily Mirage/STORMCLOUDS A Single Tear (acoustic)/THIS ELEGANT CHAOS One Man's Domain/DROPKICK If/DREAM BABY DREAM Rain Down/LORD LITTER Out There
LIE005 VINYL BILL Too Lazy To Rock K7Still/No One To Blame/Slow Attack/Jigsaw Guy/Mimosa/Don't Know/Salt Rain/Carpenters Theme/Tiger/Illustrated Boy/Woebegone/Evermore (Part 1)/Evermore (Part 2)/If You're Tired Of Being Patient You're Not Doing It Right
LIE006 TIMO It Was More Than Communication We Lacked K7Yesterday, Today/Dark Days/Confessions Of A Killer/Blind Mask/Sandy/I May Need You Again/Separate Trains/Call It Mine/Covered With Ice/I'll Kill You/Bullets And Maalox/The Chill In Paradise/It All Makes Sense/The Point Of Everything
LIE007 GARY K Hawkin' The Chalk K7Whipped Thermometers/Coated Aspirins/A Burning razor/Her Toffees Are Soap/Laundrettes Of Whiskey/Curtsey Canopy/Use The Fuse/Biscuit Sundial/Permanent Clinders/Day's Behind/Violets On Your Bed/Knot Those Vaults/Seas As A Breeze Is/Lawn For Lawn/Lena's As Loud/Nine's Nearly Gone/All Of Those Columns/Slopes Are This Size/Chasing Braces/Choirs Required/Bees In Other Trees/Hazard Line Figured/The Nettle Will Settle/Sewn Up And Thrown/Crayon Lamp Surround/All But Would/Aimlessly Waiting/Named It The Same
LIE008   TWELFTH HOUSE Twelfth House K7Looking/The Plant/Passive/Let's Pretend/Autumn Song/Grasshopper
LIE009 ORANGE CAKE MIX Red Rose Speedway K7Red Rose Speedway/Without A Trace/Last Wave Home/Chemical Lawn Chair/I'll Be Waiting Here/Dove Is Bird/More Than Friends/Believing In You/Glitter Minute/Love Shines Brighter/Dear iris/Lo-Fi Love/Seashell Motel/Space Medley: Stars Are Calling You-Sidewinder In Space-Exit To Venus-Exit To Venus (Reprise)/Get To Know You/Silver Phoenix/Mayfair Towers/Morning Star/Always Be The One/Lather-Rinse
LIE010 VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation K7PUSH BUTTON Day After Day/STICKER MISTER Looking Out, Looking In/ORANGE CAKE MIX Halls And Windows/A BOY NAMED THOR Agatha Christie/C. BROWNE JR. Love's Coming Home/LINDA SMITH Train Tune/MICHAEL J. BOWMAN Postcard/LETTUCE PREY Six By Six By Six Feet/RAY CARMEN Hello In There/PAUL NINI With Tomorrow/ROBIN O'BRIEN Never Go/K.D. SCHMITZ Wired World/TRENDLENBERG Call On Bombers/GRAM Captain Outrageous/MIKE L* Ultimate Two-Minute Mystery/ROBIN O'BRIEN AND DON CAMPAU Herb Recitation/AZALIA SNAIL The Saint Ain't/BRAIN TRANSFER PROJECT Humble/DENNIS CALLACI Fresh Air/SURETOSS What Are You Hinting At?/PLUNDERSHOP Driving/THE COCKER SPANIELS Brick Wall/THE LACES Black Darts/HOUSEHOLD NAMES The Great American Public/DINO DIMURO Twilight Games/WILL SIMMONS Three Chords In A Blender/KENYATA SULLIVAN And She Whispers
LIE011 VINYL BILL What Lo-Fi K7Ballad Of Bill/Love Is.../Dream Tone/Cowboy Dream/Going Well With You/Midnight Ray (Live)/Sometimes/Waiting For Soda/Pointdexter (Live)/When He Laughed/What You Are/Static/Stories
LIE012 LETTUCE PREY Blood From A Stoner Witch K7Kamloops/Sargasso sea/Blood From A Stoner Witch/Canyon Sunrise/Much Bigger Than Me/Quiet One Eight/Mammoth Steppe/Pick A Pony/Born To/Horses/6x6x6 Feet/Taxonomy/Planet Of The 8's/Mind Garden
LIE013   MOONBABIES Climbing Up These Miles K7June And Novas/This Woman Needs A Doctor/Wash Off/Citywalk/The Pianohammers/Push/Spanish Fork/Four Days/Tiny Little Bones/Happy When Smile/Winter Broken Time/Transit/She Strains Every Nerve/Over My Head/Moonstrip Empire News/We Still Use It In The Wrong Way/Tremolo Arm Sway/Look Alive/I'm Insane But So Are You/Make My Eyes Water/In Our House/Have You Ever Said Goodbye/Climbing Up These Miles/In The Banshees
LIE014   CALIGARI A Full Moon Postcard K7A Full Moon Postcard/Intentions/The Line/It's Out Of My Hands/Blue/Real Life/Ocean/Curtains Going Down/Psyche/Lose All Intimacy/Soma/Up In Smoke/Cast/Resolution #1
LIE015 SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Great Western K7New Dawn/Big Nowhere/Tumbleweed/Serpent Song/Cold Inside/Drag Me/Merchant City Hotel/Sandy/Delta Forever/Lighthouse/Semi Precious/Great Western/In My Bones/Especially The Lights
LIE016   VARIOUS ARTISTS Beware Of The Ricochet K7 
LIE017   VARIOUS ARTISTS Beware Of The Ricochet Volume Two K7 MADMAN'S BUTTERFLY Hear My Call/LONDON FIELDS The Smallest Act Of Love/CAMPO MONDO Enemy/VINYL BILL Back To Back/4TH DIMENSION Songlines/TELL HIM HE'S PELE Some Kind Of Reason/GARFIELDS BIRTHDAY Everything/KIDD DYNAMO New Space/TEN Crossroads/SONGDOG It's Not A Love Thing/XAVIER MONA Silence Explications/GULLIVER Cucumbe/THE VOID Garden Wall/TIM CHAPLIN Janglepop/MURPH Come Back Down/THE LAST TAXI Lost In You/IMMEDIATE Thanks A Lot/TWIGS Divulge/SAN TRANSISTO La Di Da/FRUIT MACHINE Would You Do The Same?/VIOLAFAN No More Tears/CASINO ROYAL This Chilly Land
LIE018   VARIOUS ARTISTS Beware Of The Ricochet Volume Three K7 
LIE019   CLIFF BROWN JR. We Are Stardust K7 
LIE020 A BOY NAMED THOR Scientist Rocket Blues (Old Songs For New Ears) (K7 Small And Strange Ways/South Dakota/Queen And Droid/Fire In The Exits/Skinny star (Head Rush #1)/Fruit Pattern Dresses (Head Rush #2)/Rock-A-Thon/Sleepy Scientist #1/Sleepy Scientist #2
LIE022 THE KITCHEN CYNICS Swearing In Semaphore K7 The Place You Hid/Aye Aye, Well Well/North Of Balmedie, West Of The Waves/Best Kept Secret/Grown Up In Monochrome/Theme For Gwen/A Midsummer Nights?/Mistress Forsyth's Jump/At Villa E. 107/Don't Split On Me/Great Discovery/The Day That Love Turned Green/Hard To Be Happy/The Rituals/On That Hill Again/Tracy E's Love Song
LIE023 VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation Vol. 2 K7 MOONBABIES Umbrella Meets The Sky/LORNA 96/BLUESCREEN Diner/SAUVIE ISLAND MOON ROCKET FACTORY Doppler/SUNSTORM Desert Song/ONQ So Long, Suckers/A BEAUTIFUL MACHINE Breathe In Space/SHARASHKA Enough/MAYUMI Reverberate/SWOONER Let Me Explain
LIE024 VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation Vol. 3 K7 ANTHONY DISTEFANO Nite In Electricity/FULL OF EMPTINESS The Horizon Swims Blue Green Emotional/W-TREM No-One Knows/TEA Satellite/AETHER FLUX (Outside)... A Capo/HAZEL BIONIC Sinquessence/GIRLINKY Once Again/THE HIGH IMPEDANCE Noise Two/DON CAMPAU Ignition Sense/MICHAEL J. HEX Made Of Stone/ACTIVITY SET On This Very Night/KITSET Left Me Wondering/ETA CARINAE Happy Again/AUTOBOT CITY Lane/CIRCLE BROTHERS Seesaw/NEW WAVER Dying Patients
LIE025 JOHN T. BAKER Little Rock Songs K7Nail/Masterpiece/Into The Blue/Telecaster Sex/Six Strings/Air/Dorothy Is A Carhorn/Xilla/Brave New World/Fabio Buys His Madonna/Stratosamba
LIE026   SIMPÁTICO Of Goodbye Kisses K7 Distant City Sleeps/Remote Promise/Speedrun/Straight Boy Crushes/Is It Him You See Tomorrow?/Cloud Photos/Subway/Daybreak/Colour Of Dawn/Winter Frame/Sea Story/A School Boy/Cameron's Reply/Time Crease/Glasgow, December/Take The Train/Relax/End Of A Movie
LIE027   RIVER Once Upon A Time K7Stories Of Love/Beach Son/Family (Techno Mix)/Suicide/Inside Your Arms/Bye Bye 2/From You To Me/Mary's Street/Tu As Beau/Sometimes/Rainbow/Family (Noisy Mix)/Suddendly/Down/Love/Waiting/25-10-95/Little Girl/Eric's Trip/Ici Ce Soir/A Night With Naomi/A Night With Inès
LIE028   OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN Happy Friend In Frosted City K7 Electrolyte Lamp/Design Department/Electricity, Your Friend/Bernard Sumner/Gratitude Failure/Talent Scout/Past Goodbye Piano/Suicide Common/June Telephone/Sea Vacation/Bec's Favourite Moment/The Partyists/Quartz Watch
LIE029 GARFIELD'S BIRTHDAY Words And Pictures K7 Words And Pictures/Summer In, Summer Out/Peepshow/You And Your Poetry/We Know Your Name/If You Know I'm Dancing/Baby Let Me Drive You Home/Meet The Wife/Evil Jones/Marbles/Last Night I Slept With Your Mother/Cocaine Joe
LIE030   VARIOUS ARTISTS Suspend Your Disbelief K7MOONBABIES Microphone Academy/DANCING MICE Never Sin Again/FLAMING JUNE Round And Round/NOTHING ELSE Beautiful And Lost/BURNING UP WHITE Movie/SQUELCH Gilbert And George/SEROTONIN You're So Abel/MERCURY SPECTRES The Myth Of The Death Of The Myth Of Rock And Roll/RO-ROBOT Four By Four/KRIS NOVAK Tractorbeam Accident/THE STATE OF SAMUEL I Feel/ERNIE DEXTER Willy Roadboy/ROBOT A Question Of Time/HINTON Picture Us Together Somewhere/CARLO MORROCCO Untitled #3/STRIPPED In Space (No One Hears You Scream)/VELOURIA The Summer Comes (Too Late)/SCINTILLA Summer Fun/CATESBY Fantasies/MOCCA What If I Should Fall/MELATONE Coming Down/HUNNYPAL Closed My Eyes/DIMBODIUS Struck By The Sadness Of Love
LIE031 VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation Vol. 4 K7 SWAY Channel/CHUZZLEWIT Long Shadows/ELECTRIC BIRD NOISE Your Sad... Tired... Beautiful Eyes/COASTAL Celesta/ALCOVE Riverside/THE LINGER EFFECT Love With The Proper Stranger/GARLANDS Ancient Music/REMORA Warrenton/KINSKY SPIRAL Traces/SULLY Half Of Once/NECTAR Arabesque/HOVER Yellow Clothes/SHOULD These Days/UNCLETOE'S PORTASOUND A Far Far Better Place
LIE032   VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation Vol. 5 K7BASALT Jade/FOTOMOTO Monster & Belle/HALL MONITOR Small Wonder/99CENT DREAM Columbus Day/TARMAC Several Moons To You/MY VIOLE(N)T EGO Plom/THE REDS, PINKS AND PURPLES All Your Love/THE KNIT SEPARATES The Other Gentleman/HISTORY Life/RIVULETS Medication/BURNSIDE PROJECT If I Think Of Love/HI GOD PEOPLE* VS. HUON Polo Song/PANGS Chronic Flashlight/TIZZY Pushing Positive/THE MITCHELLS Flashlight Hunter/PANGLOSS Taste The Sun/MINES False Sense/THE SKYGREEN LEOPARDS Take Good Care Of Yourself, Sally Orchid
LIE033 HUNNYPAL. Everyone Carries Around Secrets K7The Underground/Cellar-Bar Song/Engagement/Hasta La Victoria Siempre/The Longing/Like I Would Help You Now/Packo/Sweet And Tender/Mail/Other Buses/Ragged/Over My Walls/Gelatine/Things Between/Goodbye/The Lawn/Maybe I Am The Man That Waves Goodbye
LIE035 99 CENT DREAM The Hottest Demo Of the Season - Gretest Hits Vol. 10 K7 Child Of The 70s/Miranda/Julia Stiles' Boyfriend/You Don't Know What I'm Trying/When You Play, Everyone Loves You. When You Stop, You're Alone/All The Guns And Roses Songs We Knew/Your Space/Bury Your Face In The Ground/Crazy/Edge Of Grammercy/Composition 1/Crunch Pillow/Swell/Disco/Transitional Sunshine
LIE036 CHELSEA'S CORNER Two Hundred Words In Snow K7Tears/Every Now And Then/Deceit/Visiting Hours/Water Tower/State Of Mind/Success Stories/A Bowl With Steaming Frustration/Modern Day Fashion/Balance/Father Figure/When I Die
LIE037   TIM CHAPLIN The 22nd Floor K7 
LIE038   PAR AVION A Song A Day K7Ackland Crescent/Child Star/Horrid Burger/By Air/I Don't Want To Be Interesting/Dip The Paddle/Dragon's Blood
LIE039   KAYE Pink Sky At Night K7On A Stone/Princess Of Love/The Rain/Blackbird/Twilight/Release Me/Feel/Blonde/My Dream/Chanson De Nuit
LIE040 KIZZY Rusty Grass And A Green Box K7Deeply/In The Middle/Empty Streets/Deciding/Easy/Knowing/Something For The Woods/Pourquoi/Field/Someone/Crossing My Hands/Risk/Running Away/Sugar
LIE041 WILL SIMMONS Songs For Sore Ears K7Inside The Actors Studio/Major And Minor/Volcano Honeymoon/Youth Flight (It's All Right)/Moan/Pulling Me Out From Above/Speak Easy (In Three Parts)/Tonight (Peace Corps Drug Experience)/Segmentation Fault/Drifting/Swamp Jam/Singing In Cinders/The Lotus Movements/Venus, In All Of Her Phases
LIE042   VINYL BILL Controlled Trucking K7Control Theme 1/Mine Evermore/Salt Rain/Banderas/Cat's Eyes/Blue Dog/Faces/Control Theme 2/Back To Back/Stranged/Make You Smile/Evermore Part Three/Control Theme 3
LIE043   VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation Vol. 6 K7OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN Birth Of Steel/ORANGE CAKE MIX Phoenix Rust/LOVE LETTER BAND Ghost Song/SIMPÁTICO Smalltown Boy Returned/CELLOPHANE SKY Plasticene Towns/LAURENT-TOURE Hold Me Under/PARK Piu Drammatizzazione/CARNIVAL PARK You Fancy/THE FANTASY LIGHTS All About You/IT'S GONNA BE FINE Nothing To The Imagination/VERTICAL POOL Isidor/SURETOSS For You/AIRLINE Disguise/APPLE ORCHARD Wide Awake/TIM CHAPLIN Pale Into Insignificance/HUON Child Pop Fans (live)/SODAJERK Training Wheels/TOURISTER Only Around/PROJECT CABRINI Flying Colors/RIVER German Girl/BOBSY Chelsea Guitar
LIE044 REMORA Some Future's Past K7 Three Rays/To The Sun (4track Version)/2/Dimestore Ballad/Citizen Jane/Altunis/Rail (Msp Version)/Tore/Shut/Drinkin About You/Destroyer/Warrenton (Msp Version)/Monster's Kiss/Yellowjackets/Skelodica
LIE045 THE WHALES Music Should Be Seen And Not Heard K7Adriel, Aged 103/Solaris/Love Theme From The Green Book (Reboot)/We Found It In The Woods/Step Into The 90s/Division Of Sexual Labor/What Day Is It?/PKK Day Everyday/Cloudbusters And Cropdusters/From Behind Trees/Adriel, Aged 1003
LIE046   CLARE Womb Fantasy K7Daze/Distorted Moon/Winged Angel/As You Think/Edge Of The Top/Take Your Time/Here I Am/Fill My Room With Flowers
LIE047   THE LINGER EFFECT Beautiful Machines K7Go!/Love With The Proper Stranger/Latch/Mountains/Sheldrake/Clearview/Midas Redux/Namesake/Journeys End In Lovers Meeting/Sequoia/Bluff Creek/Kitty Is Falling Apart/Radiate/New Wave Now!/Where Words Fail/Happy Memories/Number 12 Looks Just Like You/Shadowbox/Pathways/Stasis/Shatter/Davis/This Open Space/Keir Dullea
LIE048 UNCLETOE'S PORTASOUND Covered K7Keep On Loving You/Elephant Stone/Shadowplay/Shine On/Femme Fatale/These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/Big Saturday/Creep/But Not Tonight/Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)/Candy/Kids Are Alright/She's King/Thru The Flowers/Pure/Taxman
LIE049   NOZOMI I'm In The Overseas K7 
LIE050   GARFIELD'S BIRTHDAY Chrome Jungle (Rarities And Unreleased Tracks) K7 Everything Flows/Breaking Even/Man In A Suitcase/The Boxer/You Should Know Better By Now/Honesty Gets You Nowhere/I Don't Believe In Magic Anymore/God Squad/Last Night I Slept With Your Mother/Mandarin/Better Than Reality/Famous When Dead/New York Mining Disaster/Chelsea Jack
LIE051 MÅNS WIESLANDER CRAWLSPACE Måns Wieslander Crawlspace (K7 Alcomoon/Anniversary/Can You Keep My Promise/Catatonia/Decision Nr. 12/Fromaldehyde/So-So Friend/I Dream For 2/Jet Planes And Mermaids/Kevin Ayers Blues/Listening/Loser's Advice/Losing Me/Nothing Going On/One Of Those Days/Spider Cabin/Sterling/Teenage Laundromat/Tired Of Doing Things/Tornado/Under The Floe/Value Of The Weekend/You're Right About One Thing/You'll Find Out
LIE052 VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation Vol. 7 K7MARINE TIME KEEPERS Paper Moon/SWEET WILLIAM Another Part Of The City/THE CANNANES Dibble/MAGIC CRAYON Scanit/THE CONDIMENTS 4 And 20/DENVER The Prettiest Eyes You Will Ever See/THE FANTASTIC IDEA PROJECT Catastrophic Failure/LACTO-OVO Black And White Cats/ASHTRAY BOY Room 50 At The Fez/JASON SMART Sleeping Sickness/GREG MURRAY Orange Peel/THE SPANISH AMANDA Gael/THE MUNDYS Una Mujer Amabile/TWELVE24 All Too Nice/MORELLA'S FOREST The Sand And The Sea/WHITE TOWN No More Time/THE SHARP THINGS Boy's Club/LINDA SMITH No 2 People/NORTHERN LIGHTS Alias
LIE053   ONQ The Supine Waste K7 
LIE054   SAUVIE ISLAND MOON ROCKET FACTORY Mudpuddle Park K7 Mudpuddle Park/Tabor And Blue/Cathedral Glass/Twelfth & Sandy & Burnside/Oaks' Wheels/The Nap/Airplane Trap/Magicubism/Lower Macleay/Yer Dorky/Lonely-Go-Round/Radiant Relish/Mill End Size
LIE055 MULTISOFA Multisofa K7Suffering And Smiling/Vanishing/Special Indoor Offer/Rachel/Odd Chord/Car Noises And Sleeping Pills/Blame It On Home
LIE056   ALCOVE The Greatest Romance That Never Was K7Thursday Night/Echodream/My Queen/Riverside/4th Of July/Lullaby
LIE057   AND ACADEMY Her And Heart, Hurts K7Red Wine Walls And Silk/Miracle Dare Devil/Zero Plus Zero Plus Zero/100lb Invisible Expose'/Before Once The/Swim Bike/Warmer Dead Cold Bloody Murder Us/Lovers And Daughters/I Heart Break Violins/Barbara Killed Roger/Spin In Snow/We Are Supernatural
LIE058   CHUZZLEWIT Palimpsestial (Unreleased Recordings 1995-1999) K7 Observatory Walk/Narrow Among The Roofs/The Secret World Of Rays/Tunnel Vision/Efficiency/Her Eyes Are The Color Of/Trinkets/Old Cities/Trains That Pass/Travelling Box/In Silver Streets/There's A Space Beside You
LIE059 [MINMAE] A Record About Us K7Kelly In Se/One Of Us Has To Go/Hear Me Out Girls/Circumspect. I Followed It/Preee And Cutting Board/No Lull For Moment Man/Bear Loved Ruiner/That Cloud Over There/Hear Me Out Girls/Girls' Reprise/A Bid For The Future
LIE061   CELLOPHANE SKY Sunset shadows K7 
LIE063   BLURRED IMAGES On The Horizon K7Look Inside/The World Thru A Window/Fly High/In The Night/Outside/Passive And Paralyzed/Sweet Ride/In Dreams
LIE064   SKYWAVE Interference K7All Alone/Walk My Way/Dreamscape/You Left Me A Letter/Baby It's Just You/Space/Don't Say Goodbye/If I Were A Man/Cool Breeze/Heartbreaker/And You Wonder Why/Coming After Me
LIE065 CHELSEA'S CORNER When They Gain, They Fall K7Stopping People/Directed Touring/Motion State/Supertransformation/I'm The Million Dollar Man/Indie Kills/High Places For Burning Differences/Is This Not Clear/Beaten/How Actions Pass: Zero Gone Mad/Stacy/Epilogue/A L'interieur, De L'explosion/Too Many Ghosts/All Done/See Through Face
LIE066   NANOOK OF THE NORTH The Täby Tapes K7 
LIE067   THE ROTATING STARS Captain Santa's Musical Corner K7 Bang! Up To Date With The Spangly Men/Captain Santa's Musical Corner/Cloudgirl/Everything Is Easy/From Moscow To Minterne Magna/Herebemonsters/Heyheyhey/Horn Of Plenty/I Came Around To Tell You/I Saw Sting/I Spy With My Little Eye/Older/She's Got Time To Burn/Ten Foot High/Ten-Seven/West Is Best/When I Was A Monkeyman/Why The Fish Blushed
LIE068   THE SHARP THINGS Here Comes The Sharp Things K7 
LIE069   CABRINI Cabrini K7Una Red/Fearlessly Waiting/He Switch On The/Second Motion/Dramatized/A Perfect Day/Inquieto/Sum It Up/Una Red/Fearlessly Waiting/He Switch On The/Second Motion/Dramatized/A Perfect Day/Inquieto/Sum It Up
LIE070   PANTS YELL! Our Horse Calls K7Theme/The Gate's Open, We're Going In/Ye Old Avant-Garde Girlfriend/Song For Architects/Mic Check/Rou Leed Indeed/Onward, Sailboat/'83 In '03 (For Alan McGee)/Electroclash Is The Noose Around My Neck/Intellectual Approach To Modern Europe/Mixed Media Collage/Don't Feel Bad For Being My Girl/Sarah Vs. Shinkansan/Be Young. Have Fun.
LIE071   UNCLETOE'S PORTASOUND [Sentimental] K7 
LIE072   TYKO Further Transmissions From The Biosphere K7 Summertime Comeback/Kids In The Biosphere/Telstar/Elastic Brain/Saturn 5/Planet One/Floating/Central Image/Environmental Forgery #1/Light Cycle/My Front Lawn Is A Landing Strip/Pills For A Dream/Portrait In Letters/Juniper/Communication Laser #17/Galactic Thing/Weekends Go So Fast/We Still Sigh/Northern Sky/Environmental Forgery #2
LIE073   HOPE CHEST Kite String Romances K7Inhale/Three/Lipstick/Beautiful/Hopeful/Sunset (I Feel Fine)/Good As Gold/Loveless/Peepshow/Exhale
LIE074   GIRLINKY High Kicks Beat Low Punches K7It's The Sugar Rush/Danger Of Death/Let's Have A Fight!/It's The Sugar Rush/Danger Of Death/Let's Have A Fight!
LIE075   GIRLS IN MY POCKET Girls In My Pocket K7We Look At A Shooting Star/Heavenly/Dizzy/December/Northern Star/Hello/Fruit Gum 3/My Blue Star/Carp Metal
LIE076   APPLE ORCHARD Paris Was A Daydream K7(When Everything Is) Safer/Don't Pretend/Midnight Stars And Kisses/A Glance At Sunday/It Took You By Surprise/Scenes From The Sky/Autumn Kiss
LIE077   TEA Everybody's Happy Sometimes (And More) K7Intro/Token Happy Song/6:30 am /Worries Of A Simple Man/Hiding Place/There Are Things/In Yr Room/At The Bottom Of Broadway/Turn Off The World/It's A Good Day/Breathing/Anywhere But Here/Bus People/Harbour Song/Two Weeks/A53 (Northbound)/Don't Ask/An Apology/Slate/We're The Astral Love Police And This Is A Bust/My Love/The Sea/Partial Lighthouse
Heartcrusher/The Things You Say/Training Wheels/Dead-Stopper/There's A Place For You/Let's Make /Extraordinary/Lollipop Legs (Acoustic)/Weekend Make-up
LIE079   AK-MOMO Return To New York K7 
LIE080   HAPPY GO LUCKY The Pet Rescue K7Going Out/Upstate/U Are A Star/Storee/Undone/How Far
LIE081   UNDER SHOOTING STARS Making Pillows Out Of Sweaters K7 Sweater Weather/Heart-Shaped Poems/Smile Again/Every Waking Moment/Clouds Upon Clouds/On The Fringe Of Falling In Love/Untidy Towns
LIE082   THE SHIFTIES The Apartment/Factory Songs K7Tell Me Why/Fat Shirley's/Insomniac/She's Waiting/Your Song/Whelmed/Foot Out The Door/Lonely Christmas/Can't Go On/Instrumental
LIE084   FRIDAY BRIDGE The Lady Julie K7Cherry Cookies/Ce N'est Pas Gentil/The Lady Julie/The Postcard/Les Opérations Délicates/Edward The Hedgehog/I Am In Love With Your Boyfriend, Mary
LIE085   BANK HOLIDAY Turkish Delight K7Translation/Midnight/Happiness Is Being A Family/Turkish Delight/We Have Your Best Interest At Heart/Separation/Sinners In The Hand Of An Angry God
LIE086   THE SORAYAS The Sorayas K7How It Begins/Don't Want To Be Like You/Tomorrow/Perfect Endings/You Decide/Easy Tune/Drag Me Under/All Night/Bothered
LIE087   STOP THE WHEEL Come Through K7The Pianist/Southern Heaven/Annie/Pop Culture Mess/Possibly Maybe/Song For Air/Half Past Three/Emotions Are Pricesless (Alt. Version)/Come Through/Lotus
LIE088   HUGH J AND THE PICNIC In My Hands Like A Snake K7I Never Knew That You Could Be So Sweet/I Miss You, My Dead Friend/Hey Joanna/In My Hand Like A Snake/A Satellite Of Love/Pizzeria Spaghetti House/I Don't Care If You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Oh Evie/I'm Not Really Into Work At All/By The Night Time/Tigershark!/The Horror Of The Heights
LIE089   MIKE FERRARO Forgotten How To Lose K7 
LIE090   SQUARES Squares K7The Deaf One/The Being Strait/Mauseleum/Siebenundzwanzig/I Was Flung Upon The Ground/Oceans And Trees/I'm A Biter Now
LIE091   THE WINTER JETS Five Songs K7 
LIE092   EASTON/GRAPES OF GRAIN Some Valley K7EASTON Write Your Name Down/Liar/Waster/The Clock/Seventeen/Rye (Johnnygoody remix)/Write Your Name Down (Multi-Panel remix)/GRAPES OF GRAIN Depending On The Weather/Gangrene Light/New Shirt/Mayfly/A Little Bit
LIE093   THE HIGHER ELEVATIONS Who's Sleeping K7Compulsive Behaviour (Rough Mix)/Saturday Night Out Agai/In The Night/Your Face Is The Half-Light (Demo)/(Is There) A Killer Inside/All These Winter Nights/There Is A Town (Acoustic)/Fiction (Demo)/Something Holds Me Back/Long Journey (Demo)/Days Like These
LIE094   SCHROEDER'S SONGBOOK Mix Tapes And Mistakes E.P. K7 
LIE095 THE HAIRCUTS Up Up And Away With The Haircuts K7 It's Summer When I Am With You/Life In A Minor Key/Good Times/The Ballad Of Zazor/Sand/Good Times (reprise)
LIE096   THE DANNY SAYS Not Like That K7Not Like That/Confused/Bright Side/Always Back/(If I Had A) Bike/Falling/I Came To Think
LIE097 THE MARCH FOURTH What We Did On Our Summer Vacation Part II K7 Run Me Over/The Last Time I Saw Beth Markowski/Are You Asleep (Cosmonaut version)/Every Easy Thing/Asking For Disaster/Noah/The Sunday Song
LIE098   CLARE Ease K7Words Foil/Wanna Be Alone/Tears/This Life/Does That Answer Your Question?/Far Away/Itchy And Fidgety/If
LIE099   JEAN PILOT The Art Of Falling Down A Mountain K7Birds/When I Try To Speak/Outer Space/Snow Flake/No Time For Inspiration/I Miss The Feeling Of Wet Grass Under My Bare Feet/Drink Some Lime Juice/Talking Ghosts
LIE100   PHOTOBOOK Shimmering Lights Are Pointing Out The Way K7 
LIE101   APPLE ORCHARD Across Haymarket & The Triangle K7 One Of A Kind/Near-Perfect/Across Haymarket & The Triangle/Closer/Postcards/Vapour Trail
LIE102   POCKETBOOKS Priorities K7Priorities/Lessons That I Have Learned/The Stars Of The Plasma Screen/The Ballad Of Cannock Town/Vitamins And Indecision/Asleep 'Till The Door Opens/For The Perfect Party/A Decade Of Priorities/Accepting Sadness Is The First Step
LIE103   AUJOURD'HUI MADAME Les Hommes Modernes K7Les Hommes Savent Pourquoi/Deux Etoiles/Dans La Cuisine/Un Singe En Hiver/Rock 'N' Roll Nerd/Ma Verite/Confessions D'Un Homme Moderne/1972/Le Don Du Ciel/Les Idiots/Tous Les Chemins Menent En Norvege/L'Ivresse
LIE104   LE MAN AVEC LE LUNETTES Breasting The Tape K7Tennis System And Its Stars/The Dogsitter/Our Driver Goes Fast/Venice/Victorian Swimming Pool/Attic/Wimbledon
LIE105   DERELICT CARILLON Pretending To Win K7Gift From Paris/Something Else Behind/While You're Dressing Up/You Aren't, You Wont Be/Something Better Something Fine/Seeing Is Believing
LIE106   THE POSTCARDS At Home With The Postcards K7Altered Oranges/Beautiful Nicole/Heartful Of Sorrow/Stay Home/A Little Appreciation/My Favourite/(I'd Like To Be) Your Friend/I'm Just Happy To Be In Love Again/What Am I Supposed To Do?/I Never Said/Something You've Got
LIE107   SKITTLE ALLEY A Charmingly Perfect Day K7Mistrust/Number Sixteen/Autumn Sky/Meeting/I Stay Always In The Dark/My Devotion For You/Honesty Towards Me/Summer Season/Between March And September
LIE108   THE EARLY MORNING STILLNESS IS BROKEN The Early Morning Stillness Is Broken K7 
LIE109   INCHWORM Tapeworm K7127 Seats/Heavy/The End/127 Seats/Heavy/The End
LIE111   TRANSLATIONS Memories And Daydreams K7 
LIE112   DAVID NEWLYN Hometaping K7 
LIE113   VALENTINE ACADEMY Adam And Steve, Religion Is Fiction/Slow-Fi E.P. K7 The Girl With The Mountain Fox Bag/Glenn Miller's Airplane/Paris '68/Burn Down The University Of Berkeley/Sasha's Summer In The Suburb/You Can Be My Wingman Anytime/Lo-Fi Loneliness/Mike From Glasgow/Pat A Cat/Countryside/Tea/Intellectual Experiment/Golden Dust In Notes
LIE114 ROBERT CHURCH AND THE HOLY COMMUNITY Low At The Disco E.P./The Live Sessions E.P. K7Low At The Disco/Train To Asia/Rabbit On A Roll/Grandma's Gold/Awakening/Me & Zombie/Sleepy Cow/Hold The King/The Takeout/Monkey Parachute/We Will Never Die
LIE115   HAUNTED HOUSE Haunted House K7 
LIE116   REMOTE SOUND The Past Is Frozen - Some Songs K7 Hypocrite/In The Night/Desolation Road/Not Thinking Of You (acoustic)/She's Flying/Not Thinking Of You/Dreams Tomorrow/Autograph (acoustic)
LIE117   BEARS Shortest Day Of The Year K7Those Years/Reason To Cry/Losing My Love/You Can Tell/All I/I Will Sing/My Pain/Wake Up
LIE118   MECHANISM FOR PEOPLE Maladjusted Lines K7 
LIE120   CAMERA SHY Jumping Fences And Cutting Corners K7At Midnight/2:55/Jumping Fences & Cutting Corners/Sun In San Mateo/Other Side Of The Pillow/(I Try To Be A) Romantic Guy/(When Everything Is) Safer
LIE121   NEW YEAR RUSE Backburner Songs K7 
LIE122   LOOKING GLASS Fish Fowl Flood K7 
LIE123   HENRY MORGANS SOLOKARRIÄR Collected Songs 2006 - 2007 K7 A Terrible Start/Notes And Dreams/Lokin/The Good Ones/The Waves/Red Eyes/My New Collection/One Day, Any Day/Faces From My Hometown/Keeping Me Warm
LIE126   CHURRUS Churrus K7 
LIE127   THE CORNERS Mad Man's Vacation K7 
LIE128   TINY MICROPHONE Home K7Inside Your Heart/New York City Lights/We Don't Live Here Anymore/Home/The Loneliest/I Think I Love You/Books/Candy Says/You Disappear
LIE129   NEON BOULEVARD Telling Secrets K7 
LIE130   INALONELYPLACE Distant Echos K7 
LIE131 KOEN PARK Warbled Demos For Lone Dreamers K7Warbled Demos/Hoxton Eats Itself/The Penguin Lantern/Am I Really Alone When I Dream/Losing My Senses To Misery When I Should Just Be Enjoying The Sky/Parts Of Society/Kiss Chase 1986/Sermon 1/A Landslide Of Love Drowning Out My Constant Refusal To Be Part Of Something I Am Too Scared To Be Part Of/For Lone Dreamers
LIE132 OH NO NUNO! The Boutique Mission K7Its The Heart You See, And Its All Filled With Bother/Dusting All Round The World Like A Super Nomad/Speak And Spell Like A Bee/A Song For Taiyo/The Mighty Mountains Of Resistance/Vanilla Sands In My Garden/The Reverb That Is Felt Across Your Country And The War Inside/The Boutique Mission/That Girl Is Sideways, Brother/He Ran Until He Could Go On No More. He Stopped, Turned And Went Back Home
LIE133 APOCOMENO Short Trips From Home K7Hello/Let's Emigrate To A Land Of Freedom/Ever Green/Kids Are Kids/Old Spirit Young Face/Snowy Play/Oharu Oharu/Black Note Strangers/Goldfish Sunday/Raining Cosy Warm/Short Trips From Home/Don't Believe In Gum Trees/Ba Ba
LIE134   ASSAULT SQUAD SAFETY SCISSORS Tapes Have A Way Of Holding Things Together K7An Instrumental Introduction/Luck Gun Pt. 2/Siamese Twin/Setting Sail On Our Friendship/I'm Content With Life And Everything Is Going Fine/For Milena/Dead Dead Dog/Waters Rise
LIE135   TWO EASY STEPS Home Sweet Home K7 
LIE136   SLEEP TODAY Abandon This House K7 
LIE137   SOME GORGEOUS ACCIDENT Winter In Watercolors K7 Evergreen Days/Amid Falling Stars/Snowfall/Ern/An Empty Street/Falling Fast/Stephanie
LIE138   CHILDREN COME ON Traces And Tracks K7 
LIE139   YO ZUSHI Jangadeiros K7 
LIE140 BONFIRE KIDS Bear With Me Teddy K7Dirty Love/Sally/In A Car With Friends/You And Me/Fireflies/Blankets/Lame Tuesday/Lovely Me/We Are Cowboys/Lightning Strikes In Mt. Zion/Unfinished Songs/Pistols And Guns/When Heaven Gets Boring/Numbers/Train/The Changes Our Body Make/You Make Your Own Decision/Songs End/Blue Roads
LIE141   ANTON BARBEAU Running Without Scissors K7 
LIE142   THE EYESHADES The Eyeshades K7 
LIE143   PAPER TIGER Everyone Here K7 
LIE144   THE THREE POTATO 4 Album Savant K7 
LIE145   DEBT COLLECTOR Daytime TV Erodes Your Soul K7 
LIE146   DEWDROP FOUNTAIN A Choirboy Misadventures K7 
LIE147   LE MANS AVEC LE LUNETTES Plaskaplaskabombelibom K7The Happy Birth Of You And Me/Apples/Se På Stjärnorna/I Can't Get Anything/A Summer Song/Nothing Is Really Blue/The Biggest Way/Supermarket For Superman/The Lunch Boy
LIE148   FINGLEBONE Broken Satellite Sky K7 
LIE149   THE DANDELION COUNCIL Summertime Nebula K7 
LIE150   THE CALORIFER IS VERY HOT Evolution On Stand-By K7 
LIE151   THE 10P MIXES Bedroom Sound K7 
LIE152   MIKE DOWNEY Sky Station Cloud K7