Warser Gate

This is an attempt to create a complete Warser Gate discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1994 Engraved On A Stagger (K7 Destroy All Music)Sub Armed Dialogue/Worshippers Howling Dry/Hysteria Looks/1 Flak = Seducer/Secum To Ballador/1" Tall (Version 1)/Our Great Protector/Islams Hole Is Numb/Fiddle Split Basics/Big Freeze/52 - Miles/Wounded Souls Last Assault/Hang Me Out To Dry/Kettles Lot/Probe/Vast Slabs & Menacing Spikes/Liquid Baffler (Live 30/6/94 Narrow Boat)/Oblivions Hole (Live 30/6/94 Narrow Boat)/Facade (Live 30/6/94 Narrow Boat)/Mine Eyes (Live 30/6/94 Narrow Boat)
1996 Revered Lies Part 1 (K7 Kylie Productions) Generation Wipe Out/Speculating Cut Rut/Quest For Bigot/Shuskm Jupit/Fatigue/Exile/Diggers Paradise/Scuffle/Swarm/Muzzle Loading Foresight/Submerged Ego/Amulet In Caption/Captured Up In Bribes/Shed Light/Figure Head
1997   The Strenuously Silent (K7 Kylie Productions) Too Far Gone/Misery Slope/Fear Down/Em Balm In Bloodshed/High Places/Big Climb To Know The World
1998   Reached The Frequency Stage (K7 Kylie Productions) Huddled Up + Dragged To Church/No Stalking Horses/The End Of An Era/Go + Find/Telepathic Get The Message/Deep Blue Solution/Seanze/Alcoholic Days/Heroes Cloud Your Days/The Magical Thing/Bound Untold/Another Subscription/Drifts/Pick Me Up
1998   Mirage (K7 Best Kept Secret) 
1998 Endless Run (LP Very Good Records/Catatonic Records) Long Mad Designote/Primitive Mask/Prehistoric Style/Virus Trials On The Huntdown/The Crowning/Go And Find/Wipe The Flare/Serve Toxic Cocktails/Apaos On Stones/Clause/Derelict/Ghetto Laughter
1999   Sudden This New Routine (K7 Bliss) Expect To Be Sucked In/Down Decks/Cornered/Movie Screen/Underexposed/Long Running Seance/Above Hoists Up/Festering/Under My Skin/On An Ancient Tag/Crazed Glint/Serious But Stable/Dusk
    Kentucky Racing (K7 Traumatone)Futile/Low And Sickened/Open Up The Heavens/Split Away Exertion/Microscopic Pin Prick/On Clay Swirls The Stick/Buffers Retro-sit/Jaded Figure Authentic/Hidden Cries/Twelve Necks Of The Stow/Crazed Delerium Onset/Columbas Draining/Prowler/Hollow Ground/Brave New World/PROBE
    Reached The Fequency Stage (K7 Kylie Productions)  




    VARIOUS ARTISTS Indigo Violet (K7 Bliss) Sacred River/Faces Faces Burning
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS 1997 - 1999 (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) Bleak Captive/Forged Writings
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Broken Bits Of You And Me (K7 Best Kept Secret)Daily Mirage
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Retrovirus- A Compilation (K7 Kylie Productions) Jumped To Six Spades