Love And Marriage

Despite the success of essential masterpieces such as “What’s Going On” (1971) and “Let’s Get It On” (1973), Marvin Gaye was experiencing a difficult period in his life. His marriage to Anna Gordy, sister of his boss Berry, fell apart. Marvin switches from soft drugs to hard ones and declares bankruptcy, reducing himself to living in a baker’s van and attempting suicide several times unsuccessfully.

All this is followed by divorce and the legendary soul-brotha from Washington finds himself at a crossroads: pay alimony or give up the proceeds of a next album. Marvin chooses the second option and on December 15, 1978 he releases a new album entitled “Here, My Dear”, dedicated to his now ex-wife Anna Gordy.

I tried to reproduce the cover of “Here, My Dear”. There is a detail that makes it different. Are you able to tell me which one?

The original cover of “Here, My Dear” is by Michael Bryan.

Do you also think that Ed Nolbed should record covers of songs contained in the albums whose covers we fake? A total of 110 covers, 11 volumes containing 10 songs.

Listen to Ed Nolbed’s ”Breaking Up Is Never Easy I Know”.