Less Ready To Go

In 2019 Michael Nau at People In A Position To Know asked me if I wanted to paint a set of covers for a new Michael Nau’s album.

“Less Ready To Go” is an incredible collection of songs.

According to New Commute: “A crack team of songwriters gathered in the Joshua Tree desert recording studio Hi-Dez to lay down an amalgamation of the unrestrained and undefined creativity exerted by each member. The collaboration between Michael Nau, Scott McMicken, Seth Kauffman, Benny Yurco, Zach Miller, Whitney McGraw, and Andrew Dost with the mixing and mastering support from Nathan Sabatino birthed Less Ready To Go, a super-group album by any measure. The record takes shape with Nau’s soulful vocals, McMicken’s timeless multi-instrumentalism, and Kauffman’s dub-stomp groove thriving off the surreal low desert wilderness.”

Listen to ”Less Ready To Go” by Michael Nau here.

Order yours here before it’s too late, only four copies left.