Road To Saint Petersburg

On 19 July 2020 AHT TV broadcast worldwide the draw of the names of the artists who would participate in the second edition of “Road To…”.

The presenter, comfortably lying in a hammock, drew one name after another from the urn following only one rule: the artists selected must never have collaborated with each other previously.

The exchange of ideas and the genesis of the songs can take place in many ways, in most cases through the internet, more rarely on a stage or in a recording room.

Why Saint Petersburg and not another city? Because we try to follow the UEFA calendar, choosing the same location chosen to host the Champions League final.

We don’t always succeed.
Istanbul, for example, no longer hosted the final in 2020, it was replaced by Lisbon due to the pandemic. Saint Petersburg was supposed to host the next edition but again due to the previous year’s move, the 2021 final was hosted by Istanbul. We thought we had to reach Saint Petersburg, then they told us about Istanbul where we had already been for the previous edition. The compilation comes out today, in 2023, the final will take place in London. We are late, but we don’t use navigators or maps, we like to look at the stars and get lost.

We are already collecting registrations for the third edition. The final will be played in Munich, we have some time so you can sit and enjoy “Road To Saint Petersburg”.

This edition features:

-Crowded Monsters: Doo Crowder + Kyle Wood (Lovers Turn To Monsters, They Ran Out Of Blue)

  • Caleb Fraid (Caleb Fraid, Giraffe, Doormat, TX, They Ran Out Of Blue) + Luigi Falagario (Almost Halloween Time Records)
  • Wong & Levine: Elton Wong (GG, Elton Wong) + Casia Levine.
  • Bryon and John: Bryon Allison (Kids Of The Atomic Age) + John Davis (John Davis & The Cicadas, Folk Implosion)
  • Jacob Anderson and Allen Callaci: Jacob Anderson (Spirit Duplicator, Yak, Celesteville) + Allen Callaci (Refrigerator)
    -Dead End: Dane Sybrant (The Debts) + Jürgen De Blonde (Köhn, de portables, Ed Nolbed)
  • Eric Morrison and Chris Smith: Eric Morrison (Home, Leels, 100% Storm Ensemble) + Chris Smith
  • GHOS and The Swedish Movements: GHOS (I AM THE LAKE OF FIRE) + The Swedish Movements
  • Kiss Hello and Wio: Kiss Hello + Wio (from portables, Wio)
  • Little Hiders: Little Whirls and Hiders
  • Laughing Dice: Joel Huschle (Wckr Spgt, Furniture Huschle) + Rick Goosewind (Goosewind)
  • Jeff Fuccillo and Bob Bucko Jr.: Jeff Fuccillo (Hochenkeit, Union Pole, Irving Klaw Trio) + Bob Bucko Jr.
    -MetheSmith: Lonnie Eugene Methe (Lonnie Eugene Methe, Rake Kash) + Linda Smith (Linda Smith, Woods)

Some are participating for the first time: Linda Smith, Eric Morrison, Chris Smith, The Swedish Movements (for the first time on AHT), Lonnie Eugene Methe, Hiders (for the first time on AHT) and Allen Callaci.

Others are on the second.

I’m singing for the first time in my life… an idea from Caleb Fraid who wanted me by his side.

A huge thank you goes to Jürgen De Blonde who curated the master and to all the artists who participated, participate and will participate in this project.

John Wayne is on the first cover I painted, who will end up on the next one?

Listen to the album here