Capozzi Park live at CFRO

A message from Mark:

“How best to promote the re-release (for the first time on vinyl) of the only album by a band that broke up over twenty years ago? maybe a vintage radio program? Or three?
For a Concert Experience: Invite a friend to check out this band you heard recently. Tell them it’s free: that they are your plus+one on the guest list. Invite them to make their own “Capozzi Park” tour shirt, but don’t let them know how it is spelled. Invite them over; it’s still early. Play this recording while you get drinks. Wear the “Capozzi Park” t-shirt you made before, even if it’s still dirty. If they have not yet done so, make a “Capozzi Park” t-shirt for your friend. Charge them $50 for it. When they ask about that show you were talking about, tell them that they are listening to the band. Then tell them that they broke up twenty years ago. If you enjoy this album (or the others in this series), buy “The Record of Capozzi Park” on CD, download, or soonish on 2xLP vinyl from Almost Halloween Time Records.”

It has just appeared a new Capozzi Park radio session. The second in a series. Listen it here.

Listen and preorder your copy of “The Record Of Capozzi Park” by Capozzi Park here .