Capozzi Park live at KSPC

In one of my previous lives I collected bootlegs and live recordings. It has just appeared a Capozzi Park radio session. Listen it here. A priceless discovery.

If you have other recordings please contact Mark.

AHT is reissuing Capozzi Park’s only official album on vinyl.

Here’s a message from Mark:

“How to celebrate the re-release (for the first time on vinyl) of the only album by a band that broke up over twenty years ago? A free radio show? or three?
The Concert Experience: first, take a t-shirt, write “Capozzi Park” across the front. On the back, write down three places you’ve always wanted to go, but never went. Add your home town underneath. Write “Tour Schedule” over top of these. Put the shirt on. Go outside and stand in the longest line you can find, without asking what it is for. When you get to the front, pretend you forgot something at home, and leave. Come home and drink too much, while convincing yourself that someone you saw that day while they were only doing their job, actually really likes you: it was in the way they said, “Have a nice day!” Then listen to this recording. If you enjoy it, buy “The Record of Capozzi Park” on CD, download, or soon 2xLP vinyl from Almost Halloween Time Records, who have also reissued Mark’s “Chocolate Covered Bad Things” on cassette.”

Listen and preorder your copy of “The Record Of Capozzi Park” by Capozzi Park here .