Vulnerable In The A.M. Light

Mote “Vulnerable In The A.M. Light” is finally available for listening on Almost Halloween Time Records’ bandcamp.

Robin Proper-Sheppard (Sophia/The God Machine/The Flower Shop Recordings) wrote about it:

”A great indie rock record. Actually more specifically a great dreamy post-rock record. And I love dreamy post-rock. At least that’s what I would call it. And considering I started The Flower Shop Recordings as a hand-stamped hand-numbered limited edition 7” record label I also love the fact that Mote and Almost Halloween Records from Italy are releasing this as a limited edition (I believe 100?) hand-painted double-vinyl LP. Respect. The infamous Gentse collective Kinky Star (label/bar/hedonism) are also releasing this digitally but if I wasn’t currently living out of a suitcase I know where my money would go…”

I have only eight copies left…